Of Thrifts & Hand-me-downs # 2: Woolen love

Hand-me-downs (when in good condition) are God sent. Growing up with an older brother and all, I haven't got too many of them,  but the ones I do possess are absolutely lovely.
One of the special few includes this rich, wollen tan sweater. It all started when my mum was cleaning her closet and found the plush tan beauty at the back. It belonged to my grandmother (whose taste seemed very stylish)  so I carefully wrapped it up and kept it away for a colder day.
Today was not cold but I couldn't say no to posing for a camera on a Sunday evening.

Sweater - Hand-me-down from my Grandmother, Ganji & Belt- Thrift, Shorts - Esprit

On those winter mornings, I remember bundling myself to school in a bright red woolen cardigan. And even though the Bombay winters have never really allowed me to layer too much, I've always been fond of wool  with its cushy feel and rich look. Naturally when I came to know about the Fashion By Feelings contest, I was ecstatic! All you have to do is post your woolen outfit & you could win a trip to Australia!

So come on guys, give it a shot - I've already posted! Hope to see your outfits there!

Woolen hand-me-downs are, by far, some of the most treasured items in this girls closet.

Hope you liked it guys :)


Of Thrifts and Hand-me-downs # 1: Good ol' denim.

I'm not a label girl.
I do enjoy playing dress-up every morning, I do have my favorite brands and I do keep track of the new collections that come out seasonally, but I am not a label girl.
I love the pretty stuff in clothing stores and do end up coming home with a handful of bags but I don't accept that style is just putting together branded items you find in stores. That's way too easy.
I believe that style is, creating a stunning look with everything, whether they are brands, thrift-ed items and hand-me-downs. Some of the best items I have are thrift-ed and inexpensive : a pair of black shorts, a checkered tunic and a classic white shirt. All of them are of such great quality and design that it convinced me, you don't always need to go to a store to get great stuff.
One of the items I'm also referring to is this cotton blend denim shirt. I saw it at causeway and bought it without it without a second thought.
Best. Decision. Ever.

 With my hair up.

With my hair down.

Shirt - Thrift, Leggings - M&S, Ballet flats - Boutique

There is that joy you get when you buy a t-shirt from a thrift shop after hours of searching - Its like finding a grain of gold after sieving through the river mud. Honestly, it is this unmatched joy you don't find elsewhere.
And that, my darlings, is the beauty of a thrift store.
I'll always be the girl who loves her Topshop and River Island, but thrift stores will be always be one of my firsts choices.

Awkward Girls

Shes a brick..hoouuseee!

Hey heyyy :)
How have you guys been? I've been great, thanks for asking! As I mentioned earlier, the past week was so full of project submissions that I didn't even have time to breathe. But I'm done now, so its ok, you guys can calm down and get back to reading my posts again. Haha.
Well, great news - I think the rainy seasons are on their last leg. Sunny skies have been more frequent now and it just makes me so happy. The thought of autumn *and new autumn collections* are also on my mind, but I'm going to save that for another time.
As a project, I had to make a website and of course, I did it on shoes. Christian Louboutin shoes to be precise. They're a dream of mine. One day, girlies, one day. Well, it was liked by the teacher and I'm so happy that the tonnes of work I put into in was appreciated.
I haven't really gotten time in the past few weeks to get outside and shoot. So Saturday evening is become picture time. For now at least. And even though I didn't go outside I managed to put together an pretty outfit :) I hope you likey.

Red puffed sleeved blouse - London, Skirt - My grandmom :), Belt and Hairband- Thrift, Ballet flats - local boutique
Also there is also something I need to tell you guys - The next few weeks I go into study break and consequently, my exams till mid October. So I will not be doing my regular weekly posts - I will post but just when I can manage.
I'll miss you guys but I still love you'll.

In the times of Ivory

Its been a good week.
I've actually been very, very buried in a computer assignment involving a website and *pause for effect* Shoes! Yes, my first love *shoes* have a place in a college project. And yes, I'm excited. Wayyy excited.
Another unnecessary  reason for me to be excited: Its time bid adieu to the monsoons and say hello to autumn (read: sweaters, booties, layers which basically more unnecessary shopping)
Its a beautiful, quick season of transition between the gloomy monsoons and chilly winter (Being in bombay = not really chilly though) and honestly, I can't wait :)
So on saturday, I decided to shun the bright colours I usually go for and pick something a little more demure. I'm so sorry in advance for the badly lit pictures, I didn't have anyone to click my pics so I relied on auto-timer. *Big mistake* Apart from all that - I think the outfit worked well !

Ivory raw silk kurta - Gifted
Cream skinnies - Globus

So my schedule for the following week is something like - Presentation, viva, presentation, lecture, 5 minutes to breathe, assignment and maybe another presentation.
but whatever the case is, I shall post soon. Why? Because, you guys, I love you'll, thats why.
Bye now - Nighty night!

In the Navy.

Sunday was beautiful. The sun was shining, birds were chirping - The works.
I had a couple of interviews to attend to that evening, so apart from being psyched about that, the pleasant weather made me happy.
I decided to go simple chic. Because that's right for absolutely any occasion.

Navy tunic (tucked inside) - Tommy Hilfiger
Tan belt & Khaki shorts - Thrift
Tan peeptoes - Local boutique + DIY

The outfit is like a mix of formal and casual. Cas-mal? Fa-sual? Whatever the case, its not overdressed but not too under dressed also!
Midway the evening, rain starting pouring down but by that time I was oblivious. It was such a great evening, entertaining to say the least, with a find of someone who was so like me :)
Ganesha immersions have been on this week and the mood is so festive - music, colours and dancing all week..And because of that, the holidays have been pouring in. Now I'm always welcome to that!
The week ahead is where I'm reaching the finish line, in terms of projects. Finally, I'm getting done :D
So here's to a week of remaining projects, not-to-much stress and effortless style,
Cheers you guys,
I'll see you soon
xo - Dayle




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