Trend report: Fresh and Juicy.

When summer rolls around, all the beauty websites do a 'tips for summer' post. Included in this post, there will most definitely be a point that states "Drink more than 8 glasses of water and eat a lot of fruits to keep hydrated" *Am I right or am I right?* Well, these sites are correct though, fruits are so important during this season and not just for gobbling on a hot summer afternoon.
During the summer of 2010, the fruit print trend was all the rage! From oranges to mangoes to kiwis - fruits were incorporated on skirts, dresses and trousers. Talk about fashion being delicious!
With the pastels, neons and tangerine being in the limelight in 2012, I do hope the fruit trend gets a little attention too. It really deserves it.

Watermelon pendant

Fruit print dress

Anna Sui SS'10

Leighton Meister on the sets of Gossip Girl wearing Moschino SS'10

Basic white t-shirt with fruit print

Fruit rings

Katy in Moschino SS'10

Oranges and Bananas - Prada SS'10

What is your take on the fruit print trend dolls ? Would you like a reappearance of it or not ? I say 'Aye!' because the orange print especially has sort of got me hooked. 
So tonight I'm off for a vacay and my packing is still in progress. I've got tonnes of outfits planned for the blog & I really want to do a video soon - If you have any suggestions for me about what video I should do; Go ahead & tell me, I'd love some ideas!
I hope you've like the bunch of posts that have happened in the past few days. I'll be back in April - more enthusiasm, a fresh perspective and a refreshed me!
See you soon dolls!


Never know.

Summer is here dolls.
No more cardigans, no more cold mornings *longing to get back under the blanket* and no more hot chocolate. Bring on the tiny skirts, the lazy afternoons and the ice tea.
With the college year coming to a close; what I wanted was that there would be no regrets, whether about my exams, my performance or a couple of decisions made, which would come back and perturb me later on. And thankfully, the year ended up well - all sealed and wrapped in a nice little package.
I don't believe in having regrets. I believe in putting in your all, working till it hurts and giving it your best. And then it is out of your hands. Because whining and complaining will get you nowhere once the deed is done. So every once in a way; make sure you take a risk, do something stupid and end up with a great memory.

Outfit: Burgundy raw silk shirt - Hand-me-down, Black leggings - Marks & Spencer, Sequinned mojri shoes - Thrifted (Jaipur), Black patent leather tote - Mom's
Make-up: Kohl - Rimmel (London), Nail varnish - OPI 'Ink'

The fish-tail braid is so awesome. Specially on a hot day like this which required a lot of running around, it looks so chic even when it is messy. The shirt, which was passed down to me, is of such a rich, deep colour. The entire outfit is one of my comfortable attires that I look for on a day where I need to look and feel great.
Do you have an outfit that is comfy and chic ?

Time to start cutting down the clothes and sipping on something cool.
Hello Summer.


The Oscar moment: My 1st anniversary.

The time has come.
The time where my exams have ended, where I've crossed the one year mark and where I herald the start of the summer. With such amazing events happening around me, I knew I had to dedicate a post for the most special of those events. Of course, it is my blog anniversary. And since this is sort-of my Oscar moment, here goes.
When I started Style File a year back; honestly, I had no clue what I was doing, I did not know that there was a mini city's worth of style bloggers on the web and that anyone would even care to read the opinions of a 17 year old girl on summer trends and Elizabeth Tailor. Whatever the case was, I stuck to it. I stuck to blogging even with the irregular postings, the amateur pictures and the hurriedly made layout. And honestly, I am so glad that I did because I am overjoyed to be celebrating this

Can you believe it ? I've come from here to here !

And like any good Oscar speech, allow me to bask in the glow and say thank you to a couple of people without whom I doubt I would've managed this:
All the fellow bloggers who I interact with and my blog friends; you inspire me and you make blogging so amazing and so much fun.
Mom, for the help with the endless amounts of outfits and photos and majorly, for inheriting the style gene from you.
My bestie and photographer; for the love, support, our shopping sprees and the stunning pictures. I love you tonnes.
And to every reader, follower and fan of mine on every social networking platform; I would never-ever-hever managed to reach her without you. I love you guys and I read every comment and I appreciate it all.

Thank you dolls; for the love, the feedback and for making the first year of blogging so memorable - here is to many, many more to come.

With my exams over, I'm back to blogging and during the next couple of days, you will be seeing a lot of new posts from me. Stay tuned tomorrow.
I said I would be back now, didn't I ?


It's not that easy being green

A very wise frog once quoted the title and I agree with that little fellow completely.
A while back, while I was doing a bit of street shopping, I spotted a stall selling bags. So I sprinted across along the street like an athlete, avoiding hands and legs, bending and ducking to get there through the crowds. When I finally got down to digging through the pile, nothing really caught my eye - Everything was too blingy, or too red or just too something. I smirked and was about to walk away. In that instant when I took one last glimpse of the stall, I saw something golden shining from underneath the pile. There isn't any harm in giving it one last look, so I went to check it out. And there it was, a shade or two darker than Kermit but it came with shiny golden buckles. No one had bought it yet, probably because of the odd shade.  It really isn't easy being green.
So I decided to give this baby a home and add the emerald colour to my bag collection. A couple of weeks back, on an unusually hot day,I paired it with this dress:

Outfit: Powder blue cut-work dress & Green satchel - thrifted from Colaba, Brown sandals - local boutique at Bandra, Suede hairband - Zara.
Make-up: Nails - OPI 'Ink'
Lipstick - The Body Shop '48'
Eyeliner - Bourjois paris 'Liner feutre'

Apart from the green satchel story, I posted about this outfit for the INFB Pastels Remix where you have to post an outfit wearing pastels. I was love-struck the second I set my eyes on this dress ❤ You can barely see the light colour but it is the prettiest shade of blue and I had to have it for the summer. However, I couldn't resist myself and wore it much before summer. 
So this month, I've got my terms coming up (in a week!) and a short break following that. I shall be off blogging for a bit but I'll continue to post on Facebook and Twitter - If you want to subscribe to my updates there, feel free to follow me.
And in exactly 10 days from today, it is the anniversary of my blog! Even though I wont be able to post on that day, once my hibernation ends, *in the words of the terminator* I'll be back.

Wish me luck guys!

Review: Jordana 'tough stuff' base & top coat

Hello dolls,
It is a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon. The day seems perfect for a little picnic in the park with lemonade and scones. Okay, enough about Enid Blyton styled summer picnics and back to business.
So as part of the mixing it up plan that has been happening on the blog; along with the new monthly celebrity fashion update and trend report posts, part #3 of the plan is a monthly product review.
For each review I have decided not to just stick to cosmetics but to daily products that I use as well, like skin-care and hair-care.
Jordana 'tough stuff' base & top coat:
If there is one item which is part of my beauty routine that is severely taken for granted, it has to be the base & topcoat I use. For the unaware, the base coat is meant to be applied before you apply your nail varnish and the top coat is for after. Both these coats are meant to prevent chipping, make your nail varnish last longer and prevent your nails from yellowing. When I originally bought this product, (I bought it quite a while back - around 6 - 8 months ) I had just started reading these beauty blogs and decided that I need to own one of these 'top coat and base coat' things.

The wonderful part is Tough Stuff serves as both, base and top coat ! It comes in a 15ml transparent bottle which is comparatively larger than most nail varnish bottles and the colour of it is clear (you may see a pink tinge to it in my pictures but don't go by that. After using it various times as a topcoat over red hued nail varnishes, it picks up a little colour )

I bought it a while back so I think it was about Rs. 150

- Pros:
Overall, it is a really good product. I've used it numerous times after bringing it. As you can see from the pictures, the bottle is half over.
If it does pick up a little tint of your nail varnish shade (mine did, see the pictures!) don't worry, it wont make any difference.
Base coat and top coat in one? How convenient is that ! Life couldn't get any better !
I like the large quantity that they provide.
It lasts for 3 - 4 days maximum without any chipping. After around a week, it becomes necessary to reapply your nail varnish.

- Cons:
I'm fidgety so I would have liked it to dry a little faster.


My advice:
I would recommend this to everyone! I love that the fact that it is 2-in-1 product which makes it so convenient. I change my nail varnish after about 5 days of wear-and-tear so it really apt for my usage. Do remember to wear a base coat before you apply any nail varnish - It is really necessary !

*The review above is not associated with any brand/company. The thoughts and opinions expressed above are completely my own.

Apart from this base and top coat talk, I decided to take part in My Sunglasses, My Style which is this lovely competition by BlogAdda where you pick a couple of pairs of sunglasses from here and style them with an outfit.
Since I've always been a Wayfarer fan, I use prescribed glasses and I have a soft-spot for tortoise shell frames, these are the pairs I picked.



For the 1st pair - I would wear it with a pastel pink shirt, a light grey sweater (with the cuff and collar of the shirt peeking out), a formal pair of dark grey shorts, a black satchel and black pumps.

For the 2nd pair - I would wear a knee length floral dress, brown strapped sandals and a sleeveless denim jacket over the dress. 

This entry is a part of the contest at brought to you by GKB Optical Sunglasses

*If you are part of a brand/company and you would like me to review your product, feel free to contact me at

I hope you enjoyed the post, the review and the pretty sunglasses !
See you soon dolls - Have a great Sunday !





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