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I've always admired Indian ethnic wear, but it's been more of an admiration from afar, like you would have for a majestic tiger. The root of this boils down to a certain brand of tomfoolery involving the first saree ever draped on me. I soon resigned myself to the fact that I possibly had the Midas touch when it came to Indian wear and ever since then, I've stood at arms length, watching the tiger wander, rather warily. I've taken a plunge now and then, playing dressup in an Indian fusion saree but I've always been on the lookout for Indian wear that is comfortable and efficient and doesn't skimp on the style quotient.

Kurta, Jewellery, Earrings, Bindi, Salwar, Indian, Traditional, Ethnic, Clutch, Side bun

That's why I was thrilled to discover Maandna, a new kid on the block ethnic wear brand that checks all these boxes. Their silhouettes are flowing and allow ease in movement; while the pure cotton fabric, which is a luxury in today's time, make the garments extremely comfortable to wear. The collection is sprinkled with bright hues and neutral ones as well, making it apt for just about any occasion. 

Kurta, Jewellery, Earrings, Bindi, Salwar, Indian, Traditional, Ethnic, Clutch, Side bun

Kurta, Jewellery, Earrings, Bindi, Salwar, Indian, Traditional, Ethnic, Clutch, Side bun

Kurta, Jewellery, Earrings, Bindi, Salwar, Indian, Traditional, Ethnic, Clutch, Side bun
Maandna Kurta | Topshop denims | Dobhai kolhapuris via Myntra | Forever 21 earrings | Marks & Spencer clutch c/o | Daniel Wellington 'Classy York' watch | Street stall bought bangles via Colaba Causeway | L'Oreal Color Riche Pure Garnet on my lips | Faces 'Bronze' + Maybelline 'The winner takes it all' on my nails 

Kurta, Jewellery, Earrings, Bindi, Salwar, Indian, Traditional, Ethnic, Clutch, Side bun, Iced tea

Kurta, Jewellery, Earrings, Bindi, Salwar, Indian, Traditional, Ethnic, Clutch, Side bun

The embroidery work on the garments is all handcrafted by the desert artisans in Bikaner which makes it so extraordinary for your clothing to have a personal touch. Even with their easy vibe, you can dress the kurtas up or down for the right fit for you. I chose this pure white kurta with gold accents to play around with, especially since I adore how the mirror work and kashida embroidery add a touch of red. With a metallic french manicure, a messy side bun and a burgundy pout to boot, I kept the look simple and elegant.

You know how I've always been fond of Flipkart so as the Maandna collection is available exclusively on Flipkart all at such attractive, affordable rates; I'd suggest you drop in there at breakneck speed and grab it in ever possible style. And don't stop at just one piece!

Indian wear is such a rarity on Style File and while I'm usually apprehensive to indulge in it, Maandna makes it a smooth, pleasant experience. I doubt I'll be watching the tigers from afar again.


Style File + Gillette Venus | Use Your And

I'd like to think that I'm a multidimensional individual. Beyond being a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger here; I enjoy crafts as the DIY section on Style File proves, I love a good TV show binge and speaking of binges, I like baking a batch of cookies and eating them too. I am also an enthusiast of pop culture, a follower of entertainment and stalker of home decor. There's a lot more to me than what meets the eye of the beholder and I'm glad for that. Isn't that the very reason we are three dimensional beings after all? Because there is so much more than just one dimension to know, to learn and to appreciate.

Image via hereherehere
That's why I'm elated to be part of the latest Gillette Venus campaign 'Use Your And' that stands for just this and fights hard to cast away singular labels, dimensions and describers. Today, almost 70% of the women in the world find themselves bogged down by labels which unfortunately, affects our self-worth and perspective. The folk at Gillette Venus run a brand for the very care and health of women and knew that, as women themselves; they had take charge and unleash what is deep down inside. With 'Use Your And', they aim to show women that singular roles and one-dimensional labels do make you; you and what you are inside really does. We juggle professions, careers, romances, hobbies, families, children and pets. We are sisters, girlfriends, mothers, best friends, aunties, cousins and grand mothers. We're smart, funny, quirky and sexy. How can a single label possibly encapsulate all that?

As a young adult interested in fashion, I often find myself myself slotted into categories that are deemed the right fit, while various other categories are neglected in the process. While I enjoy discussing the upcoming trends for spring or how mason jars are overtaking Pinterest boards, I also enjoy a lot more than that, like what spoilers were in the latest episode of the Mindy Project or the best place to get my junk food fix in Bombay.

The Gillette Venus razor has been a constant companion since my teens and even though I have a tendency to leave hair removal to the very last minute, my Venus smoothly gets the job done without a fuss. The rubberized handle allows for a steady grip so that even when I'm in a hurry, I'm assured there aren't any nicks or cuts. It's true! Smooth shaving is made by skillful shavers! There aren't any sharp edges or unsafe parts to it as well and it retails at an affordable price of Rs. 200. Not only does it do a fantastic job at getting rid of unwanted hair, its pivoting head helps me reach into those hard to reach nooks and crannies.

It's nothing short of empowering to break stereotypes because there is much more than one side to both, me and you. I'm as sporty as my sneakers, as smart as my loafers, as fun as my sandals and as sexy as my stilettos. It's time to take a stand with Gillette Venus - Don't use your full stops anymore, use your and.


Beauty Queen on a Budget | Winter

When I published the very first edition of the BQOAB series last year, it brought to my attention the dedication that can go into something as simple as beauty routine. In my mind, it was as simple as showcasing the prettiest products for the season but in reality; it was about agreeable formulas for the skin and appropriate shades for the season all while fitting into a finite budget.
This time around, I've handpicked products which are my current winter favorites all while falling under the budget of Rs.200!

Maybelline Color Show Nail Varnish - Velvet Wine

Price: Approx Rs. 125
Availability: Easy - At all Maybelline kiosks, beauty and department stores

Maybelline has been one of my favorite beauty brands right from my college days since they keep their products affordable along with great quality while launching a variety of new ranges ever so often, which the Color Show nail varnish is part of.
The shade 'Velvet Wine' was discovered by me in the midst of a pedicure wherein I was so besotted by the shade with its deep pink hue and sparkles, that I had to make it mine!

Ikonic Gel Eyeliner Pencil - Violet Gem

Price: Approx Rs. 200
Availability Rare - At select Kryolan kiosks and stores

The perks of wandering aimlessly around beauty stores is chancing upon gems *pun intended* like this pencil eyeliner. At a great price, the gel eyeliner in pencil form is easy to use, extremely creamy and is a wonderful purple shade with flecks of purple shimmer. Although I've found its staying power on my waterline poor, I've found that lining my lid with the shade brings out the shade even better!

Marks & Spencer Hand & Nail Cream - Lavender

Price: Approx Rs.200 
Availability: Rare - At Marks & Spencer beauty stores

A name associated mainly with high street clothing, one of Marks & Spencer's secrets are their beauty range, which I discovered at their launch which had an entire floor dedicated to beauty. With a lavender fragrance that could soothe a savage beast, this fairly thick cream does a fantastic job of moisturizing your hands!

Tresemme Hair Spa Rejuvenation Conditioner

Price: Approx Rs.85
Availability: Easy - At all chemists and department stores

Tresemme products always have a positive effect on my hair and so is the case with this conditioner. What came as a pleasant surprise is the application process which needs the creamy conditioner to be massaged into your roots and applied all the way to your ends, which I find is the defining feature that makes this product stand out. The floral fragrance was still present in my hair hours later while there there was a noticeable smoothness to my hair texture

Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Cream - Shade 15

Price: Approx Rs. 130
Availability: Rare - At select beauty stores

The Soft Matte Lip Cream from Miss Claire is one of those rare products that ticks all boxes. Not only are they an exact dupe of the NYX lip creams in packaging but even after using both brands, they are as close to duplicates in terms of texture, colour payoff and fragrance as it comes. The shade 15 is similar to my lip tone and achieves an opaque payoff in just a swipe or two, while staying put on my lips for hours at a stretch.

Photography: Raynor Pereira / Style File

Hope you liked my BQOAB picks for the winter & I'd love to hear what you think of them!


Giveaway | What makes you glow?

It's always nice to begin on a positive note. Like a hearing about a good review before you head for a movie or savoring the parmesan sprinkled on top of your spaghetti. Just like that, a good giveaway is conducive to the fresh new year of 2015 for which, Style File has got you covered.

There is one and only one rule to participate in the giveaway:
You have to be a follower of Style File on Instagram HERE

It's an incredibly fun contest where I'll be egging you on so once you're a follower, all you have to do is:
Ask yourself the question "What makes you glow?" and post a picture on your Instagram profile of whatever you think makes you glow. It could be your favorite movie star, your most stunning pair of shoes or an act of kindness from a loved one - absolutely anything!

Now this here is important: Once you've posted it, make sure you tag @DaylePereira in the comments and use the hashtag #GiveawayWithStyleFile. Make sure to set your profile to public for the period of the contest so that I can view your entry! Also, you can post as many entries as you like per person, just make sure all entries include the necessary tags. 

That's all!

The most innovative entry will win a hamper of products from Pond's Gold Radiance range and you must be a resident of India to partake in the contest. The contest will run from 8th January 2014 to the 17th January at 5.00 pm so let's do this guys & get that glow on!


Personal Style | Baby it's cold outside

Have you ever had that niggling feeling of a dreaded event being somewhere in the near future but you prefer to avoid it completely? So you take uncountable naps and drink a detrimental amount of hot chocolate to pretend that its existence is still, decades away. Currently, that's my reality.
I kid you not, the post-holiday blues are an actual problem, especially for me. Since I spent most of December trimming the tree, baking cookies and miscellaneous merry-making; reality seemed like it was a millennium away and the new year came as a lukewarm surprise. What was earlier attributed to holiday sparkle and excitement for the season is now just another glitter clustered bracelet and a winter chill that would put Frozen's Elsa to shame.
But thankfully, it isn't all that bad. It's still the most wonderful time of the year and I've got miles of 2015 to go, all decked in plaid and booties.

booties, plaid, skirt, socks, bow, tshirt, outfit, style file, lookbook

hairstyle, lookbook, tshirt, plaid, bow, winter, fashion, style file, lookbook

Topshop printed tshirt [via street stall on Hill Road] | Promod plaid skirt | Forever 21 micro messenger bag | Charles & Keith booties [previously seen here] | Mustang socks c/o | Forever 21 plaid bow | Rimmel 'Tantrum' on my lips | Barry M 'Red Glitter' + MAC 'Shirelle' on my nails

Photography: Leo Alemao / Style File

booties, plaid, skirt, socks, bow, tshirt, outfit, style file, lookbook

hairstyle, lookbook, tshirt, plaid, bow, winter, fashion, style file, lookbook

booties, plaid, skirt, socks, bow, tshirt, outfit, style file, lookbook

So when the new year calls out to de-clutter your life and refresh your self, that is just what I set out to do, starting with Style File. So I present to you a brand new interface, crisp and minimal *just like my very own style* and touches of cursive. Now on to eating healthier, living happier and staying off my dang phone.

Here's to a fulfilling, happy, peaceful 365 days ahead, my dears.


Style Files | An afternoon with Vichy + Review

When this pretty package arrived one morning, I knew I was in for a treat. So off I went to spend a sunny afternoon with the fantastic team at Vichy and India's top cosmetic dermatologist.

With reasonably fine skin all through my youth, I thought I had managed to duck the dreaded teenage acne. However, the winning combination of oily and sensitive skin; ensured that, before I was even across the finish line it caught up with me which has, since then, taken immense care and nutrition to rectify.
That's one of the major reasons why Vichy is special to me. Their unique dermocosmetic brand of products is made especially for sensitive skin and has a number of ranges which are suited for just about any skin issue from acne to hydration to youth enhancing.

Being the first of its kind event hosted by Vichy for handful of journalists and beauty bloggers, we were introduced to the origins of the brand, its arrival in 2002 in India and how the world renowned thermal spa water came about.

Jaishree Sharad, dermatologist to the stars, gave us insight into the way your skin functions, the best ways to nourish it and also launched her book 'Skin Talks'. After all the skin-tastic knowledge, a thoughtfully conceived skin bar checked your skin types and hydration while prescribing the best Vichy range for you.

After playing around with their wide range of products, I've found that the Bi-White range to be my ideal fit correct any pigmentation issues post outbursts. To clear any misconceptions, the Bi-White range is created to brighten your skin tone and bring back its original tone when faced with discoloration. I've been trying out the Bi-White Med Deep Corrective Whitening Essence and here's my take on it.


  • The tube packaging with a nozzle is not only portable but hygienic to use.
  • The fragrance of the essence is citrus-like and refreshing.
  • The texture of the essence is that of a light, water based lotion which absorbs quickly into the skin and did not irritate my sensitive skin
  • For just 15ml of product, the cost is Rs.1150 which although, high in quality, is expensive,
  • Although I've been using it for just a couple of weeks as a spot treatment on affected areas, I've seen a noticeable lightness in the areas of application while a month or so of its usage will truly tell of its efficacy.
  • Rating: 8/10

It is such a pleasure o finally meet Vichy, a brand that actually addresses the problems for different skin types and combinations like oily and sensitive skin and I cannot wait to dig in to them all!




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