Lakme Fashion Week diaries #2 : Nupur Kanoi and Payal Khandwala

So lovelies, day 2 of fashion week was such a pleasant surprise. Although the designers that showed weren't a household name, their collections definitely spoke volumes about their refreshing take on winter fashion and their raw talent.

Nupur Kanoi

lakme fashion week nupur kanoi red pants zippers suit

lakme fashion week nupur kanoi brown pants trail vest

lakme fashion week nupur kanoi purple churidhar flowing

lakme fashion week nupur kanoi red zippers dress churidhar

Nupur Kanoi's collection revolved around deep hues of red, brown and purple most of which had a relaxed fall to them. Stripes, which is 2013's hottest trend was present as well but in an reformed avatar with patterns and inverted stripes. I liked the way she kept the footwear to the bare minimal while the focus remained on her kimono sleeves, short layers and vests. Most of the clothing items grazed the ankle with flowing silhouette and a number of them had exposed zippers.

lakme fashion week nupur kanoi red brown stripes pant suit

lakme fashion week nupur kanoi red stripes crop top maxi skirt

lakme fashion week brown flowing zippers vest nupur kanoi

Payal Khandwala

lakme fashion week payal khandwala mojris jewel tones blue green

lakme fashion week payal khandwala mojris jewel tones blue green emerald cobalt

lakme fashion week payal khandwala mojris jewel tones

Payal Khandwala's collection was the highlight of my day! While the general perspective of fall fashion is darker hues, Payal Khandwala took a different path which, I think, was a great decision. The fabric had an innate sheen to it and all the clothing was in brilliant jewel tones. Belts and a wristful of bangles were the accessories of choice while the mojris added the Indian element. The Mandarin collars she used  added definition to the otherwise flowing silhouettes and asymmetrical hems

lakme fashion week payal khandwala green blue jewel tones bangles

lakme fashion week payal khandwala purple white sheer

lakme fashion week payal khandwala pink green orange

                                                                                                  Photography: Leo Alemao for Style File

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Lakme Fashion Week diaries #1 : Nikhil Thampi, Nishka Lulla and Shift

Being at Lakme fashion week this season was nothing short of magic and the bright spotlights, the pretty clothes and the leggy models all contributed to it. I kept my eye out for familiar designers but was interested mainly in spotting fresh new names and faces which left me satisfied because it was refreshing to see so much of bright talent in the industry with interesting and gorgeous collections.

Of all the shows that I attended on my first day, a few of them caught my eye.

Nikhil Thampi 


Nikhil Thampi's show was my favorite of the day. It consisted of opulent fabrics with the sheen and was completely in shades of black, white and gold. The gold cuffs and the printed sheer fabrics adding to the glitz but what struck me was the stunning kathakali face print that was used - So exquisite!

Nishka Lulla

I found Nishka Lulla's collection to be disappointing, mainly because the designs had nothing especially unique about them. The collection consisted of winter shades like slate grey, burgundy and a few pastels as well. I found the gold shirts and hems to compliment the rest of the ensembles brilliantly. I did like the collared shirts, cigarette trousers and the loafers and they were repeated consistently through most of the looks.


Shift came to me as a surprise because it was a name that I had barely heard of but the trends of the collection were wearable and interesting. Dark prints and florals took center stage in a variety of forms. Burgundy, a favorite from the previous winter made its return with gold embellishment. The high waists and flared trousers are also styles that are gaining popularity. I adored the feminine touch that the headscarves and ankle strapped pumps added to the collection.

                                                                                                   Photography: Leo Alemao for Style File

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Why we need fashion week

We're the average women - the type that enjoy street shopping and the once in awhile high street purchase, who have the irrevocable love for shoes and bags, who have day jobs at offices and as students and who love to try new products that are out in stores. Basically, we're all the typical girl-next-door. So why do we, as everyday women need something like fashion week?
Two and a half years ago, as an average college student and a non-blogger, fashion week was an event that I had never really thought about in detail and one which I believed didn't have an impact on a girl like me. Today, as a blogger and as someone with an insider's perspective into the business of fashion, I realised that two and a half years ago, I couldn't have been more wrong. Fashion week is an event which does have an impact on our lives and as everyday women, we do need it for a number of reasons.
The influence of fashion in everyday tasks

  • For one, fashion week discovers new talent every year. Old may be gold but it can sure get monotonous. Every year, a bunch of young hopefuls are thrust into the limelight and given the opportunity to showcase their collections to the audience and to the world at large which helps them climb the fashion ladder, one step at a time. Fresh talent is something to look for as a new perspective into style is always refreshing.
  • Secondly, fashion week creates trends. Whether it is the neon shirt you're in, the pastel jeans you love or the one-shouldered dress you were gifted for your birthday; all of them are trends that are popularised at the highest level in the industry with designers which catch on to high street stores like everyones favorite Zara and further on to street stalls. That is also the reason why you can find trendy clothing and accessories at street stalls which are duplicates of those by designers and high street stores because that is how wide the influence of the fashion industry is. Do take a look at this clip from my all-time favorite movie, The Devil Wears Prada which explains my point brilliantly.
  • And finally, fashion week fuels the economy. Beyond just an increase in spending towards the purchase of all the designer goodies that have been showcased on the runway; the restaurants, the stationary shops, the taxis and autos and the cafes which are in and around the venue of fashion week are in higher demand than usual which provides a boost to the economy.

Currently: At Fashion Week

So as an everyday girl, if you think that fashion week has no impact on you, think again. It plays a part in your life without you even knowing it.

All images via my Instagram

PS: September is best known as fashion's biggest month due to the new upcoming winter season, the fashion weeks that take place and the fancy new fall campaigns that are unveiled. Since we are covering the ongoing Lakme Fashion Week, get set for September to be Style File's most fashionable month yet!


Inspiration: Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is the girl you cannot help but love. Talented, gorgeous and down-to-earth; she is the lady that the boys adore and the girls want to be best friends with. Her story begins as a little girl from Kentucky who shifted to New York City to make her acting dreams a reality. After a few small television roles, it was her role in Winter's Bone that proved to be her breakthrough. From then on, there has been no looking back for JLaw.
Jennifer Lawrence purple orange photoshoot

Jennifer epitomizes not just the flawless, glamourous Hollywood actress but the charming and hilarious girl-next-door as well. In her appearances, she has spoken vastly about body image, the role model she hopes to be for her young fans and her love for food.

Jennifer Lawrence Food quote
Jennifer Lawrence leopard print black photoshoot

Jennifer Lawrence People's Choice Awards Blue cutwork mesh dress
When she won the Oscar for Best Actress this year, she walked up the steps to receive her statue and ended up tripping on her gown. Following that, she lifted herself up, got onto the mike and laughed about it.

Jennifer Lawrence Oscars 2013 fall

Jennifer Lawrence TIFF dark coloured gown

Jennifer Lawrence Body Image girl mirror quote

Her style is ever so chic, elegant and years beyond her age while still being grounded.

Jennifer Lawrence tweed leopard burgundy blonde photoshoot

Jennifer Lawrence black jeans grey tshirt aztec bag casual style

Jennifer Lawrence healthy body image Katniss quote
With no prior acting training, her roles in The Hunger Games and Silver Linings Playbook have proved that you don't need training when you've got the raw talent that the 22 year old has. And this girl is going nowhere else but to the top. I am sure we'll be seeing so much more of her in the years to come.

Jennifer Lawrence backless sequin gown blond hair photoshoot


Snapshots :: Monsoon edition

I strongly believe that the monsoons are either enjoyed getting wet to the core or being snuggled up in a warm blanket. So far into the season, I've encountered a few surprise showers, outfit post shoots are tougher to work around with and plans are cancelled on account of the stormy skies but hey, it's not all that bad.
Long drives, dancing in the rain, breakfast dates, monsoon fashion and late night coffees make up for it.

Pink monsoon flowers in bloom
Flowers in the garden

Mcdonalds coffee and a late night drive
Staying cosy while its raining outside

Selfie with a hat for a drive
Monsoon sundays

Snails on the leaves in the garden
Monsoon friends

Shrewsbury biscuits and black tea
Quiet evenings at home

The first rains of the season at Marine Drive
The beautiful marine drive during the first rains of the seasons

Theobroma millionaire brownies and bates motel
Watching Bates Motel and eating Millionaire Brownies on a rainy afternoon

Drive through a green leafy avenue with the rains
Morning drives

hot chocolate croissants at starbucks for a cosy breakfast
Hot chocolate, the perfect companion

starbucks flask with tea drive through the rains
Hot tea as we drive through the rains

parisian theme umbrella from jean claude biguine
My pretty new monsoon companion c/o Jean Claude Biguine
All images are taken via my instagram profile

Hope the monsoons have been treating you well to, my dolls. Have a happy weekend!





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