June 20, 2013

Review: Clinique Chubby Stick 'Chunky Cherry'

Lip balms/tints have become all the rage, haven't they? As I recall, the first brand that propelled the humble tint to its now massive popularity in the country was Clinique which was followed like the Pied Piper by a number of others with similar packaging. So you can imagine my delight when I received a chubby stick in a vibrant pink shade as part of the goodies at the Chubby Stick launch with Strut120 and Clinique which I'll be reviewing for you, just below:

Disclaimer:The thoughts and opinions expressed regarding the product below are honest and completely my own.

As the name suggests, the product is in a chubby retractable pencil form with the cover and base in a metallic silver and the body in the same shade as the balm itself.

Price: Approximately Rs. 1025

Size: 3 gms

Top swatch - After one swipe, Bottom swatch - After two swipes

- The packaging is gorgeous and neat. The retractability and the shade colour and name mentioned clearly on the outside makes it easy to pick.
- It lends a natural, healthy tint to your lips.
- It brings together the best qualities of a balm and gloss.
- It is hydrating and kept my lips moisturized.

- The lasting power is just about 3 hours.
- The colour payoff is sheer and would require to be built up if you're looking for pigmentation.
- Expensive

My advice:
It is a brilliant product in most aspects but it depends what your reasons are when you're searching for one. If you are looking for a healthy sheen and hydrated, supple lips - go for the Chubby Stick. If you're looking for colour and pigmentation - this isn't it.

So have you gotten on the lip balm/tint bandwagon yet? I'd love to know!





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