Hey guys!
Its it pouring so heavily right now, I can barely see beyond the next building. I'm feeling relieved that I'm all safe and cosy and dry at home :)
Well, I've had a busy week - I've got 2 projects, a party and some more things..all next week! Talk about being busy! Looks like my experimenting with outfits is going to take a back seat for a while.
So because I'm sweet, I'm going to make it up to you'll - By posting an outfit I wore this week!
Check it y'all and yes, please tell me how you like it - I'm still so new at this!
Here goes >

Saturday was beautiful day - Sunny skies and all. So decided to go along with the awesome weather.
Shirt - Zara
Jeans - Miss Sixty
Braided belt - Thrifted
Shoes - DIY

I believe that everyone needs to have a few good essentials in the closet (in addition to the millions of unnecessary things :P) My outfit screams that - The classic white shirt, the jeans I am in most of my days and a tan belt.
The outfit was super comfortable and I think I was looking pretty damn awesome too :D
Here's a pic to some up the look >

The montage above is one I've uploaded on StylePile 
You like it ? Great!  Now to check out not just my outfits, but all my other stuff too; all you need to do is, 'like' my Facebook  page :D
It's on the top-left corner - Go see!
Anyway, I hope everyones having a great week - I need to get back to work *snore*
We'll talk sooner than soon :)
xo - Dee

Black is black.

So I've made up my mind - I've finally decided to put up outfit posts. I usually put up my outfit pictures on Style Pile but I was like, what the hell! why not give it a shot!

Whenever I move out of the house, I stress a lot on comfort.
That's mainly because, I go to college and tonnes of other places on a daily basis, I travel by public transport and I really don't like wearing clothes which come in the way. The outfits I wear daily are easy to pull together, extremely wearable and will still not be frumpy.
However, when I am dressing up for an occasion (or for the thrill of putting together a new outfit), I usually lean towards a look which is more extravagant.
Whatever the case, whether its college or a dinner, whether I'm in my skinnies or sky-high heels, I need comfort. 

So outfit post # 1, here goes.

Rhinestone embellished t-shirt - Pink, London.
Black cropped trousers - UCB
Wayfarers - Rayban

 I went all black that day. And since it was one of those rare sunny days in the midst of the monsoons, I got to wear my favorite sunnies :)
 I'm half nervous and half excited about my outfit post - Hope you liked it !
Till really soon,

Inspiration: Alexa Chung

Inspiration is Alexa Chung
She has the most effortlessly put together sense of style.
The different facets of Alexa
Image courtesy:

She has this messy but oh so beautiful style. Add to that, her gorgeous looks. The makes of a beauty.
In each outfit she wears, you see hints of prep and wildness with the right amount of elegance. And of course, sealed with her trademark wind-blown curls.

Italian Vogue, June 2011


Review: Lakme Fruit Blast - Citrus Rain

Product: Lakme Fruit Blast - Citrus Rain Face wash.

Ingredients: Mandarin and Vitamin C extracts for the refreshing feel, Glycerin to impart moisture.

Fragrance: The instant I opened the tube, the gorgeous, refreshing scent of citrus burst out. Yum.

Texture: The face wash is of a creamy consistency. It doesn't have beads within. It does give your face a good clease, but doesn't have the rough texture to get rid of the dead skin.

Packaging: Attractive bright packaging. The tube makes it easy to carry and store.

Price:  Rs. 120 for 100gm

Experience: I liked the product and I would probably buy it again in the summer because it really did make me feel fresher.

Rating: 3.5/5

Shop @ Sunkissed!

Everyone likes a good sale.
When it comes to me, I like things done my way.

That's the reason I've launched ShopSunkissed where you can purchase a bag, custom made to just the way you want it to be! Thank you so much for giving it a good response :)
The next initiative I wanted to start is the purchase of clothes, accessories and shoes too, something every girl loves! I will be launching this soon - Small deets still need to be figured out.
So for now, the bag purchase method stays the same -
If you like any pattern, a fabric and design (either the ones posted by me on my blog or you own designs)
Tell me about it on Facebook or in my email inbox (
We'll finalize everything.
You'll buy your very own custom made bag from me
We both live happily ever after!

So what are you waiting for?
Buy a bag now, because every girl needs the perfect bag, doesn't she?




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