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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Like any person who returned home from a vacation abroad, I was filled with bittersweet emotions; missing life as I knew it as well as dread at having to go back to life as I knew it. Confusing, I know. However, I do admit that the latter tugged a little more at my heartstrings. As if travelling to two different countries and catching flights so frequently that they felt like taxis weren't enough, the experience of new food, infrastructure, fresh air and culture in the middle of November was overwhelmingly magnificent. I stress on the month especially because that's what truly sealed the deal for me. For someone who religiously celebrates Christmas and everything it stands for, it's overwhelming to see streets, boulevards and malls decked to the halls with trees, wreaths and streamers in the month preceding December.

I almost broke into tears of joy when I walked into a completely decorated Marks & Spencer store which was stocked with almost everything from plaid jack…

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