DIY | Denim pocket patch tutorial

I need no persuasion to admit that I am a denim lover. I could live in straight fit jeans and relaxed t-shirts, they feel like home to me. So even though denim doesn't have the best reputation in the monsoon, I was pleased at its sudden peak in popularity even in this sticky heat; all thanks to the patches trend. From jackets to jeans, the fabric got a redux with sassy slogans and smirking emojis adorning it. Obviously, being eager to join the the cool, patch-wearing gang, I decided to create a DIY project with a personal touch.

Follow this Do It Yourself Tutorial to try the Denim Patches trend in your closet from your home

After immersing myself in my closet, I soon found a way to bring together my love for denim and excitement for patches to create this project. If you're looking to add patches to your outfit without looking like yet another high-street clone, this tutorial is for you. Ok? So let's get down to business.

White t-shirt, denim shorts, scissors, fabric glue and needle and thread are the items needed for the DIY tutorial of the Denim Pocket Patch trend

The items you need for the project are commonly found in your sewing box at home. For the t-shirt to create the patch appliqué on, I've chosen a basic white tank since that will stand out best on the denim.

The denim pocket is to be cut out from an old pair of jeans so wisely choose a pair that you do not fancy wearing any more. In order to separate the pocket from the pant, use a blade to cut the stitching from inside the pocket. For my DIY project, I've chosen a customised pocket that I received as part of an invite.

Girl drawing on white t-shirt with pencil around denim patch pocket for the DIY tutorial of the Denim Pocket Patch

Next, place the newly separated denim pocket on the top right hand corner of your t-shirt and use a pencil to mark where it should be affixed. This is to ensure its steady placement through the process, even if your hand slips.

Quick tip: Before marking it, I wore my t-shirt and placed the pocket on it in front of the mirror. This allowed me to adjust the pocket placement according to my arm movement without blindly fixing it in place.

Woman's fingers with nail art cutting around denim patch pocket for the DIY tutorial of the Denim Pocket Patch

It's time to give your denim pocket some grooming. Most likely, you'll find loose fibres peeking out of the edges of the pocket so use your scissor to trim it thoroughly. We don't want any of those unsightly strands showing up on our pocket now, do we!

Women's fingers with nail art gluing the denim patch pocket with fabric gluefor the DIY tutorial of the Denim Pocket Patch

With the t-shirt marked and the pocket groomed, all that is left to do is affix it in place. For most projects, I always follow a glue and stitch method because it gives it double security to stay in its place.

To do that, I start by using fabric glue, one of my most important DIY essentials. Apply the fabric glue on the edges of the reverse of the pocket and follow the previous pencil markings to stick it in place.

Women's fingers with nail art stitching the denim pocket on a white t-shirt surrounded by a scissor and pencil for the DIY tutorial of the Denim Pocket Patch

While the fabric glue works its magic on it, start with the second part of the sealing method. Use a matching threaded needled to stitch the edges of the pocket at the sides and the bottom. Keep the stitches small in size so that it isn't visible on the t-shirt. Once done, leave the t-shirt to dry for 6 hours so the pocket is firmly secured in place and ideal to be used.

White t-shirt with denim pocket patch trend on the top corner placed on a colourful fabric with embroidery

 Photography: Raynor Pereira | Artwork: Leo Alemao
And you are ready to join in the patches trend, albeit with a bit of personalisation. Apart from being incredibly trendy, I especially like how practical this DIY project is. It's so wearable that it even found its way into my Lakmé Fashion Week outfit line-up!

Like me, I hope that you too liked the tutorial and get crafty with an old pair of jeans. So this weekend, you know what's keeping you busy - now get DIY-ing already!


Life | Snapshots at Lakmé Fashion Week W/F 2016

Covering Lakmé Fashion Week for the past few years has made it feel like second nature for Style File, yet it manages to feel fresh every time I step into the marble floored venue. It isn't only the clothing collections or the starry showstoppers that are responsible for this feeling, it's the atmosphere of that coveted week. So come those heady five days and instead of a morning cuppa, I'm watching a morning ramp walk. My trusty leggings and sneakers are replaced with a more fashion week-worthy wardrobe.

Routine is a long-forgotten dream and the week becomes a blur of heightened activity and excitement. No territory is left uncharted - from the buzzing backstage area to the celebrity vanity rooms. Once the furore of fashion week died down and I finally went through my camera roll; it gave me a peek into those busy moments. These included celebrity showstoppers, long hours spent shooting and of course, immense amounts of style, which I'm sharing with you today.

A model wears a traditional Indian saree in bright colours at Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai India
Splendid shades of sarees at the Tulsi Silks show

Model wearing Runaway Bicycle fashion clothing and holding Tarun Tahiliani invite at Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai India
(L) Sitting pretty before Tarun Tahiliani's opening show // (R) The final line-up at Runaway Bicycle
A model wears a Gaurang saree, a Shivan and Narresh swimsuit and Sabyasachi collection at Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai India
(L-Top) Decadence at Sabyasachi's finale show // (L-Bottom) Beach ready at Shivan & Narresh // (R) Hello yellow at Gaurang's show

Keeping it light with red lips, fluttery lashes and a highlighted face on day 1
A model wears a traditional Indian sarees for Payal Khandwala and Tulsi Silks at Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai India
The saree in 3 ways - (L and R) Tulsi Silks // (Centre) Payal Khandwala

Flatlay of Hazelnut Mochacchino from Starbucks with LFW pass at Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai India
Fuelling up during fashion week with a Hazelnut Mochacchino

Bollywood celebrity Dia Mirza wears a traditional Indian saree for Tulsi Silks at Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai India
(L) Raising the glitter game with sequin trousers and an all-black look on opening night // (R) Dia Mirza looking like the Indian dream girl she is at the Tulsi Silks show

Bloggers wearing Adidas Originals Stan Smith White Sneakers at Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai India
Twinning in our Stan Smith's on day 3

Models wear women's fashion clothing for Suhani Pittie, Ashish Soni and Kallol Dutta at Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai India
(L) Suhani Pittie ups the drama // (Centre) Backstage before Tresemme's 'Big Hair Don't Care' show // (R) Kallol Dutta keeping it airy

Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor walks the ramp for designer Kunal Rawal at Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai India
Ranbir Kapoor gets a roaring applause and many wild screams for Kunal Rawal

Models wear women's fashion clothing for Indian designers Manish Malhotra and Atsu at Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai India
(L) Going up close with Manish Malhotra's details // (R) Atsu goes chic in brights and achromatic shades

Models wear smokey eyes, gold lips and slicked back hair for designer Payal Khandwala at Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai India
Models striking a pose backstage at Payal Khandwala's show

 Photography: Leo Alemao / Style File

Personal Style | What I wore at Lakmé Fashion Week W/F 2016

When fashion week arrives, there's a heady buzz that fills the atmosphere. The backstage area is filled with post-show glee, the flashbulbs are flashing at a million miles an hour and everybody who is anybody is dressed to the nines. A week prior, when I was planning my fashion week wardrobe, I knew that I was bound to be busy. For a beauty editor at Lakmé Fashion Week, it's a juggling act of interviews, show and shoots.

A girl shows off her street style at Lakme Fashion Week in St. Regis, Mumbai, India

 Keeping with my style sensibilities, I decided to play my favourite athleisure card since I knew it would get me through to the fashion week finishing line while looking amazing. Here's a daily diary of what I wore to the Lakmé Fashion Week.

On day 1, I was raring to go and anticipating a lot of action, so I opted for light washed jeans with a DIY patchwork t-shirt. To balance the sportiness of the look, I paired it with a sleek bob and red lip.

 A girl shows off her street style at Lakme Fashion Week in a white tank top, high waist jeans, red sneakers, enamel pins and satchel

  DIY Denim patch tank [Tutorial here] | Zara ripped high waist jeans | Michael Kors Monogram Satchel [Previously seen here] | Converse all-stars sneakers | DIY tiger brooch + Gifted fast food pins

Day 2 of fashion week was spent at a shoot hence, comfort was key to me while I intended on dressing a little girly. To serve both purposes, I paired a tulle skirt with sturdy oxfords and a large tote to get me through the day.

A girl shows off her street style at Lakme Fashion Week in a tulle skirt, camisole, oxfords and tote at St. Regis, Mumbai, India

Topshop camisole {London} | Topshop floral skirt {London} | Zara tote | Ginger by Lifestyle cape | La Judi Oxfords {Bandra} [Previously seen here]

The midway mark of day 3 brought out the excitement in me. That's when I styled my favourite look of this season which involved my dream shoes and one of my favourite cartoon characters. I kept my bob straight and went with a coral lip.

A girl shows off her street style at Lakme Fashion Week in a sweatshirt, mini skirt, adidas originals stan smith sneakers and backpack

Customised sweashirt [Coming soon!] | Topshop sequin mini skirt {London} | Adidas Originals Stan Smith Sneakers | Miss Benett backpack

I've always love both sportiness as well as femininity so on day 4, I decided to mix them together. For this, I went for a light, fresh look that was trendy by pairing a frilly maxi skirt with white kicks and keeping the rest of the look muted.

Dayle Pereira, blogger at Style File shows off her street style at Lakme Fashion Week in a maxi skirt, tank top, adidas originals stan smith sneakers and louis vuitton neverfull bag

Zara tank | Forever 21 maxi skirt | Adidas Originals Stan Smith Sneakers | Louis Vuitton Neverfull handbag

By the 5th day of fashion week, I decided to power through by keeping it bright. For this, I wore a simple yet vibrant dress which I complemented with neutral accessories, loose curls and a bold lip. Just what I needed to complete a manic, fashionable week in style!

Warehouse silk dress {London} | Louis Vuitton Neverfull handbag | Forever 21 Thong sandals

Photography and artwork - Leo Alemao 

I'm pretty sure you've guessed my favourite look at Lakmé Fashion Week so which one did you like the best?


Style File + Himalaya | The essential skin care step I'd been missing out on

Up until a few years ago, skincare was around number three on my list of beauty priorities. Somewhere down the line, an unexpected breakout on my relatively clear skin made me sit up and take notice. Many dermatologist visits later, skin shot up to number one on that priority list. This was followed by my face hogging all the attention, which is when I learned that I had oily skin. Now if you're a slick faced lady like myself, you'll know that it definitely isn't easy like a Sunday morning. In fact, it is more like a treacherous Tuesday from where you can see the weekend but it isn't even close.
To care for her oily skin, Dayle Pereira the beauty blogger at Style File turns to the Himalaya Gentle Exfoliating Walnut scrub which gets rid of blackheads and dullness for clear, glowing skin
Yes, if skin types were days of the week, oily skin would be Tuesday. It gives you hope of a clear face but the greasy texture and unexpected blackheads always seem to cloud that vision. Girls with greasy skin, you feel me. It can seem like an unending cycle of washing, moisturising and blotting. Between complex routines and new techniques that I could barely wrap my head around, I wondered if I'd ever be able to manage my oily skin.

To care for her oily skin, Dayle Pereira the beauty blogger at Style File turns to the Himalaya Gentle Exfoliating Walnut scrub which gets rid of blackheads and dullness for clear, glowing skin

And there was my answer to this greasy conundrum - exfoliation. It was so simple and easy; and yet, I hadn't even considered it. Imagine if you will a surface that needs a refresh, stat. The most natural course of action would be to get scrubbing to give it a brand new look, right? Then why should it be any different for our skin? That's when I discovered the Himalaya Gentle Exfoliating Walnut Scrub. Arriving in my life when I needed it the most, it felt like it had been dropped straight from the heavens.

To care for her oily skin, Dayle Pereira the beauty blogger at Style File turns to the Himalaya Gentle Exfoliating Walnut scrub which gets rid of blackheads and dullness for clear, glowing skin

Powered with Crab Apple, Wheat Germ Oil and Walnut Shell, this product is a powerhouse of talent. The greatest apprehension I had with a face scrub is that it should be gentle on my skin even while scrubbing. I'm glad to report that the Himalaya Gentle Exfoliating Walnut Scrub does just that with its potent trio of key ingredients. The Crab Apple soothes away any skin inflammation and stops the degradation of cells. The Walnut Shell micro-particles exfoliate away the dead skin cells while keeping the blackheads at bay. And while the skin is being scrubbed, the Vitamin E and natural Anti-oxidants within the Wheat Germ Oil care for it.

To care for her oily skin, Dayle Pereira the beauty blogger at Style File turns to the Himalaya Gentle Exfoliating Walnut scrub which gets rid of blackheads and dullness for clear, glowing skin

All it took was a few washes to scrub away any apprehensions I had about exfoliation. While the Himalaya Gentle Exfoliating Walnut Scrub left my skin visibly and physically different, it made sure to leave it tender. The texture of the scrub feels gritty within my fingers but not abrasive; an important aspect which makes all the difference when exfoliating. That's how it goes into the pores to unclog any residue and build-up for blackheads to be kept at a safe distance. Along with face washing, my skin longed for more and that's just what it got. With soft, happy skin, I couldn’t be thankful enough!

If you're looking to get unbelievably soft, smooth skin, don't spare another second and visit the Himalaya website, Facebook and YouTube pages.


*Disclaimer: Sponsored story with honest, genuine opinions


Style Files | Inspiration: Zendaya Coleman

Through the years, I've adored and idolised many great women and their style sensibilities. From Lauren Conrad's SoCal vibe to the Gossip Girl's immaculate style, I find personal style icons in the unlikeliest of places. I spot them in the midst of TV shows, glossy pages and retweets and recently, a lady that has got my attention is Zendaya Coleman.

Teen hollywood celebrity Zendaya Coleman is a fashion icon in everything she wears as seen at a Teen Vogue editorial photoshoot

I discovered Zendaya at a rather odd time - right in the middle of a controversy. While I thought she looked divine among the sea of beautiful people on Oscars red carpet, it was the reaction to her look that sparked a fire. But it was her confidence and the way she eloquently shut down the critics that caught my eye. The more I discovered Daya, the better it got. She was a blazing hot streak of style and support that encouraged positiveness all around.

Teen hollywood celebrity Zendaya Coleman wears different styles of dresses, coordinated seperates and pant suits and looks stunning in all

There's no doubt about it - Daya is a gorgeous girl. Whether she is suiting up with elan or frolicking in ruffles, there's no look that this fashion queen cannot pull off. But what made me sit up and notice Zendaya wasn't just her immaculate sense of style; it was more than that. I think it was probably the reason why she caught my eye in the first place - her forthrightness.

Teen hollywood celebrity Zendaya Coleman gives us beauty inspiration with her different hairstyles, accessories and makeup looks from cornrows to red lips

Admittedly, even at just 19, Zendaya has seen her fare share of controversy and has come out standing strong. The critics tore down her mullet hairstyle and the haters tried to body shame her for being too bony or too thick but Daya would have none of it. She responded with positive messages, flawless photos and a smoking hot dose of sass. No wonder she's known as the queen of clapbacks.

Teen hollywood celebrity Zendaya Coleman is a fashion icon in everything she wears as seen at an editorial photoshoot wearing a white swimsuit with chainmail on the beach

From shooting to fame as a Disney star, Zendaya has come a long way. Once she debuted on television, she went on to lend her voice to movies and make guest appearances on them. This was followed by signing a recording deal to release a debut album and a video which received millions of views. Soon enough, her background in dance and theatre propelled her to take the stage on Dancing With The Stars. Daya is also a published author and has launched Daya By Zendaya which is a women's footwear line that is inspired by her own closet.

Teen hollywood celebrity Zendaya Coleman experiments with her style and sports a blunt bob hairstyle, nude acrylic nails and beach waves hairstyle

When it comes to the beauty sphere, even in her teens, Zendaya is a force to be reckoned with! I'd term her as a style chameleon - blink and she'll be sporting dark matte lips and a slick ponytail. Blink again and she's in hoops and sultry red lips. Even while constantly experimenting, this glamazon tilts towards the look of luxe fashionista and looks chic beyond her years. If there was ever a risky trend no one wanted to take their chances on, Daya would be the one flaunting it with panache. Ear cuffs, defined brows, dramatic talons and cornrows are just a few of the looks that she sports gorgeously. If there was ever a role model that combined fierceness, positiveness and style in one body, Zendaya is the girl for the job.

Teen hollywood celebrity Zendaya Coleman looks different in every look with her pixie bobs, bold eyebrows and high ponytail


Beauty | What's on my dresser ~ the haircare edition

Around a year ago, before bobs became commonplace and pixies became popular, I decided to bite the bullet and cut my hair short. Going by my angular face structure, I had always toyed with the idea of a short crop; something I hadn't attempted since my school days. So once I stepped up to the plate and took the plunge, it was liberating. My new bob felt freeing and chic, like some kind of petite Parisian girl who roamed with baguettes in her bicycle basket.

Dayle Pereira the blogger at Style File does a GIF hair flip video
But the snip was only half the battle won. Once the fabulous salon styling wore off, I learned that treating my tresses right was necessary for happy hair. A year and numerous haircuts later, I'm still sporting a bob. What has changed, however, is the way I look after it. I've started paying more attention to my scalp and hair texture so that my bob can look its best day after day. This season, I'm cheering for a few hair care favorites who have got me across the line to good hair days all monsoon long.

Dayle Pereira of Style File uses the TIGI Bed Head Control Frizz serum to fight frizz and for styling the hair

On days when my style needs an upgrade

On seemingly endless days, I want my fantastically styled hair to last through the day with me. To remedy this, I've concluded that frizz is the enemy of short hair. So on my journey to skipping frizz and getting lasting smoothness, the TIGI Bed Head Control Freak is my guiding light. This potion works as a prep step before heat styling as well as alone, as an anti-frizz serum. The glitter laden serum works well to maintain my styling for longer and makes it manageable so that my bob is all set for the day ahead.

Dayle Pereira of Style uses the Garnier Ultra Blends range of shampoos to nourish and promote healthy hair

On days when my hair needs some lovin'

When my otherwise happy bob becomes lifeless, I know it's time to nourish it. I've known and loved the Garnier Ultra Doux range through my childhood so when it arrived in a brand new avatar as Garnier Ultra Blends, you can imagine my delight. My favorites from the range are the Royal Jelly and Lavender as well as the Soy Milk and Almonds. The delectable fragrance tricks me into thinking that it is almost good enough to eat and the luscious ingredients are like a generous buffet for my hair. How I love the the feeling of coming from a bath with my hair smelling divine and feeling so much healthier!

Dayle Pereira of the blog Style File uses the Batiste Dry Shampoo to refresh her hair and cut out oiliness

On days when I need to pull through

Combine late night dancing with a hurried start to the day and you get a morning that needs quick results. Even if I'm skipping a wash, I still need my hair to look like it has put in the effort. That's when the Batiste Dry Shampoo comes to my rescue. As its name rightly suggests, the dry shampoo refreshes my scalp instantly and sucks the grease right off it. The classic fragrance is clean and soapy and cuts out any staleness with ease. Definitely serving as a shortcut to my hair routine, it leaves my hair feeling clean without any spent on it.

Photography: Raynor Pereira // Design: Leo Alemao




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