Style Files | The fictional wishlist every beauty & fashion lover wishes they had

Come Christmas time and the merriment begins. The tree is to be trimmed with ornaments and baubles. The gingerbread is to be baked, or in my case, eaten. The stockings are to be hung and mistletoe to be placed strategically. It is also a time that makes me feel incredibly grateful; for the people around, the delightful holidays and the presents under the tree.

But there are some gifts that just cannot be wrapped and placed under the Christmas tree and I'm not referring to love and goodwill here. They can't be wrapped because they exist only in my imagination. Fashion girls and beauty lovers, you feel me. There will always be that something that you wish you could own, if only it was invented. Here's my wishlist so Santa, if you're reading it, I'd suggest you put together a strong research and development team and get cracking.

Dayle Pereira of Style File sits in a floral print bodycon dress and black high heels beside a Christmas tree decorated with ornaments for the festive season

Everlasting Eyeliner

We've got eyeliner that claims it doesn't smudge, another that is supposed to stay put for two days and yet another that comes with its own contraption to get the perfect flick. But we still have raccoon eyes and wonky lines. So could we get all of those magically properties in one little eyeliner please? One that really doesn't smudge (none of that water resistant drivel) and lasts for a good day on my eyes.

The real deal of comfy heels

Comfy heels? Who are you trying to kid! Every heel has its time period within which it is bearable enough to be endured but beyond that, you either switch to a flat pair which isn't as good looking as your killer heels or you kiss your ankles goodbye. Let's face it, comfy heels are an urban legend, something like a good looking pair of crocs. Santa, how about you make this legend a reality? You'll be making a lot of ladies very thankful.

A GIF of Amy Poehler smiling as she recites a dialogue wearing a pant suit as part of the television show Parks and Recreation

The little bra that could

Your excitement to wear that gorgeous strapless dress you've finally procured may be building so don't let that get dampened by the thought of the strapless bra you will have to wear underneath it. Possibly an ancient instrument to induce discomfort, the strapless bra just doesn't let you win. Even with the strips of silicon, elastic and what-have-you on the sides; somewhere in the middle of the evening, you know you'll be looking for a dark corner to do a quick pull up. So, for the sake of girls scooting into corners everywhere, how about a strapless bra that actually stays firmly in place?

Frizz-free freedom

I've spent a good portion of my day hunched awkwardly in front of the mirror in an attempt to blow-dry and straighten my hair; all in the anticipation of a big night ahead. And while my hair game does end up on-point; the second any moisture greets my hair, frizz isn't far behind and we're right back to square one. So for once, I'd like to get that a head of frizz free hair without all the fuss and one that isn't afraid of a sudden shower or a sweaty summer day.

A plate of gingerbread men cookies decorated with royal icing frosting placed on a glass plate in the midst of mother goose napkin and christmas tinsel decor

A maxi for a mini

The next time I try on a maxi dress, I would like if it fit me just the way it is intended and ends just at the heel. But no, that's just a dream because every time this instance has played out in reality, I have so many metres of extra fabric at the bottom, I could stitch another crop top from it. So Santa, my dear, it would be nice if the petite girl community was acknowledged in the maxi department to get the fit we truly deserve. So while I'm not asking for a sable to be slipped under the tree, this wishlist would make me one happy lady!

Do you have any fictional items that you'd love invented - Go ahead and add them in! Here's to a wonderful holiday season full of joy, fruit cake and well-wrapped presents! Have a very merry Christmas!



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