Snapshots: The festive edition

Somewhere towards mid-December I had mentioned it on Twitter that, for the next couple of weeks, my Instagram profile is going to be filled with outfits, food, parties, family, all things Christmas and a lot more stuff in between..And I was so right because soon enough, that's just what happened. And while December has bid goodbye quite a while back and January is now on it's way out, I thought that this was the right time to post a few snapshots from the past two months.

My Christmas tree 

Opening big brother's present after midnight mass

Spreading the love.

At the Divo + Dermalogica meet

Packing some Red Velvet for the orders!

My gorgeous.

At the Chatty with Chubby meet + launch

Grandmom's marzipan !

Bloody Mary's for Christmas.

Do hope you like the pictures of the months gone by - it's left me with some nostalgia and a yearning for December to hurry up and get back here! January a.k.a sale season was lukewarm for me, although I picked up a few basic pieces I decided were 'absolutely necessary' as well as few earrings wherein I'm finding myself pulled into the wonderful world of accessories. Well, it's been a good month!
Even with college assignments and work slowly catching up on me, I'm looking forward to a peaceful and pleasant February to come.

Have a, dolls !


Divo + Dermalogica Blogger Meet

Recently, I was invited to the Divo + Dermalogica Blogger Meet which I absolutely delighted to attend mainly because for one, in the word of fashion and accessories, the basics of skin care and hair care which are often so neglected is finally being targeted and secondly, I would finally be meeting the gang of bombay bloggers whose work I admire so much.

It was held at the ITC Sheraton, Mumbai and once I arrived at the location, using the the word 'luxurious' to sum it up would be an understatement. Like any good blogger, I started at the photo booth  which were well-equipped with a range of boa's, wigs and hairbands to add to the poses and pouts.

These are the only pictures I have of my outfit where I went semi-formal with a dash of bling.

Once all the greetings were done, we got into the real deal. The brands had taken great care of every need of ours and had equipped each of us with everything from chocolates, to information folders to cold coffee.

The event started off by a briefing from Akshita Honawar, a Lo'real professional and Runah salon hairstylist, on the topic of hair care and hair styling and she also debunked some hair myths. 

She then helped us identify face shapes and what hair style suited which shape the best, as shown below on the gorgeous Shanaya who I was so glad to finally meet that day !

The next speaker was Avni Amlani, the Demalogica founder who briefed us about skin care, about the various types of skin and ways to care your skin while travelling.

She also demonstrated on a blogger the brand's 5 step treatment to maintain your skin in the long run.

After a short break with quiches, pastries and some chit-chat, the final segment of the program which held by Akshita contained of her colleague and her, demonstrating 5 hairdos *like the milkmaid braid and the retro bouffant*  which we could try ourselves.

The event ended on a lovely note with goody bags from both brands which were so generously packed to the brim with samples, brushes, hair ties, loofahs and chocolate. All in all, it was such an enriching and entertaining evening!

Happy Republic day darlings and have a lovely weekend!


Drama Queen

Subtle and sober is usually how I roll; but every once in a while, I like doing the whole over-the-top routine. I think that's one of the rites of passage to becoming a drama queen. I don't find anything wrong in overdressing. In fact, I think it's always better to be overdressed than underdressed.  What's wrong with being the centre of attention when you walk in a room, to be in the limelight every once in a while? Absolutely nothing. All you have to do is revel in it.

Sheer black polka top [previously seen here]  - Gifted via Zara, Red buttoned skirt - Vintage, Black bow bag [previously seen here] - Zara, Belt - Thrift via Colaba, Black suede Mary-janes - London, On my lips - Maybelline 'Luminous Beige', On my nails - MAC 'Shirelle', On my eyes - Markwins (London)

And after wearing the crown for so long, I know this pretty well by now - Reveling in it is the best part.


Golden lights

So dolls,
Cold mornings are here again and I am loving it! While it is hard to resist that snuggle in the blanket that lasts 'just 5 minutes more' *as if!*, it is turning out to be the perfect chance to bring out my winter beauties, most of them essentials I store specially for this season.And then there are the light layers that barely lend you any warmth but definitely up your style quotient. And while gold is often considered a formal, intense colour, I've taken for a relaxed, breezy spin. Take a look here.

Cream crotchet jacket, Champagne pearl bracelet - Gifted, Gold tank - Forever New, Cream trousers - Cotton world, Tan sandals - Catwalk, Black and gold tote - Thrift (Dharavi), Gold hairband - Self made, On my lips - Maybelline 'Coral Pink', On my eyes - Colorbar Indian Eye kohl, On my nails - NYX 'Vitamin C'

In the midst of the chilly winter, it felt amazing to break the monotony of the woolly knits and the cold days with this sunny and bright post. Hope things are going great with you darlings. It's all good this side, in fact things are pretty exciting with the launch of this little project just this morning. 

Have a great weekend, dolls!


Review: Dove Elixir - Hibiscus and Argan Oil for Nourished Shine

A couple of months back, after a particularly good experience with the much-talked about Moroccan Oil, I started hunting it down. On a regular basis, hair products are something I use scarcely. I use an anti-frizz serum probably once a week and a homemade coconut oil thrice a week; so I while I was weighing the extremely heavy price tag of the Moroccan Oil against the usage I would get from it, I decided against it because it was too expensive for something I wouldn't use often.
That's when the Dove Elixir ads started and then again started hunt #2 for another hair oil. Finally, after about  a month, I managed to get my hands on this baby.

Disclaimer:The review below is not carried out in association with any brand/company. The thoughts and opinions expressed below are completely my own.


The hair oil comes in a transparent glass bottle with a silver pump on the top. The brand has carefully created a fix-on transparent which is cut around the nozzle which doesn't allow any product spillage. The 90ml bottle also contains gorgeous dried flower petals which are delicately floating in it. The Elixir oil is a transparent substance with a pleasant floral, peppy fragrance. 




* Pros:
- The container is gorgeous and elegant and the fix-on cap is cleverly created. The whole look of it definitely gives the oil a sophisticated vibe.
- It has a delightful floral, fruity fragrance that lingers on on your hair for a couple of hours after application.
- If used pre-wash as a conditioner, it leaves the hair soft and nourished once it is washed off from the hair. 
- If used post-wash as a serum, it adds a gloss and amazing fragrance to the hair as well as nourishes it whilst making it look pretty.
- It lasts for 4 - 5 hours without needing a reapplication.

- If you apply too much of it, it can make the hair a tad greasy. Apply it minimally and add more if you require. 
- The glass bottle can prove to be a deterrent if you want to carry it whilst travelling.



My advice:

I prefer the oil as a serum rather than a conditioner so I'll be sticking to my natural coconut oil on a regular basis. But I will turn to the Dove Elixir every week or so when my hair needs some lovin'! It's a lovely product in terms of quantity and quality so I'd say, you should definitely give it a try!


Getting chatty with chubby + What I wore

Now dolls, a good lip balm is one of the holy grail products of any make-up set. In fact, it is one of the my daily essentials which I barely ever step out of the house without. So you can imagine how stoked I was when I received an adorable invite last week from Strut120 and Clinique to attend the Chatty with Chubby event at the Clinique store in the Palladium.

First and foremost, lets take a look at what I was in:

Denim jacket - Westside, White hakoba dress - Custom tailored, Tan sling - Promod, Tan oxfords - Local store (Bandra), Tan headband - Zara, Necklace - Thift (Colaba) and Gifted (London), On my eyes - Maybelline drama gel liner, Maybelline colossal kajal, NYX eye pencil in 'Curve', MAC zoom lash mascara and St. Michaels eyeshadow palette, On my lips - Bonjouis 'Fuschia' 

When I arrived, I was warmly greeted by the Strut120 team after which we got down to business. With the help of a delightful skin consultant, I was assisted with a skin meter which gauged my skin type i.e oily combination skin.
The skin meter and questions asked.

Based on my skin type, we spoke about the challenges faced by such skin *the main being acne-prone. Ugh.*, the methods to deal with it *cleanse, toning and moisturizing as well as minimal make-up* and finally, about Clinique.

The launch of the the aptly named Chubby Stick is another milestone for them since it isn't another lip product but rather a hybrid of a lipstick, a balm and a gloss with its subtle tint of colour, glossy shine and moisturizing properties which comes in a range of hues.

And finally, it wouldn't have been a beauty event without some messages to Chubby and a few pouty poses.

What the much talked about Chubby Stick looks like and a few colours it comes in.

Meeting the lovely people and learning tonnes about my skin made it a delightful evening, which was completed by the amazing goodies which I received from Strut120 and Clinique.



It's that time of the year again, when the holidays are over, the presents are unwrapped and the party invites have been reduced to a trickle. All you're left with is a sort of holiday hangover where you've got to come face-to-face with a smack back to reality and a few new kilos. Motivation seems a far cry and dressing up is a tough task.
So how do you deal with it all?
By sneaking in a hot chocolate ever other day in your break time. By gifting yourself with something pretty from any of the million ongoing sales. By spraying yourself with any fragrance that has notes of vanilla and cinnamon. By reminding yourself that it is still blissfully winter where you get to snuggle up in woolens and knits.
Well, that's what I've been doing at least. Take a look at these stunning shots.

 Cream knit sweater - Vintage, Olive jeans - Zara, Braided tan belt - Thrift (Colaba), Tan sandals - Catwalk, Cream tote - Thrift (Bandra), On my eyes - Colorbar Indian Eye Kohl, Chambor glitter kohl, On my nails - NYX 'Crystal Glitter'

I think being every kind of comfy is the best thing to do to recuperate from the apparent holiday hangover condition I'm suffering from. Let's call it 'slouchy-chic', if you may. The military-inspired theme is one of the biggest trends this F/W '13 and with this palette of cream, tan and olive; it's a lovely, subtle version of it.

So guys, have that extra cup of coffee and carry on with reality. I'm getting back there too.





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