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The beauty industry may not be as clean as you thought. Here's how you can help

In a couple of day; us, the residents of earth will celebrate World Environment Day. Cue the barrage of emails arriving in your inbox with headlines like 'carry a canvas tote' or 'turn off your tap'. The arrival of this day and the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has got me thinking about the impact of beauty on the environment. I guiltily admit I haven't given it much thought before but the results were upsetting, to say the least.

The problem can start with something as small as a micro-bead. Often a component of scrubs, micro-beads are solid pieces of plastic which can be as small as a fraction of a millimetre in size. It may seem miniscule but their effects are not. According to Popular Science, these beads are small enough to enter the material used as fertilizer and even water supplies. They can also potentially absorb pollutants; which means aquatic life can ingest it so it could land up on your plate when having a butter garlic fillet. Many unchecked formulas …

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