Weekend blues.

The weekend is here and I can feel a wave of relief sweeping over me. Of course, work will never completely end but somehow; a relaxed weekend gives me that temporary relief from the busyness of life. Two days of peace to block out the noise, to help me catch up on my TV shows that I've missed and sometimes, to do a spot of baking. Whatever I end up doing, the weekend completely refreshes me and by the time it's Sunday night, I'm rested and fresh and the blues are far, far away.
Except on this weekend when I wore my awesome blue pants.

 White sheer lace work blouse - Vintage, Cobalt trousers - Local store (Bandra), Bead work sandals - Thrift (Goa), Gold bangles - Thrift (Colaba), On my nails - Maxfactor 'Red Carpet Glam', On my eyes - Jillian Dempsey for Avon eyeliner

Dont mind the messy hair in the above pictures; they were taken towards the day end after an amazing birthday lunch and an extremely frantic morning. I love how rich the colour of these pants are, specially since they are my favorite colour. And when paired with basics like vintage white lace and beaded black sandals, it brings out the colour even more! Can't wait to try them in a number of ways!

Hope the weekend goes great for you lovelies - I'll see you soon.



Hi dolls,
What a crazy month it has been! Even as the month comes to a close there seems to be no slowing down. From assignments to college festivals to work to balancing all of it together; it has been one helluva busy time. With a busy schedule and moody weather, photography for outfit posts are becoming tougher and tougher but I'm managing to pull it together *Ahh, the things I do for the love of blogging!*
So without further chatter from me about random things, it's time for you to take a look at what's been up with me this month.

I painted so much for my design assignments this month, my table was a mess by the end of it!

With Elle for Malhar and an extraordinarily large bow!

Saturday night fries !

The flowers after a good monsoon shower.

Fruit Punch with my favorite !

Overdosed on Betty and Veronica this month -  This was when I settled in with an old comic and soup on a rainy evening.

I've realised the bliss of make-up-less-ness *phew! thats a mouthful1* and so very often, I can rub my eyes in peace :D

The Z Cafe standee at Malhar - Sheldon's looking suave! 

Yours truly at Malhar channeling her inner drama queen !

So how did you like the photo slide this month? My favorite is, of course, the last one. I don't really need to channel my 'inner' drama queen specially since that side of me is always the outer one!

Have a great weekend loves - See you soon.


Seeing spots.

The past week has been a busy one. Busy would be an understatement actually, frantic is a better describer. In a period of just two weeks, the amount of projects that are due for submission are crazy. Again, crazy is an understatement. Apart from that keeping me on my toes; the weather is being moody. The sun is shining and in the next moment, I'm drenched with rain. From a style blogging perspective; yes, it makes things a little more difficult. And to top up the sundae, is the drama of working together for projects and habituating oneself with people you aren't really acquainted with. When someone said the final year of college was going to be tough stuff, I didn't think even this much of tough stuff was possible!
But you know what's the beauty of tough times? It's the tough stuff that shapes you, moulds you and makes you what you are. It toughens you up and makes you stronger. And if it wasn't for the tough stuff, I don't know what I would have ended up as.

Navy and white polka dot romper (originally 'Mela Loves London')  - Local boutique (Bandra), Tan Sandals - Catwalk, Bangles - Thrift (Colaba), On my eyes - Maybelline Eye Studio Allure eyeliner, On my lips - DIY

I've been obsessed the navy and white combination since ever and when polka dots were becoming big, I desperately wanted an item of clothing with polka dots of that combination. So when this baby stole my at attention, I knew it belonged in my closet. It was a casual day out with no concrete plans so the tan sandals and hand of pretty bangles accompanied. And for the monsoons, what better than a tiny and pretty romper to try out? Next on the cards for this romper: Styling it with a formal flair !

So I hope this week has treated you well & here's to the rest of it going smoothly!

Lets talk soon dolls,

Style diaries: The MTV movie awards

Hi lovelies,
The weekend has gone by in a flash! I've been so crazy busy at a college festival that when finally, a new week is here, I plan on spending this Sunday night with a slice of quiche and TV and welcoming Monday by sleeping in late.
This year, the MTV movie awards took place on the 3rd on June, 2012. We all know what the word 'MTV' resonates - Brash, bold, young, vibrant and something we've grown up on. So when an entire awards show takes place with MTV in the name of the function, you know the fashion is going to be outrageous.
Look ahead:

That's why tangerine is the colour of 2012!

Orange lips on Leighton !

Love the brightness and those delicious shoes !

Jen in an edgy leather dress.

love the shimmer but wish it was more fitted and short.

Lover her hair!

Yay for the pleated skirt & bright colours!

Wish her hair was different though.

Can't stand her as a person or actor but love the smokey eyes.

Emma doesn't go wrong. Ever.

So here's to a great week ahead guys !
Talk soon!


Red sun rising

Apart from college assignments being done last minute, lectures beginning before my sleep cycle ends and travelling via public transport in the monsoons; you know what else is tough? A dress code. For the lucky ones who aren't in this phase of their lives or go to a dress-code free *you lucky thing!* college; us remaining mortals have a tough task to endure. Due to that, my daily outfits has to include jeans, leggings, stockings and maxis. I've grown so used to blue denim jeans over the years so since the time I've started style blogging, I've tried out a pair of chinos and tossed on a maxi skirt on those days when my jeans just wouldn't cut it.
This was one of those days.
It had been raining madly since morning and I couldn't bare the thought of sitting in class with soaking wet jeans the entire day. Plus, I needed something vibrant to lift me up during this gloomy weather. 

Black t-shirt - Fcuk (London), Red trousers - Moto, Topshop (London), Black and gold glitter tote - Glamour (London) + self modified, Bow ballet flats - Local boutique (Bandra), Bow hairband - Accessorize, On my eyes - Maybelline Eyestudio Allure eyeliner & Maybelline Colossal Kajal, On my nails - Bourjois 'Bleu voilet' (London)

And well, what do you know! By afternoon, the grey sky was gone and the sun was peeking out of the grey clouds! Maybe, just maybe, it was the red pants. They are crazy comfy because of the loose-ish cargo style of the pants and the shade is such a bright crimson.

So tomorrow *for all of us in India* is a little mid-week break because it's Independence day! A salute goes out to a beautiful country full of colours, warmth and vibrancy and the people who keep our nation safe and sound.
Have a great week ahead dolls!


Trend Report: Betty and Veronica

One of the things I grew up with were Archie comics. Whether it was my best friend and me sharing them, a friend nearby loaning us her old ones or just re-reading the stack at home; it wasn't a summer vacation with a dog-eared Archie comic in one hand and an orange ice-candy in the other. Ahh, the good life.
Well, a few days back, I was leafing through an old Archie's, one so familiar that I remember the climax of the story before I even started. Weirdly enough, more than reading the punch lines, I found myself scrutinizing Betty's clothes and Veronica's shoes. Truth be told, they are pretty damn good dressers! So Betty's always been the goody-two-shoes while Veronica has been the pampered brat. Who ever thought that the dressings of these two characters would be so relate-able!

Betty: Colour-blocking

Betty's pink and green combination looks amazing and it can look even better if the neon colours are subdued a little with throw-in of silver. Don't forget the sparkly earrings! Jughead, you hungry little critter!

 Betty: Coloured shorts

Coloured shorts were such a huge trend this summer - don't you just love how pretty it look wit her blonde hair! So keeping the shorts and peplum blouse as bright as possible, a pair of Mary Jane's with a girly bow would look gorgeous!

Veronica - Cropped Pants and Loafers
Apart from the comfort that loafers bring, they look amazing, specially when paired with a pair of cropped pants like Ronnie. If the pants are vibrant, even better! And when you throw in a fringed statement bag in a rich tan with a polka dot bra-let, you're ready to go!

Veronica: High waist shorts
Ronnie's showing off that toned bod in a lovely pair of shorts. Why not do likewise? Throw in a delightful pair of leopard printed flats and a quirky tee. And hey, don't forget the princess style hairband!

Betty: Jeans
It's sweet, naive Betty is a pair of jeans probably on the phone with Archie.  Well, till today, jeans are classics. And if your go for a trendy polka dot top, an armful of bracelets and a eyeball-grabbing pair of heels; they can't help but be classics!

Betty and Veronica - Maxi dresses

While I've associated maxi's as a more casual item, the girls have gone all out and worn it to (probably) their prom! I've styled an ethnic print maxi with a rugged jacket and an edgy sling and flats. Look at Reggie checking Betty while he's with Veronica. Typical Reggie.

Veronic: Romper
Rompers are a darling, specially if Veronica lodge is wearing them! So if you try an adorable floral one with a neutral cardigan, wedges and a chunky hand accessory; whatever the season is, I sure this is bound to look good !

So I hope you liked this weeks posts, specially this one, which childhood me would have been delighted to read! Hope the week has been treating you well dolls! And I hope we have a wet, gloomy cosy weekend !

Talk soon,

Olive Oyl

We've all heard the good ol' saying 'Absence makes the heart grow fonder.' I've always been under the impression that it applied only to long distance boyfriend's and faraway loves. Well, not quite. Turns out that it applies to the special relationship my blog and me share too! For the unaware, I've been off the blog for a week while I've been catching up with college and  life. While the week inched forward, I actually realized how much I missed my blog and you guys. I missed pouring my heart out, planning outfits, replying to comments and basically the whole shebang. What I'm trying *so hard* to build-up to is, I'm really blessed to have this blog, to have the couple of angels that help me with the nitty-gritties of it and specially, to have a tonne of sweethearts like you who read this blog. Thank you loves, and I really do mean it.
So *wipes eyes* lets move on the outfit now, shall we?

Olive over-sized bow dress - ASOS, Black bead work sandals - Thrift (Goa), Brown printed bag - Mom's, On my lips - Amway 'Earthy Brown', On my eyes - ColorBar Waterproof eyeliner

It was a gloomy day which was oddly hot. To combat that, I decked up with this light dress in an olive shade, something which will fit in perfectly with the upcoming fall season. It feels so good to be back here, you guys! I've got a load of outfits patiently waiting for their time to be posted, a couple of jottings of ideas for the blog and hopefully, a little happy surprise coming soon!
In other news, this is my 100th post *woot woot!* and life has been going so great! I've been immersed in painting actually as a part of the project. Turns out its not all that calming, it needs precision and patience and thankfully, I'm done with them !

Have a great week ahead dolls & We'll talk soon!





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