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2012 has gone by in a flash. Can you believe how fast it has sped by? I can still recall it being the summer of 2012, where the blogosphere was discussing pastels and tangerine. Well, it is always nostalgic *and a little saddening* to leave behind a year stuffed to the seams with amazing times and memories; but New Year's gives us a chance start on a new canvas and create more memories.

So here is a round up of Style File in the year 2012 and of all the things I've started here, been obsessed with and enjoyed doing!

1) Coloured pants:
Coloured jeans and trousers took the world by storm in the previous year itself and by 2012, it established itself as not just a trend, but a staple for possibly every occasion. That is when I hopped on the bandwagon with bright as well as dark hues.

2) Different posting styles:
Continuously looking at outfits can actually get quite dull after a while. That's why, during the year, a number of various types of posts were implemented on Style File from DIY projects, to How to's for certain seasons to product reviews and a monthly peep into my life. Well, variety certainly is the spice of this blog !

3) Experimental styles:
I've mentioned before that starting a personal style blog has helped me step out of my clothing comfort zone into territories that have been uncharted for me. New patterns, trends and colours; I've enjoyed it all during the year.

4) Back to Black:
While experimenting is great, you do always need something to balance it out *too many things happening in an outfit will make it look like you belong to a circus* Black has been my blank canvas and has allowed me to try new looks while keeping me firmly looking normal.

5) Accessories:
I've never been much of an accessory girl. In fact, my early days on the blog were completely plain-jane in the accessory department. Slowly and steadily; I am, however, catching up with rings, sunglasses, bangles, purses and necklaces and enjoying how they complete an entire outfit.

So this is it, my dolls - The end of 2012, a year that has been particularly awesome for me. So lets hope 2013 is even better! Cheer's to each and every one of you beautiful people, for your support throughout and to a year full of amazing experiences, love, laughter, happiness, style and dancing.

Buh-Bye 2012.


Vintage wonderland

Hello lovelies,
Now I could go on and talk about how versatile a Little Black Dress is or how iconic it has become after the regal Audrey Hepburn wore it in Breakfast with Tiffany's. I could talk about how every girl should own one and how you can wear it with a blazer or stockings. But I won't. In fact, I'll just show you how gorgeous an LBD truly is.
This Christmas, I took inspiration from Mrs. Hepburn herself and took a turn towards the vintage.

Little black dress with lace detail - c/o ChicFactor - modified by my grandmum, Red suede pumps - Zara, Pearl necklace - Gifted, Black clutch - Mango, On my eyes - Maybelline Drama Gel Liner, VOV Eyeshadow Palette, St. Michael's Eyeshadow Palette, On my lips - Colorbar in 'Hearts and Tarts' 

It has been ages since I've posted an outfit but it's the holidays; the most wonderful time of the year, such an amazing time of family, merriment, carols, love, Christmas sweets and decorations. I loved trying out a truly inspired outfit this time, specially since it is the perfect opportunity to wear my pearls and my very Wizard of Oz-ish pumps.  

Hope the winter break has been treating you well, dolls - Savour the last few days of 2012 & make the most of them. 

The Ultimate Guide to Secret Santa

The decorations are hanging, the crib is made and the Christmas tree is lit up - it's the most wonderful time of the year! It is also a time when a nifty little game called Secret Santa is played in many offices and institutions, mainly to lighten up the mood and bring in the festive spirit. In fact, it is currently on in my class too! Sometimes, you get lucky and get an extraordinary Santa who is generous and warm; sometimes not so much. Whatever the case is, it is always nice to go the extra mile for your secret santee, to make a Christmas a little more joyful for them and see them appreciate it.
With barely a week left for Christmas, if you aren't playing Secret Santa or just want to try extra hard to be a  jolly Santa this year, this cheat sheet will help you out enormously. You're welcome.

So what are you waiting for? You better start now because you've got some gift giving to do!


Review: Rimmel lipstick in shade 120 'Cutting Edge'

When the weather started to cool down somewhere at the start of November, I decided to purchase a deep shade of lipstick mainly to suit all the celebrations in coming winter months. I've never been obsessed with lipsticks, I just have a few staple shades and decided that having one in a berry hue is essential too. That is when I came across this Rimmel lasting finish lipstick, did a swatch of it on my wrist and purchased it. When I wore it on my twentieth, I got a tonne of compliments and still get asked about this shade hence I felt that this lipstick makes for the perfect December review!

Disclaimer:The review below is not carried out in association with any brand/company. The thoughts and opinions expressed below are completely my own.

The lipstick comes in a plastic container with an almost black with burgundy shimmer in colour. The container has the trademark Rimmel crown engraved on the cap of it. The lipstick is encased in a matte stainless steel body. The quantity of the lipstick is 4gm and is made in England.


* Pros:
- The container looks nice (not as attractive as the purple case Rimmel ones though) and the cap closes firmly, making it safe to carry around.
- It has a mild, pleasant fragrance.
- It has a slight gloss to it. 
- The deep berry pigmentation of the lipstick is intense and vibrant, just what I like in a lipstick.
- The staying power is really good. It lasted for approximately 5 hours on me.

- Availability is less since there are very few stores that stock the brand in Bombay.
- It can dry out on your lips after a few hours. If you have dry lips, wear an clear lip balm before you apply the lipstick.

Rimmel 120 'Cutting Edge' on my lips


My advice:
It is intense berry shade that is very trendy this winter and complements a wheatish complexion like mine beautifully. An additional swipe of lip balm may be needed, no doubt but I'd definitely say, go for it!


Who likes short shorts

I cannot deny my love affair with shorts. Whether it is summer, monsoon or winter; I love them tossed under a t-shirt or over a pair of tights. In the holidays, I've worn them a multitude of times like here and here. And now, since college has begun and the weather in Bombay becoming chillier, I'm going to have to bid my goodbye to them. Well, at least for the time being till I manage to sneak in with them on a reasonably warm day.
Pairing these beige ones with a majestic purple blouse and finishing it off with a pinned back hairdo and silver hardware seemed like a great idea on this warm day. Take a look.

Purple draped blouse - New Look (London), Beige shorts - Thrift (Colaba) [previously seen here], Tan sandals - Catwalk [previously seen here], Silver cuff and bangles - Mom's, Watch - Vintage [previously seen here] Rhinestone hair pins - Thrift (Bandra), On my lips - Colorbar 'Amber', On my eyes - Colorbar liquid eyeliner and Maybelline Colossal Kajal, On my nails - NYX 'Lady First'

Hopefully, I'll try to see my shorts soon enough, in a more winter appropriate avatar. I'm feeling terribly lazy to wake up so early these days but with so many amazing occasions happening this festive season; I cannot wait to pull through this and then, celebrate!



Hello my dolls.
Last month at this time; my exams were finally done, it became a daily scenario where I slept till I woke up on my own *no alarm please!*, I restocked my closet and did a lot of cleaning, I planned up a few DIY projects for the festive season *that's yet to happen. ahem* and I was so perfectly free, I barely knew what to do with my time. This time around, it's a completely different scenario! While I'm waiting here with bated breath for my results and have started to wake up with the rising sun, here are a few snapshots of the past month.
PS: These snaps are from my Instagram profile *my handle is dayle01* If you're on Instagram, do join in for daily updates about fashion, food and random jibber-jabber.

Winged liner and red nails. Such a classic combination.

Look who they left in charge of the hardware shop - A Hen! She fluttered and flew and dropped a box of screws.

An afternoon spent with 2 of my favorites - My Hotstuff and a Peanut Butter Brownie Crumble.

My 20th in lace, peplum and plum lips. Full post here

Taking a break from the world. Feet up in my polka dot wool socks while watching Dexter.

This is where the pretty comes from. My mom and me getting ready for a dinner.

Piri piri fries are back with a bang! They bring tears to my eyes with they pungency but I cannot resist going back for more!

Hope everything has been going well with you guys. December here and so are the festivities! *Weeee!*
Looking forward to a peaceful Sunday to catch up on my blog roll and editing. See you soon dolls.

The twenties.

There's just something about birthdays that get me giddy with excitement. Whether it is the meticulous planning of the outfit or the enjoyment of growing a year older; it sure is a wonderful feeling. This year around, I hit upon the big 2-0 and said goodbye to my teens. The teens are always are such a blast and growing up from there sure does seem scary. Well, the responsibility and maturity of turning a year older may not be such a bad thing after all. I'll probably just ease into it. I hope so at least.

Outfit: Black lace peplum blouse & black quilted sling - Reiss, Burgundy pants - Vintage Wrangler,
Smoking slippers - Local store (bandra), Necklace - Accessorize, Bracelet - Gifted, On my eyes - Maybelline drama gel liner, Cover Girl eyeshadow, The Body Shop waterproof mascara, On my lips - Rimmel 'Cutting Edge',On my nails - NYX 'Crystal Ball'

What is a birthday without going a little over the top from the usual? That's when I decided to try lace, peplum, burgundy and the deep berry lip *some of fall's hottest trends!* on that day itself. 
Growing up is inevitable but it doesn't mean it's a bad thing. So here's to turning 20, to responsibility, to maturity, to grace, to independence and to still having a whole lot of fun even with all that.


Style Diaries: LACMA Art + Film Gala

When Hollywood gets together; they certainly know how to make a splash! This year, the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) Art + Film Gala was held towards the end of October, 2012. When an event of such magnitude takes place; specially that which was sponsored by design house Gucci, you can expect to see some amazing celebrities looking their fabulous best.

Let's take a look at the style quotient that night:

Cameron Diaz, looking svelte as ever in a yellow dress with exaggerated sleeves. I would preferred if  her hair was left though.

Doesn't Evan Rachel Wood look divine in that bronze paillette dress !

Salma Hayek going sparkly in navy with a top bun. Some colour on the lips would have done her great! 

Anna Wintour in a printed satin dress. I'm confused if the top is ill-fitted or those are ruffles. Bad move Anna, she looks so matronly!

Bella Heathcote looks downright angelic with that sheen of the dress, the embellished  neckline and adorable face.

Am Adams trying some spikes and studs in a yellowish - lime gown.

Love the hairdo and deep, intense colour, Florence Welsh! Now if only you were smiling.

Amber Heard in a LBD with a twist with a embellished neckline.

Beautiful Rosie Huntington Whitley looking so lovely in this green gown.

Sources: here, here, here, here

I'm definitely picking Evan Rachel Wood as my favorite with her glamourous dress from this event, what about you?

Happy Weekend lovelies!




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