August 11, 2012

Trend Report: Betty and Veronica

One of the things I grew up with were Archie comics. Whether it was my best friend and me sharing them, a friend nearby loaning us her old ones or just re-reading the stack at home; it wasn't a summer vacation with a dog-eared Archie comic in one hand and an orange ice-candy in the other. Ahh, the good life.
Well, a few days back, I was leafing through an old Archie's, one so familiar that I remember the climax of the story before I even started. Weirdly enough, more than reading the punch lines, I found myself scrutinizing Betty's clothes and Veronica's shoes. Truth be told, they are pretty damn good dressers! So Betty's always been the goody-two-shoes while Veronica has been the pampered brat. Who ever thought that the dressings of these two characters would be so relate-able!

Betty: Colour-blocking

Betty's pink and green combination looks amazing and it can look even better if the neon colours are subdued a little with throw-in of silver. Don't forget the sparkly earrings! Jughead, you hungry little critter!

 Betty: Coloured shorts

Coloured shorts were such a huge trend this summer - don't you just love how pretty it look wit her blonde hair! So keeping the shorts and peplum blouse as bright as possible, a pair of Mary Jane's with a girly bow would look gorgeous!

Veronica - Cropped Pants and Loafers
Apart from the comfort that loafers bring, they look amazing, specially when paired with a pair of cropped pants like Ronnie. If the pants are vibrant, even better! And when you throw in a fringed statement bag in a rich tan with a polka dot bra-let, you're ready to go!

Veronica: High waist shorts
Ronnie's showing off that toned bod in a lovely pair of shorts. Why not do likewise? Throw in a delightful pair of leopard printed flats and a quirky tee. And hey, don't forget the princess style hairband!

Betty: Jeans
It's sweet, naive Betty is a pair of jeans probably on the phone with Archie.  Well, till today, jeans are classics. And if your go for a trendy polka dot top, an armful of bracelets and a eyeball-grabbing pair of heels; they can't help but be classics!

Betty and Veronica - Maxi dresses

While I've associated maxi's as a more casual item, the girls have gone all out and worn it to (probably) their prom! I've styled an ethnic print maxi with a rugged jacket and an edgy sling and flats. Look at Reggie checking Betty while he's with Veronica. Typical Reggie.

Veronic: Romper
Rompers are a darling, specially if Veronica lodge is wearing them! So if you try an adorable floral one with a neutral cardigan, wedges and a chunky hand accessory; whatever the season is, I sure this is bound to look good !

So I hope you liked this weeks posts, specially this one, which childhood me would have been delighted to read! Hope the week has been treating you well dolls! And I hope we have a wet, gloomy cosy weekend !

Talk soon,




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