Style Personified: Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor (1932 - 2011) shot to fame at the tender age of 12. In the years to come she was known for a lot more than just her acting skills. Her nipped waists, diamonds and dark hair were also responsible.

This alongside is a picture of when she received her first Oscar in a embroidered Christian Dior gown. So very beautiful.
She won 2 oscars and had 8 husbands in her lifetime. She once said "I am a very committed wife. And I should be committed too - for being married so many times.
Elizabeth Taylor."

And beyond her controversial relationship with Richard Burton, she made waves with her dressing sense and her bling. The ring he gave her was a 33 carat diamond.

She merged her dressing with the styles of the era - kaftans and loose shirts. But her love for hot-shorts came and never left.

A splendid actress, a lovely person and a style icon, Elizabeth Taylor has done it all. She will be missed.

A spring in your step.

Spring is in the air! Can you see it? The sun peeking through the clouds, flowers finally blooming after the winter and Yes, Spring Shopping!
Well, As the flowers come out so do the Floral prints. Its a spring classic that you can never go wrong with it. And the wondrous part about this print is, it can be worn as day/night wear.

The top makes for casual day wear.
It can be teamed with straight fit pants and nude wedges.

This gorgeous Roberto Cavalli crepe dress caught my eye the second the page loaded. 
Avoid over-accessorizing yourself with this outfit. 
Team up with matching shoes and a clutch. 
Available at

This D&G dress is ideal for something like brunch and for a more formal occasion, throw in a well-fitting blazer. If your daring enough, go for strappy red heels. Available at

When it comes to style, Katie Homles is a class apart. Whether it is plaid or in this case, florals - she pulls of the look so effortlessly. Probably on a coffee run, Katie looks amazing as she does a different, more manly take on florals. Boots, jeans, sunglasses and a cardigan have created a lovely look.

So fashionista's, The spring-summer 2011 collections are out. You are allowed to go crazy :)

My entry for the Indian Fashion Bloggers Floral Remix! Join in

Summer Lovin'

Summer is here so bring out the hot-shorts and sun hats! I can think of no better time to just lay in a beach chair, soak up some sun and sip on some chilled lemonade - How I love summer!

Well, with the LFW Day 4 being wrapped up just yesterday, all the latest styles are out. The Bollywood starlets were at their best; wavy hair, tiny dresses and red lipstick et al! The styles of the designers were diverse and some of them had some really good collections (Read: Anupama Dayal with her bright,vibrant collection and cute shoes with sunglasses) Seems like long ankle-length dresses were quite the rage with most of the collections showcased. Tall girls - Take notice!
So my advice for this summer - Go bright and go light! Tone down the make-up, venture into nude shades and try out some bright yellows and oranges - Their going to be making quite a splash :)




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