Shifted priorities in times of Coronavirus

A little over a month ago, I was deciding whether orange blossom water or zest of a dozen Egyptian oranges would taste brighter and lend more citrus flavour to a cake I was baking. I had scoured 4 pharmacies over a few weeks in search of an absolutely inessential skincare cream my dermatologist had recommended. I was googling techniques to make Jager bombs for a dinner party. Life seemed to go on as it always had. Between juggling work, shoots and recreational shenanigans, everything seemed so normal.

It isn't any more. Suddenly most things I thought were absolutely indispensable, absolutely weren't. In the wake of hundreds losing their jobs, even more losing their lives and depressing headlines seeping from every screen I turn on, it is very difficult to stay positive. It's tough to witness this situation with anything other than negativity, sadness, frustration and resignation.

Image: Raynor Pereira / Style File

To even be able feel like that is a privilege in itself. Sitting safely on your sofa is a far cry from fighting for your life in a hospital, finding yourself alone in a foreign land with your family thousands of miles away and not even being able to attend your loved one's funeral. Madonna received a great deal of flak for calling Coronavirus an equaliser. After all, what would a billionaire diva bathing  in rose petals know. It isn't an equaliser because none of this is equal and some are suffering more than others.

As long as you are not fighting for your very survival, you're one of the more fortunate. Pay that forward in any way you can. Donating to the cause, feeding your neighbourhood stray and cooking a meal for the aged aunt who lives next door can go a long way. Even if you cannot do any of that, stay home to do your part in flattening the curve. Whatever you choose to do, remember this.

You're working from the comfort of your home, baking banana bread, getting paid and enjoying a new season of Money Heist; all in the middle of a massive crisis. You're posting video challenges on Instagram and TikTok. You're worried about your hair colour and acrylic nails growing out. You're eating more than 3 square meals a day. You're seeing the faces of your loved ones, even if it is virtually. You're breathing. Remember that everyone isn't that lucky.


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