Stuff I obsessed over in 2011.

Now I know that's not a very innovative post title but I'm going through some post-Xmas laziness (what! I'm the only one?) After Christmas disappears around the corner, everything seems so empty. Thank God that there is New Years to look forward to for now at least.
Everywhere I look, bloggers seem to be doing round-up posts of their blogs during 2011. This was year I started this style blog  and I can barely believe it has reached this far. If you read my posts on Chic Factor, you would know that I have a penchant for making lists. So as a little tribute to my blog Style File and my first baby Just that day, I'm going to do a round-up of 5 things that I obsessed over during 2011.

1) A pop of colour: I have always liked the idea of brightening an otherwise dull outfit with a shock of colour like a neon bag or hot pink nails. It looks great and bright colours tend to make you feel happier !
During the year, I added a pop of colour in lots of outfits.

Outfit #1 from The colour purple : with a hot pink belt
Outfit #2 from Deck the halls. with red lips and red pumps
Outfit #3 from Indianisation with a lime green kurti

 2) TBS Lip balm: I cannot express how much I absolutely adore The Body Shop Lip Balm. They've become an essential for me; so much so, that whether I'm going to college, to buy groceries or for lunch, I must apply just a dash of it. The fragrance is so yummy and it keeps your lips moisturized and glossy!

I'm more partial to the Passion berry flavor (the purple one ) while I occasionally use the Strawberry one when I want a little girly pink gleam. If you haven't tried these yet; do so, they will not fail you.

3) Bags and Purses: This wasn't a department that I was too fond of but during the last few months, I think I've widened my sights. When it comes to bags and purses,  I now have quite a few of them for possibly all occasions ( was even gifted one for my birthday! ) 

 Outfit #1 from The office with a black bow bag
Outfit # 2 from Yellow. with a polka dot purse
Outfit # 3 from Raw silk and sparklers. with yellow raw silk over-sized clutch

Since I've now have bags/purses in the essential neutral colours which go with everything, I've recently got a few more which are bright, whimsical and quirky. You haven't seen them yet but that is what 2012 is for.

4) Maybelline Colossal Kajal: Indian girls are known for their dark-rimmed eyes. I had tried kohl from companies like Rimmel London and Avon but the staying power was not good enough and by the end of the day, it was worn off, smudged and the result being, I looked like a raccoon. *True story*

The first one will end in a while so there is already a second one for safety sake :D
When a blogger wrote about wearing Maybelline's Colossal Kajal for Fashion Week for 10 hours straight without any smudging, that when my search for the perfect kajal ended. Since I don't apply any make-up on my face on a daily basis apart from a lipstick/gloss and kohl - I needed it be a good, long-stay one. And that is just what it is. It has earned a brilliant recommendation from me!

5) Black and white: This was one combination that, time and again I wore in different ways but every single time, I loved the outcome. That just proves it, you can't go wrong with black and white (and a little pop of colour here and there!)

 Outfit # 1 from Fairytales.
 Outfit # 2 from Zebra tote
 Outfit # 3 from Birthday love.

So I really hope you liked my round-up. The year is coming to a close and usually, I like to do a round-up of the good times that the year has given me. Apart from the good times with the family, the bestie and the friends; one of the memorable moments was when I just started this blog. I had no clue whether I was making the right decision in starting this blog or whether anyone would even read what I wrote! To every single reader of mine here, on Facebook and on Twitter - Thank you for being here, you make blogging worth it. I love you guys.

Here is to 2011, a year of amazing clothes, chocolate, no regrets, silly dances, high-heels, singing to myself, kisses and lots of love :*

Have an awesome NYE guys and and a lovely New Year Day !

See you in 2012,


Deck the halls.

Hi dolls,
I hope you've had a magical Christmas with your family, friends and some good ol' Christmas cake. How were the celebrations ? [or are they still going on ;) ] And I hope you've been on the 'nice' list this year so that you got all that you wanted :)
Christmas started on the 24th with midnight mass where I was in the choir.  It feels amazing and I'm delighted that I got a chance to sing for Christmas. After that I spent some family time while I stuffed my face with marzipan and hot chocolate. Later, a couple of families and friends met up for a post-midnight snack. Needless to say, by the time I was walking home, I was so dead-tired I could barely keep my eyes open!
And the brilliant thing is, I predicted being tired and sloppy so even before I left the house, I took pictures. Take a look:

The first time I'm trying a red pout - Yay or Nay ?

Don't mind the apprehensive expressions too much - I had a lot on my mind. Later after mass, I was  chilled out :)
No formal introductions or anything but this is my brother Ray

Me and our Christmas tree, which I decorated by the way :D

After mass with my cousin, Nini (thats her pet name btw) and Ray.
 Sheer polka dot top & Red pumps - Zara, Inner sleeveless tube - GAP, Satin skirt (one of my loves!) - River Island

Black is an eternal favorite and red has, and always will be the most vivacious festive colour. I couldn't resist putting them together.
I spent Christmas at home, on the phone with texts and calls and watching Home Alone. Home Alone is one of those things that symbolizes Christmas. *True story* Had an amazing family lunch which is a rare deal nowdays. And now, dinner is calling me. Mmmm. Chicken and cheese pie :)

God bless you guys and hope you had a lovely day !
See you dolls soon.
xo Dayle

Raise your glass.

Hello loves,
What is up with you ? I'm great by the way. As Christmas is approaching closer, my smile gets wider and wider. How can it not ? After all it is the most wonderful time of the year ! So I don't mean to sound like Dexter but Tonight's the night - The biggest Christmas bash of the year in our society & honestly, no other event gets me pumped up as much as this one. But don't worry - I'll be posting all about it very, very soon.
 The other day, I had a late morning lecture and an early evening wedding mass followed by the reception. The reason I went for the lecture was because I thought it would easily finish in time for me to get dressed and everything. Little did I know that the teacher himself would come super late and stretch the lecture to the point where it was so late that I asked him If I could leave. *Thank god for sweet teachers*
I rushed back home , ( texting my mom on the way back to iron my outfit - Thanks mom :* ) showered and; because I had mentally decided what I would wear with what, I made it. Not only in time, but early enough to pose for pictures :)
Check it:

Champagne coloured chiffon dress - Gifted by my cousin (bought from Thailand), Gold strapped sandles - Part of a Bridesmaids outfit from my cousins wedding (bought from Regal), Floral pastel scarf - My Grandmothers.

I think I did pretty great for someone in a hurry.  Did you notice the nude lipstick and the golden eyeshadow ? I like simplicity when it comes to a look - not too crowded with prints and bling but not too bland and washed out. I think this outfit did justice to that.
Hope the season is treating you wonderfully ! A very merry Christmas to you & your family - Have a lovely time!
I'll be back soon since the camera is overflowing with outfits. After all, isn't this season all about abundance and joy :D

With the pastel trend hitting shores for Spring/Summer '12, this outfit fits the bill perfectly so I'm submitting it for the INFB Pastel remix If you are also OD-ing on pastels, feel free to join in!

The colour purple.

Hey hey guys :)
It feels great to be back here with you all. Hope life is going good for everyone. Finally, there is a chill in the Bombay air and its starting to seem like winter is actually going to arrive. And as winter arrives, we have to shed our summer clothes. Or in a country like ours, alter our summer clothes slightly so that they look a tad wintery :D
While we pranced around in neons and brights all through the sweet, hot summer; more demure shades like burgundy, mustard and rust are the next big thing this season. My personal favorite however, is the majestic jewel tone of purple. Right from the 6th grade, I've had a soft corner for the colour purple. Due to that, many notebooks and nail varnishes in hues of violet were my treasures. Later on, even after I changed teams and blue became my favorite, whenever I spot something in purple - I must give it a second look.

Purple tee - Thrift, Hot pink skinny belt - It's originally from a skirt, Black cropped skinnies - Topshop London, Ballet flats - Local boutique

Purple and Pink blend together beautifully. And I do admit, maybe I'm a little bright for winter but I can't help myself when such beautiful colours are sitting there in my closet. PS: Remember this post I promised you more clear, stunning pictures ? Well, these are proof of gorgeous photos (by an even more gorgeous photographer :* ) I really hope you like them. Because, even though the sun was stinging my eyes and I could barely see, It was a great day :)
If you'd like to stay in touch with me, you can do that on Facebook and on Twitter. We'll talk soon then ok?
Will be back soon guys!


Hey guys,
How are things with you ? Well, even if I try my best, I can't even begin to explain how frantic life has been. From meetings, to weddings, to Christmas parties and pre-holiday shopping; everything happens in December. It's as if the year's supply of hectic was quitely bundled up and kept for this month. But I guess that's one reason why I'm so partial to December (I call it my favorite month!) And 'being busy having fun' is honestly, as amazing as it sounds :D
My birthday last week flagged of the season. I had such an amazing 19th with the most amazing people in my life. All I can say is - I'm really blessed :) The evening was a chilled-out dinner with the family. I love these guys with my whole heart ♥

Thats moms plant that included itself into the picture :D

Lace detail at the bottom. And thats just the plant, I'm not growing leaves :P

Sheer orange & black shirt dress - Given by grandmom, Wedged - Ginger, Belt - Thrift.

The outfit was a must at that point of time. The entire day absolutely drained me and by the evening, I really needed something bright and vivacious. When I first wore it, It looked silly and huge for me. That's why I threw in my trusty high-waist belt.
See how I'm grinning like a Cheshire cat in my pictures ? This season does that to me!
I've been posting my December favorites and celebrity spotting's on my Sunkissed page. If you haven't joined in yet - then c'mon down! PS: I've also just joined Twitter - So start tweeting me  now!
Hope the start of December is going great for you too! I've got tonnes of outfits on my camera so you're going to be seeing a lot of me this month :D

Big days come only once

Its been an extremely hectic week ! And it included preparing for an exhaustively good college fest (day 1 down & 2 left to go!) lunches and random jokes, and of course, my Birthday ! Thank you so much for all the wishes guys - They really made my day special :)
As you know, my lectures start mind-numbingly early. Based on that, I dressed in a way that would last me through the day. (The day btw was fantabulous, thanks for asking) I wanted to go a little more dressy on the top but I realized that at about 10pm on the previous night and of course, it was too late. Still I'm happy with what I ended up in. Heres a look:


Dont mind the face - I was chatting away with my friend :P

And if I'm not talking, I'm laughing.
Pink tee - Pantaloons, Printed bag - Robin&Ruth London, White Skinnies - Topshop London, Black Belt (hardly even visible) - Vintage Lacoste, Wedges - Ginger.

I have a soft spot for the light-on-light combination. The dream has been to do a white-on-white combination (without looking like Morgan Freeman in Bruce Almighty :P ) Someday maybe. Btw, did you see my awesomely improved clearer pictures ? Still getting the hang of the new cam though.

Ahh December, I've missed you. The month of decorations, rum cake and Christmas is here. And what way to make it even better than to enter a giveaway - Because everyone loves freebies :D
The Spa Store is an upcoming beauty, cosmetics & spa product e-commerce site that will be launching soon. To celebrate the launch, they're inviting you to be a part of it by taking part in not just one but two giveaways (one being a spa hamper and the other being a NYX palette)

Check this awesome spa giveaway which is just packed with goodies!

 I'm a NYX fan myself and this is one opportunity I can't pass up! Go ahead - give it a look :)

This next week isn't going to get any freer. But I always do manage to post whether I'm cheering for my team at a fest or chilling at home with an episode of Dexter. So you don't really need to worry, I'm kinda always right here only. Any Q's you want to ask or even if you just want to drop in and say 'hi', I'll be at Sunkissed. And don't worry, I'm friendly :)
We'll talk soon - Hope you like my clothes as much as i loved the day itself!

Birthday love.

The 1st of December has finally arrived and I can barely believe it - I turn 19 today! The entire year passed by so quick it seems like a blur to me! I still remember my last birthday - cutting the chocolate cake, trying on a new pair of stiletto's (Lee, they will always be my dream shoes - love you tonnes :* ), having fries with steak and posing for a gazillion pictures.
       Because that to me, is what birthdays are about. Spending it with the people you love. Eating good food. Tearing open the gift wrapping paper and squealing the loudest when you open the box. Dancing merrily around the house with your precious gifts in hand *or am I the only one who does that?* Kisses and Bear Hugs. And yes, Cake for breakfast.

Recently I went for a friends sangeet wearing this outfit. Take a look:

Check this awesome mehndi I got done (on one hand only cause I needed to eat with the other :P ).

 Silk patterned dress - Zara London, Stiletto's - Zara

I pre-decided that I would post this outfit today because for one, this is the most beautiful dress that I own. And two, it just feels right to post about a pretty dress and high-heels on a day like this :) The shoes, which you've seen before, are my go-to shoes which are ever-so-comfy which always make me feel sexy ;)
PS: On my page, I mentioned that I had some great news! As a birthday gift from my awesome family, I got a new camera! (Mom,Dad & Ray - I Love You, Thank you so much!) And it is not only adorable but the pictures it takes have beautiful clarity and precision. Since this is the last post using the old cam, This is an adieu to pictures with noise and low-light :D Welcome to the world, my new baby :)

           This being my first birthday that I celebrate on my blog and along with all the birthday love, I want to thank each and every one of you dolls who follow me here and on Facebook and those who are reading this post right now because I would not have made it this far without you.
Thank you so much, I love you guys.




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