DIY | Fashion & Beauty ideas for the monsoons

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So you're all made up and buckling your shoes when the sky turns a sinister shade of grey *around 50 shades of it, that is* And then starts the downpour. Which means poor you is now stuck till the sky clears out. There is no need to sulk because I've got a list of wonderful fashion & beauty ideas you can try out when you're holed up at home. The best part is, most of them use kitchen ingredients and equipment you can find at home which means you won't have to spend any of that green.
Let's do it!

Pamper yourself with a pedicure

They are definitely the most underrated parts of your body because although they take you everywhere, they never get the care they deserve. All you need is a scrub, a foot brush, warm water and some pretty colour. I love some me-time with a DIY pedicure which involves scrubbing, buffing and varnishing and which ends up in velvety soft feet!

Nourish your peepers

Give your eyes a little lovin' after they spend hours staring at a screen! First relax and make yourself a cup of green tea and after you've dipped it, remember to stick the tea bag in the freezer for 15 minutes. While you are waiting, take a few drops of coconut oil and using the gentle touch of your ring finger, apply the oil beneath your eye *be careful not to get any in* Then find a comfy place to rest, close your eyes and place the now iced tea bags over your eye lids. Coconut oil is a miracle portion and will nourish your under eye area while the cooling green tea bags will de-puff and soothe them.

Clean out the clutter

While accessories are a beauty to behold, storing them is always so darn tricky. What's worse is that, for them to look their best, they need to be maintained and stored well. My personal favorite trick is skipping boxes and choosing hooks. Find hooks that can be stuck firmly with the help of an adhesive or double sided tape and stick them in a place that is clean, dry and not in direct sunlight. Club your bracelets, chains and necklaces of similar lengths together and hang them on their individual hooks. Next time you have to pick one out, you will never have found it easier!

Soak your blues away

Allow yourself to recuperate from everything life has to throw at you with just bath salt. Having a tub would be the ideal way to soak in the flavours but unfortunately not all of us have that luxury. Hence, a bucket will do just fine. Add a few spoons of the bath salt to your bucket and take in the fragrance. Make sure to dampen a small portion of it and scrub it on your body as well, especially your elbows, shoulders and knees. You might just never want to step out of there!

Clean up time is important too

Investing in makeup equipment is always exciting but if you don't take care of your goods, they will affect the results that show. I stress the importance of hygiene when it comes to makeup equipment mainly because it is something that we put directly on our skin. Brushes, especially those for the face like the stippler or the buffer are best washed regularly. Make a mixture of warm water, liquid soap and coconut/olive oil in a glass and stick your brushes in. Wait for a hour and gently remove the mixture off the bristles of the brush. Then thoroughly wash any remnants of oil or makeup with liquid soap and water and dry it for a day.

And there you have it - a few fashion and beauty ideas that you can try for the gloomy monsoon days spent indoors. Which ones are you planning to try out?

xo Dayle
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Lifestyle | Snapshots ~ Throwback

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So dolls, I'm back with a take on how my life has beenlately. I've left off with this Snapshots series so long ago that my memory fails me exactly to when. That's when  decided that it was always a perfect time to pick up where I left off. The past month has been eventful to say the least. From delectable desserts to gorgeous fashion, enjoyable work and blissful nature; it's been a wonderful wave of activity so let's take a look!

Drops of sunshine in a field of green on holiday last month

Getting some shade during the skin-scorching Mumbai summer

A food porn picture to tantalize your taste buds at this point of the day

Work and play, all rolled into one

I got the entire galaxy on my pants, you guys!

I watched the FIFA World Cup, not entirely for the football though *Ahem*

I painted my nails red post a pedicure because it seems like I know no colour besides it

The rains finally arrived in the city. I was so thankful the heat subsided and cried as well that it was flooding #MixedEmotions

Puma knows how to add humour along with their clothes. At least I know what to wear for some light gardening!

This stunner joined my closet and was graciously sent by the wonderful Lavie team.

What have you been up to lately?

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Personal Style | Fantasy

Drifting into fantasy always makes me feel so dreamy. I like to think of it as that little happy place that you mentally allow yourself to travel to when reality seems to overwhelm. It is the very same stuff that post-lunch day-dreaming in the classroom was made of. Getting lost in a fantasy makes me feel almost weightless and exuberant; where the clouds are made of candy floss *not unlike a Katy Perry video* and where the warm glow of the sunset never ends. When fantasy intermingles with reality, that is what fantasies are truly made of.

Pixel print halter maxi dress - AND | Faces 'Bronze' on my nails | Miss Claire lip cream ' 04' on my lips

I'm transitioning in life right now, and that feeling of pure, exuberant weightlessness is upon me. There is nothing more fulfilling than watching everything you have ever done blur the lines between fantasy and reality, making it nothing short of a dream. And with a smokey eye, flowing maxi and some sparkles, you will be dressed for the occasion.

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Style Files | Are fashion rules made to be broken ?

One sunny morning when I am about to step out for the day, the daily "what will I wear" conundrum arises. Horizontal stripes? No, they will make my waist look wider. A jumpsuit maybe? I definitely do not have the height to carry it off. What about that skirt with those shoes? Of course not, those colours will clash. Eventually, it seems like I've come to the point where I've stopped choosing my outfits and rules of fashion have started  doing it for me instead!

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