March 6, 2012

It's not that easy being green

A very wise frog once quoted the title and I agree with that little fellow completely.
A while back, while I was doing a bit of street shopping, I spotted a stall selling bags. So I sprinted across along the street like an athlete, avoiding hands and legs, bending and ducking to get there through the crowds. When I finally got down to digging through the pile, nothing really caught my eye - Everything was too blingy, or too red or just too something. I smirked and was about to walk away. In that instant when I took one last glimpse of the stall, I saw something golden shining from underneath the pile. There isn't any harm in giving it one last look, so I went to check it out. And there it was, a shade or two darker than Kermit but it came with shiny golden buckles. No one had bought it yet, probably because of the odd shade.  It really isn't easy being green.
So I decided to give this baby a home and add the emerald colour to my bag collection. A couple of weeks back, on an unusually hot day,I paired it with this dress:

Outfit: Powder blue cut-work dress & Green satchel - thrifted from Colaba, Brown sandals - local boutique at Bandra, Suede hairband - Zara.
Make-up: Nails - OPI 'Ink'
Lipstick - The Body Shop '48'
Eyeliner - Bourjois paris 'Liner feutre'

Apart from the green satchel story, I posted about this outfit for the INFB Pastels Remix where you have to post an outfit wearing pastels. I was love-struck the second I set my eyes on this dress ❤ You can barely see the light colour but it is the prettiest shade of blue and I had to have it for the summer. However, I couldn't resist myself and wore it much before summer. 
So this month, I've got my terms coming up (in a week!) and a short break following that. I shall be off blogging for a bit but I'll continue to post on Facebook and Twitter - If you want to subscribe to my updates there, feel free to follow me.
And in exactly 10 days from today, it is the anniversary of my blog! Even though I wont be able to post on that day, once my hibernation ends, *in the words of the terminator* I'll be back.

Wish me luck guys!




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