Style File + Avon | Avon True Color eyeshadow Quad review in 'Vibrant Spice'

I've been on a beauty binge lately, as you have probably seen from my previous posts. So when I received this pretty palette from Avon, it just fueled my new-found obsession and I decided to put this baby for a review today.

Packaging: The quad is made of strong plastic in a glossy black finish with a push-button top and  inside, it consists of a mirror, a dual sided sponge tipped applicator and 4 separate pressed powder eyeshadows which is together 5.6 grams of product.

Price: Rs.499

Product: As the name of the quad itself suggests, the shades of the eye shadow are vibrant and pink and purple toned. While shade 2 contains quite a fair bit of sparkle, the remaining 3 shades contain a finely-milled shimmer which is not very prominent on application. Shade 1 is a gold highlighter, Shade 2 is a rose gold sparkly color, Shade 3 is a deep violet and Shade 4 is a dark plum navy shade.

Feel of the product: Sleek & sophisticated

What I liked:
  • The packaging of the quad is neat, closes firmly and is easily portable
  • The color payoff of the eye shadow is fair and requires a few swipes of the product.
  • The shades are impressively different from usual neutral tones and suit Indian skin tones well.
  • The dual sided sponge-tipped applicator is serves its purpose and can be used for simple application.
  • The price of Rs. 499 that the quad is available at makes it affordable.

What I didn't like:
  • The staying power of the eye shadow alone is  just an hour or two before it melts away so it will require an additional base.

Swatches (L-R) Shade 1, Shade 2, Shade 3, Shade 4

Rating: 8/10

My advice: I love the vibrant, pink and purple tones of the palette which I plan to experiment with for the summer and if you're into trying your hand at eyes as well, I'd recommend you go try this out.

Disclaimer: The above post is sponsored and all opinions expressed are honest and completely of my own.


Personal Style | Renewed

The Easter weekend just flew by like every holiday and like I've mentioned before, I feel like Easter is a whole new lease on life. It is like erasing all the strife, grouses, insecurities and negativity from a blackboard.
And while we're all starting anew, let's get some fresh perspective as well. Perspective to see things in a different light. The curvy girls who are afraid of the crop tops, the blemished girls who hide behind makeup or the tall girls too afraid to try those 5 inchers; all of us are part of a system that is afraid to embrace what we really are. Let's ditch all that old perspective we have about who needs to wear what and following what society thinks we look good in. We've all got our own share of imperfections and that's what really makes you what you are. With all the bulges and blemishes, each and every one of you is beautiful and you can wear whatever you please and look fantastic in it.

Forever 21 Aztec crop top [Previously seen here] | ONLY high waist burgundy jeans | 
Ginger black wedges | Michael Kors monogram hardware tote [Previously seen here] | 
Rimmel 'Cutting Edge' on my lips [Previously seen here]

Photography | Leo Alemao / Style File

As summer approaches, the size of the garments get smaller. So it needs no explanation why crop tops are already a phenomenal trend this year and one which I embrace wholeheartedly, curves and all. Pairing it with a contrasting pair of high waist trousers and going minimal on the accessories makes it quite effortless. And don't forget that deep lip to bring it all together!


Style File + Avon | Tutorial: A burst of blue + Review

Summertime makes me crave jugs of lemonade, cotton dresses and soothing bursts of colour. When the cobalt blue shade became an eye makeup trend this season like at the Marc Jacobs catwalk; I could see myself trying out the trend. So when the wonderful team send me a package from Avon and it included a cobalt blue glimmerstick, it was like they had read my mind.

I figured that reviewing the products alone can be mundane and that bright liners like cobalt can be shaky ground for many of us so I decided to put up a tutorial showing you lovelies just how to use the Avon glimmerstick bright in 'Cobalt Cool' in two different ways! The pictorials are shown with the instructions for each of them below them so check it out.

Tutorial: 'I think I blue it' 

  • Step 1: Start with fresh, bare eyes which are washed clean to remove any oil and dust.
  • Step 2: Fill in your brows. This is a massively important step which adds so much definition to the face which is usually forgotten in the beauty community. Find a shade matching your brow hair and fill in, sticking to your natural hairlines. 
  • Step 3: Apply a thin line of eyeliner on the top lid, very close to your lash line till the end of your lashes. You can use a pencil kohl or gel liner but I've used a liquid liner since it gives me more control for a precise look.

  • Step 4: If you are a winged liner or cat-eye newbie, you'll need this. Place a tiny dot of your eyeliner at the point of where you want your wing to end (I've used a yellow dot to show you where I put mine) and make sure it is in line with the end of your brows. The further away from your eyes makes the wings longer and more exaggerated so place your dot accordingly. Then trace two thin lines from your dot till the eye liner on your lash line (I've used pink dotted lines to show you where I trace mine)
  • Step 5: Once your lines are drawn out, fill it in. Remember to keep your arm well supported so that you can control your line precisely to how thick or thin you want it.
  • Step 6: Ta-dah! Your winged liner is now complete! Make sure you bookmark this page for the next time you want a winged eye liner look.

  • Step 7: Use your Avon glimmerstick bright in 'Cobalt blue' and trace it all over your waterline and your lash line. The colour is buildable so work it in gently till you get the pigmentation you are happy with!
  • Step 8: This is how it looks on me - just one more step to go!
  • Step 9: Use mascara on your lashes for more wide-eyed, defined look for your eyes.

Tutorial: 'Blue skies above'

*Prior to starting the look, make sure you start with clean, bare eyes and filled in brows as show in step 1 and step 2 above.

  • Step 1: Using the Avon glimmerstick brights in 'Cobalt Cool', trace a line on your lid, closest to the lash line till where your lashes end.
  • Step 2: This is what your eyelid should look like. As the look is meant to be fresh and bright, I've kept the line thick enough to notice on the eye but thin enough that it doesn't cover the eyelid completely.
  • Step 3: Place a tiny dot of your glimmerstick at the end of your eyes (I've used a yellow to show where I've placed mine) I've placed the dot lower than the previous tutorials wing placement since I'm creating a more lived-in look that doesn't need to much precision. From your dot, trace two lines to the point where you meet the liner on your lash line.

  • Step 4: So far, this is what it should look like with the slight wing in the end of the eyelid.
  • Step 5: Take a white or nude toned liner and line only your water line (not your lash line) Make sure to do this with a light hand as we do not want our white liner to show boldly but just to open our eyes a wee bit.
  • Step 6: With both lines complete, this is what it should look like.

  • Step 7: Since pencil liners can be a little tricky, I'm using a cotton bud to correct any smudgy bits.
  • Step 8: Apply a mascara to add that definition to your eyes.
  • Step 9: And we're done! This is what the eyes look like finally!

Review: Avon Glimmersticks - 'Cobalt Cool' and 'True Red' 

What I liked:
  • Retractable liners are always a win for me since they avoid messy sharpening and wastage.
  • The packaging of the glimmersticks is neat and attractive
  • The colour payoff of the glimmersticks is fantastic and just as the packaging shows.
  • The consistency of the glimmetsticks are waxy in texture which stays for hours on my eyes.
  • They really are smudge proof and waterproof.

What I didn't like:
  • They can appear streaky on application to the eye.
  • At the price of Rs.399 per glimmerstick, they are expensive products.
Avon glimmerstick swatches: (Above) True Red, (Below) Cobalt Cool
Photography | Dayle Pereira for Style File

Results: 8/10

My advice: I think the Avon glimmersticks are fantastic product albeit on the expensive side and you should pick up the 'Cobalt Cool' shade, especially for the season!

*Disclaimer: The above post is sponsored and all opinions expressed are honest and completely of my own.


Beauty | Sunsilk Natural Recharge shampoo review

No matter what season it is, smooth and shiny hair is always great to sport. So when summer comes around, it can get quite challenging dealing with the forces of mother nature *read: sweat, sun and dust* to sport a healthy head of hair. Hence, I bring you a review of a shampoo that I've been testing out for the past couple of weeks and one that I couldn't resist sharing with you. Till date, I've never experienced any extraordinary shampoo from Sunsilk - they've always fallen somewhere in between mediocre to good. So this time around, will the tables turn in favour of Sunsilk? Let's take a look at the review !

Packaging: The shampoo comes in a regular plastic flip-cap bottle which is designed in tones of green, white and gold, which I find quite pleasing to the eye. The bottle contains 80ml of product.

Price: Rs.64

Product: The product is a silvery-white in colour with micro-shimmer particles in it. The consistency of the shampoo is medium to runny, which makes it easier to squeeze out of the bottle and the texture of the product is smooth. The product has a pleasant floral smell to it which lasts long after my hair has dried.

Feel: Refreshing & hygienic

What I liked:
  • The pleasing package design and the pleasant product fragrance which lasts in my hair even after it dries. Exteriors play such an important role along with the actual product itself and this one has floored me.
  • I find my scalp feeling clean after a single wash and my hair feeling much healthier.
  • After a few washes, my hair felt more stronger and bouncier.
  • The fact that it neutralizes the ph level and is paraben free!
  • At the price point of Rs.64, the shampoo is extremely affordable.
  • Portable and fuss-free to carry with you.
What I didn't like:
  • The claim that it de-tangles hair didn't quite work its magic on me.

Rating: 9/10

My advice: This shampoo is perfect for this season and keeps a majority of its promises. I'm pleased that Sunsilk has now risen a few notches above good with the Natural Recharge shampoo. I've grown to using it ever so often that I'm making sure to have an extra one on my shelf this season. I would highly recommend you give this one a try!

Photography| Raynor Pereira for Style File

*Disclaimer: The above post is not carried out in affiliation with any brand or company. The opinions expressed are honest and completely of my own.


Style File + Lavie | Lavie 4D ~ 4 looks, 1 bag

I'm all for multipurpose products so whether it is using lipstick as a blush or a scarf as a sarong, I like the fact that some products can double up on its uses so that we, as customers, get the most of our money spent on it. I'm certain you've viewed numerous tutorials that speak of day looks being transformed to night looks before and when it comes to the dressing part, it always ends up that you have to lug a slinky purse for your night look in your office tote when you have a party post-work.
When I was in talks with Lavie for this collaboration, I was pretty intrigued because, I have never before heard of a bag that you can use not just in one or two ways, but in 4 ways! Let's take a look at this fabulous invention!

The concept that the bag works on to be converted is reversible fabrics, double-sided zippers and attachable straps - something so simple and intelligent. The bag I received was in black and achromatic Aztec print dual tones and as my love for Aztec prints precedes this post here, it was the perfect fit for me.

My first thought on reading the instructions made me wonder if a bag that utilizes dual fabrics and zippers would end up rather clunky but with the Lavie 4D bag; not even a little. The zippers and fabrics fit in seamlessly with the design and the stitching is neat and precise. Since I like my bags big  *as I carry almost a parallel universe with me like here* another doubt I had was that, with all the transforming of the bag, will there be enough space in it? And that doubt was erased completely I saw how amply spacious it is inside.

Ever so often, you know how products promise you different looks but in actuality, you look pretty much the same? The Lavie 4D bag goes out of its way and avoids that. At a retail price of Rs. 4240 for the Lavie 4D, the thought put behind this bag is immense and with small tweaks, you can barely believe it is even the same bag! While the instructions mentioned 4 different ways to wear the bag, I ingeniously came up with another 2 ways so let's take a look at the variety of ways I dramatically changed up my look with just one Lavie 4D bag.

In look 1, a formal corporate look, the bag tote with Aztec accents compliments the look perfectly. In look 2 for a brunch date, the Aztec print clashes pleasantly with the polka dot print on my tank. In look 3 for class, I clipped the attachable strap to the inner links of the bag and converted it to a messenger bag which makes it handy to carry and matches the vibe of my casual look. In look 4 for a party, while the instructions recommended the pouch to be carried as a tablet case, I thought it looked pretty funky as a clutch as well and it contrasts my bright dress beautifully!

From the looks and pairing you can see how versatile the print is, the ways the bag can be styled and worn and how perfect it is if you're a lady on the move!

So with all of that being said, here is are the results of the Lavie 4D bag:

What I liked:

  • The fact that the bag is incredibly versatile and can be worn in not just 4, but more ways which is a perfect match for the everyday woman. 
  • The 4D bag by Lavie is sleek while being sturdy and strong enough to carry your goods. The stitching is neat and the finish of the bag is structured and easy to carry, whether on your shoulder or on your arm.
  • The retail price of Rs.4240 may be seen as steep but keeping in mind that it can worn in numerous ways, it more than makes up for its price in versatility and quality.
  • The design of the Aztec print was a perfect match for me and from my looks above, you may notice how I clashed and complimented different looks with the Aztec print, which can be paired in so many ways.

What I didn't like:

  • I wish the bag had a magnetic clasp on the top which makes it easy to secure the bag when you travel. 

Photography: Hazel Pereira for Style File
Conceptualized and Styled by: Dayle Pereira for Style File

Rating: 9.5/10

My advice:
The Lavie 4D bag is one the most ingenious and stylish bags in the market today and it is one I would advise every lady today to have in her handbag collection.

Disclaimer: The above post is sponsored but all the opinions mentioned are honest and completely of my own.


Personal Style | Summer at St. Clare's

There was this wonderful, dreamy time where I wished I was in boarding school. Fed on a steady diet of  Enid Blyton and warm summer vacations, 12 year old me believed that this was the best thing in the world. My group of friends would be an odd bunch of characters - one being the goofball of the group, another being the smart aleck and yet another would be the mother hen to keep in line so that our antics don't land us in trouble. Pleated skirts would be part of our uniform *the higher the hem, the better - as any school girl would tell you* and we would share secrets around the breakfast table as we run late for first period.
I later learned from others than boarding school wasn't quite as story tale-like as I imagined but a girl can dream, can't she! So, musty readings of Malory Towers and St. Clare's brought me to the conclusion that my imaginary days at boarding school would be filled with midnight feasts *sneaked out of the school pantry!* and mischievous pranks.

While all my trips to St. Clare's stayed firmly in my imagination, this outfit brought me back to it.

Topshop red knit pullover {London} | Topshop black lace tank top {London} | Oasis checked pleated skirt and slim belt {London} | Gifted black suede mary-janes {London} | Zara black leather tote | 
Barry M #289 nail varnish

Photography: Leo Alemao for Style File

I've had this love for pleated skirts *like this one here* right from my school. So much so, I wanted my school uniform to be redesigned taking my consultation and keeping my pleated skirt love in mind. Obviously, the fashion bug seems to have bitten me quite young. Pairing the skirt with a pair of charming mary janes and showing a hint of flirty lace, has got me channeling the school girl vibe to the hint. I'm certain St. Clare would approve of this look.





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