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I can't get enough of these 12 makeup looks from Euphoria

I was fully prepared for what I was getting into when I decided to watch Euphoria; or that's what I thought. It covered themes like promiscuity and substance abuse on the young adult drama spectrum, which I knew I would be witnessing a lot of. But the makeup surprised me from the first episode itself.
The show follows a gang of juniors in high school and along with their misadventures, their makeup looks take the cake. From Cassie's stunningly sexy Halloween look to Rue's glitter tears in the midst of a hallucinogenic episode, they weren't dramatic for the heck of it but actually complemented their multifaceted personalities and revelatory situations magnificently. As much as I love a 'dewy-skin-and-bold-brows' look, I can easily get behind exaggeration and whimsy when worn in the right measure. Whether it was Maddy's signature crystal liner to Jules' multiple faces; each better than the next, it was tough to pick which makeup look I liked the best. So…

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