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I've been fine-tuning my creative skills all summer and I'm so very excited to finally post this :)

It all started when I wanted a plain simple cotton jhola-bag and all I could find were garish pinks and purples which were carried around by practically everyone in college. That is when I decided that I needed a plan. If I couldn't get what I wanted, I would have to make what I wanted. And that is exactly what I did.
Till date, I made 3 different sizes of bags with varied paintings on the front just suited to what I want. It came out as a success so I was pretty pleased. So I've decided to take orders for selling my custom-made bags.

Size # 1 - Purse sized.

     *Cream canvas purse with animal zoo print
     *Hand painted and stitched.
            *Made with the highest quality fabric and paint.

I gifted this purse to my grandmom on her birthday and she was elated.
If you wish to purchase a purse of this size, this fabric and with any specific design you may have; I would be delighted to do it for you!
Price: Rs. 400/-

Size # 2 - Jhola sized.

*White cotton jhola with Indian print.
*Hand painted and stitched
*Made with the highest quality of fabric and paint.

This was the jhola I made for myself.
If you want to purchase a jhola of this size, with this fabric and of a specific print you like, I'm here for you!
Price: Rs. 550/-

Size # 3 - Tote size
*Cream canvas tote with lady justice print.
* Hand stitched and painted
*Made with the highest quality fabric and paint.

I made this one to lug around bigger goods. It's extremely strong.
If you wish to purchase a tote of this fabric, of this size and with a specific desgn you like, I'd be delighted to hand make it for you!
Price: Rs. 600/-

So that was the huge project i was working on all summer - I hope you liked my designs!
If you wish to make a purchase of a bag of any of the 3 sizes with any of these designs shown or any specific design of your own, mail me at or get in touch with me through my Facebook page (shown at the top left of this page)
If there are any problems regarding your order, I will get back to you!
Thank you so much for visiting! Spread the word!


Tough to bag one?

I'm finicky about things. I don't like buying things with a smudge, with too much bling, basically anything that doesn't meet my requirements. When I buy something, I want it to be something that I really like, not something that I compromise for.
Have you ever faced this problem?
Well you deserve to buy something that you like, that you design to your imagination, to exactly what you want!
Would you like that?
If you do, then I have the perfect solution for you :)
Deets soon - stay tuned to this space!


We are girls. There are clothes and shoes and foods and books and bags that we want. We may not need them, we may not have any more waderobe space left, we may not wear them after we buy them but, we want them. After all, we are girls :)

My lust list for this season:

Lauren by Ralph Lauren cross body bag.

Louboutin love <3


The shoe craze continues. Miu Miu patent leather ankle boots.

Polka dots never go out of style. You can't compete with the girly feminine vibe it gives :)

It's not your usual shade of green. Something more military shaded with a touch of shimmer.

Well, blue is my favorite colour  !

I've never been big on accessories but this necklace is way too cute!

Hot pink lipstick. I love wearing it and I plan to continue this trend!

Tomorrow I should be wearing the Old Navy tan shorts I spoke about in my previous post. I planned an entire outfit around it just for a reason to wear them :)
It's a lovely cool night, not too and not too cool. This is one reason I'm thankful the summer has gone!
So do you like my picks this season?
What are you lusting after?

Take care and play safe in the rains!

Shopping list.

Yes,It's been a good week.
I did a large amount of shopping.
I picked up a gorgeous pair of Old Navy shorts. A good monsoon staple, I decided. You see,I hate my clothes getting wet. So short proves to be always good.
They may be a tad summery, but they look awesome!

I picked up millions of tops. Just light casual stuff to wear to college.
I also bought a Zara classic white shirt.
Well, you can't not have a classic can you?
 I already have 3 white shirts but I couldn't resist buying a new one.
And last but most certainly not the least. These Zara tan baby's. I think I'm in love.
They are just like the ones above except, the heel and the platform is an inch smaller. Super comfy, super stylish. I was longing for this essential for quite a while.

I did plan on getting rain shoes. Not shoes exactly - probably some open slippers with some bows or something. But, I don't know what I want really.

Also, I'm planning on red/blue patent leather ballet flats. Probably after the rains.

I've been searching for tan sandles. Their another essential but I just can't find something I really want to buy.

Anyway, that's a wrap for now.
Hope the seasons treating you well!
Take care & dont get too wet :)





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