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This menstrual hygiene day, can we talk about periods?

Yes, periods.
It starts young; with a young girl on the brink of puberty. Menses weren't ever discussed with her by her parents or guardians. She learned nuggets of information from discreet sex-ed classes or Chinese whispers among her friends. Once she attained womanhood, knowledge grew from experience. She figured out more about her flow and what she had to do when the going (read: cramps) got tough. Remember that these were times when the internet was limited to terribly slow speeds and Google wasn't constantly available with the answer to everything. Through it all, she couldn't fathom why periods were kept under a veil. Chemists packed sanitary pads in layers of paper so tight, not even a sliver of the packet was visible. Her friends gave theirs menses borderline ridiculous names, especially around the other gender; God forbid they hear that women have a natural bodily process. For the life of her, she couldn't understand why the words 'I've got my period&#…

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