Monsooner than later.

The rains haven't set in as yet but a week back as I was scapering off somewhere, a few drops hit my head. Quite hard that too. I've never been a big fan of the monsoons. I looked up, a few more falling in my eyes; over cast skies and the smell of earth. The rains are approaching soon.
And what better way to joyfully welcome in a season than making a preparation list?
Right. There is no better way.
* Umbrellas: I still remember the school days when I used to cram my umbrella into my bag. I've always favored the tiny, fold-able umbrellas to the long, big ones you need to carry in your hands.
                          This citrusey umbrella is bound to give the gloomy weather a complex! 

Also, one of my favorite sites, Style Pile has given a lovely DIY Project to jazz up a rather dull umbrella. I'm so doing this.

*Raincoats & Wind-cheaters: The best to keep yourself completely dry to the bone - the raincoat. The wind-cheater has never been useful for me. It's too light and flimsy while a raincoat is heavier and holds itself down it those harsh gusts of wind. Be vibrant and choose patterns and colours in the raincoat department to avoid looking like a big garbage bag.

                                   Red and white spotty raincoat.

* Rain boots: They are perfect for keeping your feet spic and span. Designers are reinventing the mundane rain boot and have done a very good job with that! Wear over leggings when your going out for the day and if you planning on just going down and jumping in some puddles, try it with shorts.

Top left: Navy dotted rain boots from Target.                 
Top right: Christian Dior candy apple red rain boots
Bottom left: 'Oooh La Lace' rain boots                         
Bottom right: Havaianas summer themed rain boots

Rain flats: And for those who prefer the comfortable feel of flats on a rainy day, there are a variety of options to choose from.

The gorgeous little Rainy day ballet flats at Jcrew

 The comfy jelly flats at Crocs.

* Clothes: And finally, the most important part of the outfit are the clothes itself. 
~ The main point for monsoon clothes - Comfort. You can't pull up your low neck shirt while holding an umbrella. Be comfortable but not frumpy.
~ Put away your denims please. Opt for wearing nylon leggings or linen pants instead. 
Rachel Bilson & Lauren Conrad show you how to work those leggings and make them oh-so sexy.

~ Stick to the light fabrics like cotton and linen. They dry fast and can be very trendy.
~ When it comes to make-up. Keep it light and easy. If the rain happens to pour down your face, we do not want you looking like the joker.

At this exact moment, the sky is starting to grey up. Maybe, just maybe the monsoons are closer than we expect it.
Hope you liked the post lovelies :) xo

Inspiration: Decoding Blair Waldorf of 'Gossip Girl'

Blair Waldorf. Trend-setter, Queen B and now Princess. Apart from the fact that I'm overjoyed she is now with Louie, I love the elegance that she carries off so effortlessly.. When it comes to style, Blair is a stark contrast to Serena. She's sophisticated, confidant and every hair of hers is in place.
Blair Waldorf essentials:
Dresses: Watch Gossip Girl and you will spot that whether it is for some sly scheme or morning macaroons, Blair sticks to a staple - the one piece. The formal dresses are well tailored and fitted to perfection while the casual ones are more easy - breezy.
               Both the formal and the casual looks are well-fitted and well-accessorized, making her look both, elegant and pretty.

Skirts: From a-lines to ruffles to pleats, Ms. Waldorf  loves her skirts. And even though its a closet essential, her skirts never seem to get monotonous. Every look is different.

                                                     Many skirts, many looks

Bright pops: Every once in a while you will find a pop of colour in blairs outfits - Pink shoes or a yellow satchel. Tiny accents like that give the entire outfit a whole new look.

Accessories: These are the finer things that add a touch of class to an outfit.
                    #1 - The Alice band that Blair sports ever so often is girly and elegant. Embellished with bling and bows, it makes it all the more pretty.

    #2: Scarves: The scarves she wears (are sometimes worn as a hair band too!) are in pastels and muted colours so that it doesn't overpower the outfit. The one below is an exception though.

                                              Winter on the Upper East Side

   #3: Girly things: And finally, Blair is a stunning yet powerful girl. Bring out the girly tones with tights, stockings, pearls, baubles, pretty shoes and lace.

      Hope you liked the post as much as I did! Here's a little something for you, a music video by (of course!) Leighton Meester :


Inspiration: Decoding Serena Van Der Woodsen of 'Gossip Girl'

I'm quite the Gossip Girl fanatic. I caught on with the trend last summer & ever since, they've got a fan in me :)
The most noteworthy impression that Gossip Girl has on it's viewers is, of course, its fashion.
Whether they are in Dior, Chanel or Marchesa; Blake & Leighton pull it off. This post, I'm going to talk about Blake's character, Serena Van Der Woodsen.
Now Serena is the one with the boho-chic style which is said to be inspired by Kate Moss. Her clothes are always experimental with a mix of vintage combined a touch of that the upper-east side charm.

Her essential styles:

Accessories: Along with the boho-chic vibe she gives out, there is a little bit of rocker chick that I spot. So stick to studded shoes, bags and clothing. Add on a  necklace, a few bangles and a tote to your outfit.

Well-tailored jackets - Cropped, blazers or trenches, Serena's jackets are a trademark which gives the outfit an edge.

Jeans with a slim-fit: Since jeans are quite a staple for her, she pairs them with almost anything.

Dresses: Serena's character is a mix of eclectic casual & the stunning formal. When it comes to scheming and plotting, the light and breezy dresses are available but for the high-end socials, Serena sticks to her gowns.


And that is the styling of the gorgeous Serena :) I'll be doing a post on Blair soon!
Till then,
Take care lovelies
(You know you love me) Xoxo - Dayle :D

My choice: Comfort before style.

So far this month, I've covered a couple of the summer trends. So apart from that, I decided to give some advice straight from my heart. If there is one lesson I've leaned it has to be that there is one word that you must to keep in mind before you go shopping - Comfort. This is so important because if an item of clothing is not comfortable, you will regret buying it. You really will.
Just like a typical girl, I have a mad love for shoes. I always tell my dad "A girl can never, ever have enough shoes." (My excuse for buying more of them :P) For a family occasion last January, I set out to find the perfect pair of black heels for my oh-so-perfect dress. After some disappointment, I walked into a store.

Eye-candy alongside: Christian Louboutin pigalle anemone bow pumps
*heart skips a beat*

And there they were. The patent leather peep-toes gleamed under the store lights. The pencil heels gently rested on the shoe rack. And the tiny little bow in the front lured me towards it. At that moment I fell deeply in love, as it happened before with many, many other pairs. Saw it, wanted it, got it. When the d-day turned up, I was in so much of pain. The shoes were not a good fit & I was struggling to walk. I learned my lesson. Since then I still totter around in sky-high heels & low cut tops; I just make sure I'm comfortable before picking anything up.
Take care of yourself first, then go for the skin-tight jeans. Take a cue from me. Once your comfortable in what you wear, you automatically radiate confidence. And trust me, it will show.

Summer Must-have's

And the summer seems to be getting hotter and hotter. Its the start of May & we've still got a while till the sweet relief of the rains.
So for survival in the scorching season, here are some essentials for the season:

Ahh! The refreshing elixir that is, coconut water

*Water & Coconut water: Please drink litres of it. Coconut water is filled to its brim with electrolytes and that's just what your body needs.

*Shades: Circles, squares, oval or even heart-shaped, you need sunnies! Wear good ones to protect your eyes and get that fabulous look.

*Sunscreen: Don't let your skin get dehydrated - Slather on some sunscreen with 30+ SPF.

*Tiny: Going all teeny-meeny with respect to clothes is great this time of the year! Wear minimal clothing - tiny skirts, cropped shirts and hot-shorts!

Cheryl Cole, stylish as always, teams this vibrant summer dress with tan shoes and bag.

*The summer dress: The summer dress, as the name suggests is made for this season and it would be a sin not to put it to good use. Try one in muted or floral hues. Now get out there and get some sunshine!

*Tan: Go for a bag (whether its a tote, a sling, a clutch or a good ol' hand bag) in shades like tan, beige or cream. Opt for a pair of tan gladiators, sandals or heels. Go for something open and comfortable to let those toes breathe. Wear shoes and bag together for best results.

*Bright: Go for a pop of colour with pinks, yellows and greens this summer! Co-ordinate your brights well or add a single brightly hued item ( like shoes or a necklace ) to your outfit and just like that, it will make the entire outfit vibrant!

* Minimalism: Tone down the make-up. Put away the blacks and blues. Bring out some bronzer and delicate shades of lilac and emerald in the eyeshadow department.
Right now, Less is definitely more.

So girls, the summer is meant for fun. Get out there and have a blast. And don't forget the sunscreen!

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