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No matter what season it is, smooth and shiny hair is always great to sport. So when summer comes around, it can get quite challenging dealing with the forces of mother nature *read: sweat, sun and dust* to sport a healthy head of hair. Hence, I bring you a review of a shampoo that I've been testing out for the past couple of weeks and one that I couldn't resist sharing with you. Till date, I've never experienced any extraordinary shampoo from Sunsilk - they've always fallen somewhere in between mediocre to good. So this time around, will the tables turn in favour of Sunsilk? Let's take a look at the review !

Packaging: The shampoo comes in a regular plastic flip-cap bottle which is designed in tones of green, white and gold, which I find quite pleasing to the eye. The bottle contains 80ml of product.

Price: Rs.64

Product: The product is a silvery-white in colour with micro-shimmer particles in it. The consistency of the shampoo is medium to runny, which makes it easier to squeeze out of the bottle and the texture of the product is smooth. The product has a pleasant floral smell to it which lasts long after my hair has dried.

Feel: Refreshing & hygienic

What I liked:
  • The pleasing package design and the pleasant product fragrance which lasts in my hair even after it dries. Exteriors play such an important role along with the actual product itself and this one has floored me.
  • I find my scalp feeling clean after a single wash and my hair feeling much healthier.
  • After a few washes, my hair felt more stronger and bouncier.
  • The fact that it neutralizes the ph level and is paraben free!
  • At the price point of Rs.64, the shampoo is extremely affordable.
  • Portable and fuss-free to carry with you.
What I didn't like:
  • The claim that it de-tangles hair didn't quite work its magic on me.

Rating: 9/10

My advice: This shampoo is perfect for this season and keeps a majority of its promises. I'm pleased that Sunsilk has now risen a few notches above good with the Natural Recharge shampoo. I've grown to using it ever so often that I'm making sure to have an extra one on my shelf this season. I would highly recommend you give this one a try!

Photography| Raynor Pereira for Style File

*Disclaimer: The above post is not carried out in affiliation with any brand or company. The opinions expressed are honest and completely of my own.



June said…
Great review Dayle! I'm definitely gonna try this one out!

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