What they won't tell.

Of the blogs I follow, most of them are dedicated to style, make-up and life in general. And yes, while everyone may be recommending this lipstick and that eye primer, there are a tonne of other things responsible for the beautifully photographed figure you see on the blog post.
* Yes, make-up is important but don't let it become an essential. For daily wear, stick to your eyeliner, moisturizer and lipstick.
* No one looks their stunning best every single day of the week. Its a fact. We all have our off days. When your faced with one, there is absolutely no harm in donning a sweatshirt and jeans. Because we're human.
* For great skin; turn to water and shun the concealer. Keep your compacts and  liquid foundations for an occasion which calls for it.
* During sale season, just because everyone is buying dreamy stuff at unbelievable prices, doesn't mean you have to run into the shop and buy the first thing that you set eyes on. Think about it, see if it suits you, check if it will suit what you already have in your closet and then, go ahead.
*  You don't need new clothes to have a new outfit. Look deep into your closet and remix items that you have never really worn together. and Voila! New outfit!
* When it comes to a trend, it may not be ideal for you. So what? You don't need to follow anyone! Ever heard of starting your own trend.
* Whatever you're wearing, whatever you're carrying, whatever you're posting; make sure it makes you happy :)

Not my most photogenic moments but I was happy.

Basically, there are a lot of things that need to be accounted for beyond just make-up and new dresses. Those little things are the stuff that glues everything, including an outfit post together.
 And honestly, those little things are whats most important.

Oh honey.

The whole week has been a rainy one.
Just a day back I was telling my mom, "I cannot wait for this rain to stop so that the sun comes out and I get to wear my new sunglasses" Well, its the truth. Talking about the truth, I've got my groove back on and that's what inspired me to post a new outfit.
I've said this a million times plus one, I love skirts, especially when the monsoon strikes. So while going to church,  I wanted to lift up the gloomy weather and the best way to do that was with something so bright, you would need sunglasses. I'm Kidding. Maybe.
Take a look.
Shyly looking away.

Striped tee & High waist belt - Thrifted
High waist skirt - Gifted

The past week due to college fests and Indian festivals, I went to college for 3 days. How I Love India :) It's been a relaxing week where I've regrouped and decided to get back in the game. Inspiration is flowing through me and I've got outfit ideas by the dozen all piling up in my head.
Ahh, life is back to normal. I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow - Its the start of a brand new week and I do not want my enthusiasm (literally) dampened by the weather.
So thats basically my roundup of everything you've missed out on.
I hope you liked it - Tell me all about it on my Facebook page Sunkissed
Shall be back sooner than soon!

In the name of pretty.

If this was the Glee Club, Mr. Shu would be telling me I'm in a funk and we'd have an episode singing songs about being out of my game.
Well, it is the truth. I've been feeling rather dull lately. Maybe its the fact that, I've got a month for my exams or the fact that, I'm not feeling very inspired of late. Whatever this is, it needs a cure.
A few days back, we were given a website designing project for mid next month. I was a little dazed from the shock of what I'm going to do to the fact that, my website designing skills are lackluster.
That's the point when I decided to scourge the interweb for the necessary inspiration (if not fashion blogging, then at least fashion web designing right?!?)
Thats when I hit up on a few of these pictures.


I feel so much better now. Ahh, pretty things are the bestest.
And while I'm in the cool tech-y mood, I've decided I'm going to buff the blog up a bit - from background to the header. Tips anyone?
I will be back to outfit posts sooner than soon.
Cross my heart.
xo, dayle

Maxi-mum Exposure.

Hi guys,
Hope the week is going on well. We had a college party last night and honestly, I don't think I have danced in heels for that many hours. By the end of it, I was wondering how I was still standing. Till right now, my ankles and legs are aching but it was completely worth it :)
More deets on that later.
Basically what I want to talk about is, The Maxi.
I had always thought maxis to be this very frumpy item of clothing which was meant for tall girls. And since I'm a tiny little one, I've always steered clear of maxi's. Of late, I've noticed a surge in this the maxi trend. The one thing that has attracted my attention - Versatility. I've seen bloggers and fashionista's alike donning the maxi for a casual day shopping or a birthday dinner. They've dressed up, dressed down and accessorized the quiet little maxi transforming it into quite a superstar !
Take a look at these celebs wearing the item with a chilled vibe -

Now this is where the dress is glammed up for a more formal look -

Tips to pull off a maxi -
* Wear one with a proper fitted structure, not something loose that will make you look like a tent.
* If you think you need a height boost, try teaming it with wedges, espadrilles or stilettos.
* Printed maxis decrease your height while those in solid darker shades make increase your height.
* To give you more shape, go for one with a fitted waist or a try on a high waist belt.

I hope you like the tips and found it useful :)
I've got to get back to a few assignments - We'll talk soon!


It's been a wonderful day!
Firtstly, to all the Indians out here - Happy Independence day!
India is an amazing country with its vibrance, colour and warmth. Honestly, there is no other place in the world which I could call home. And It makes me so very proud to celebrate this freedom we have and call myself Indian!

I wanted to make things special today so I decided to go all out.
My mom made THE most awesome chicken biryani *smacks lips* and finished it off with Kheer. OhMyGod. Heavenly.
When it comes to clothes; Truth is, I don't dabble too much in the ethnic clothing department. Just at particular times. So when it came to today being such a huge day, I couldn't help but succumb to it.

Notice the colourful pots :)

My freedom collage!
 Lime green kurti - Gifted
 Leggings - M&S
Kolhapuris - Stolen from mom
Accessories - Here and there!

So basically this post has been dedicated to all things Indian - I hope you like!
I've got a college party this week - I'm so psyched for it =D And yes, I will definitely do a post on it!
Hope you have a lovely week ahead :)


Talkin' about blue eyes.

Hey there lovelies,
I'm doing great, thank you for asking. Well, the week started off great - all chilled and relaxed till about Wednesday when we realized we had 2 days to present a project. Mid-way I had a break since I had a chance to chill out on Friday. Then the work started again and has dragged into the weekend because of another presentation tomorrow.
Lets hope this week get off to a good start.
Pictures below are from Friday night - hope you like :)

Everything I'm wearing - Zara
The dress has a bit DIY though.

The bright colours were such a great stand out from the usual blacks and reds you see all over the place - It made me happy! The night was fabulous - can't even begin to tell you how much

After my hug.

Its a monday morning, I didn't have the strength to make it out of bed and basically, I'm just going to be chilling today - Maybe play a little Sims 3 Generations, try out an outfit or two and for some reason, I'm jonesing for a new episode of Family Guy. I'm a devout T.V show fan FYI.

Tip # 1 - I believe that when its dark and gloomy outside, you should try dressing brightly - It makes you feel happy :)
Tip # 2  - Avoid wearing denims. They are extremely uncomfortable and heavy if you end up getting wet.
That being said, on Saturday, it was raining buckets so I decided to wear a skirt. Pretty and convenient !
Check it.

The beautiful crotchet cropped top was gifted to me a little while back - It's gorgeous. However, the entire spotlight of this outfit is on the skirt. I've always loved the school - girlish look that pleats convey. This neon pink high-waist skirt has been in the closet for a while for and now seemed like the perfect time to wear it.

I'm going to leave you with this Glee song that made me feel good today. Listen to it - Its really great!

Have a great week!




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