As a generation, we practically breathe technology. Which is why connecting to everyone is so effortless; whether it is the school friend that you haven't met in more than 8 years, your family who lives continents away or the sandwich -walla below your building *whose chilly cheese toast is to die for!* And with Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, BBM, Whatsapp and..*I could go on and on!*, we have this curiosity to not only know about the lives of every soul within a million mile radius; but also to share inane facts of our lives *what packaged drinking water you're carrying in your bag and whether the chilly cheese toast had capsicum or not in it* with all these souls. Basically, technology has left us with no space and has left no detail a secret.
And while technology is a necessity for most of us *me included*, that's not always a good thing. Every once a while, make sure you get off the damn internet, let your eyeballs get some rest and realize that there's an entire world beyond your Facebook homepage. It's good for you, your health and your mind.

Outfit: Blue shirt & White linen pants - United Colours of Benetton, Black velvet hair band - Self made
Make-up: NYX matte lip cream in 'Milan, NYX nail varnish in 'Lady First'

And that is exactly what I'm planning to do this week. 
After my amazing internship has come to a close, I've decided to take a breather a.k.a a break from the blog for a week to catch up on my college work, enjoy the weather, to catch on my pending TV shows and to get back to life as I know it.

I hope you've been having a lovely week & here's to a happy weekend! I'll be back sooner that soon brimming with new thoughts, with tonnes of posts and a little surprise, just for you!



Hello dolls,
I haven't really 'talked' to you in a while so I hope July has treated you well! I've had an amazing month specially with the college year beginning and with my internship to keep me on my toes. And while being busy is so enriching and keeps the lethargy at bay; I'm looking forward to a more leisurely month ahead.
So I'm putting aside my eyeliner and everything style related for this post and sharing a few picture highlights from the past month that is coming to a close:

Birthdays at the office are always welcome when there are cupcakes involved !

Me getting posey and prep'd for my feature in ELLE August 2012

Gloomy skies waiting to erupt!

Vanilla latte - made with lots of love and sugar.

Ray carrying a tiny little tot on a hot afternoon :)

Just another day at the office.

Pie for dinner !

Drifting off mode while watching the raindrops fall: Activated

A pretty little package courtesy my sweethearts at ChicFactor

BTW - Since I'm having a massive closet overhaul on my side, I've discovered clothes which are barely used  and unworn so I've been throwing around the idea of a blog sale - Do you like the idea?
And my favorite picture from the above? The raindrops on the glass, of course!

Hope you're having a great week dolls!


Trend Report: Dip-dye

The truth is, colours are everyone's best friend. Who doesn't love bright yellow lemons, deep blue denims or a crisp white shirt? Colour's speak to us. So what is better than 1 colour? Why 2 colours, of course! During this summer of 2012, a trend starting popping up, mainly with international fashionistas - The Dip-Dye trend! As the name suggests, the dip-dye effect of this particular style of clothing is created when you dye a piece of  the clothing by dipping it into a second colour of dye. In fact, after the trend popped up; there were DIY projects soon following like this amazing one. Soon enough; every hue, every texture and every fabric was getting dip-dyed into fashion!
I've not tried the project myself but I would love to give it a shot. And till then, I'm going to give you a few dip-dye beauties to gloat at.

While I would take a while to get used to it, the outfits make the trend so effortless and the gradation between colours is so balanced and pretty. And its a trend that the boyfriends/husbands/dads can try out too!  I would steal the dress from the above picture *the one on the right* in a heartbeat! 
Which is your favorite outfit?
This week has got me tired out & I'm looking forward to a relaxed weekend with the fam & my bestie. Happy weekend my dolls & have a great one!

Talk soon!

We're locked in time so let's rewind.

I've been reminiscing of late. About the blissfully innocent school days when my world was so much smaller, about friends that I couldn't be separated from, about the endless days that you wish had never ended. I wish someone had told me to savor all that a little more, to enjoy all that while it lasted. But no, at that time, being all grown up was cool. I wonder what the hype was about because when I look back at those millions of evenings cycling, the dirty white uniforms when coming home from school, the endless conversations and the hushed gossip in class; being all grown-up isn't really that cool. 
And while it is pouring buckets outside, I'm also reminiscing about the beautiful, sunny days which we've just said buh-bye to. Where light, effortless clothes were my need of the day & where I wore white jeans without any fear.

    Outfit: Blue and white sleeveless print shirt - H&M (London), White Jeans - Topshop (London), Blue and  tan tote - Birthday gift from brother (originally from Cottonworld), Tan sandals - Catwalk
Make-up: Maybelline EyeStudio Allure eyeliner, Nivea lip balm in 'Dragonfruit', Jordana nail varnish in 'Orangesicle' 

It feels lovely to be back on the blog after a short spell. And while the juggling act that I've got going on with college and my internship still continues for 2 weeks more, I'll work through it.
I hope you've been having a great week lovelies !
Talk soon!


Review: Nike Body Splash

Hey guys,
Life has been rather hectic of late so when the weekend finally arrives, a wave of relief washes over me. Finally, a little break to catch up with a movie or two, Sims 3, an assignment *work doesn't do itself !* and a bit of shopping with the shower of sales we've been having!
So lets get down to business i.e. our review for the month!

Nike Body Splash For Women
When it comes to a deodorant, a perfume or a body mist that I have to purchase, I look for something that has a fragrance that appeals to me and very importantly, one where the fragrance lasts for a long time.

It comes in a medium-size 100ml transparent plastic spray bottle with a transparent cap. The body splash, which is a sky blue coloured liquid can be seen clearly.


• Pros:
- The spray is small and portable which allows you to even carry it in your bag.
-  The packaging is such that you can clearly see how much you have used and what is left.
- Affordable price
- The strength of the body splash is so great- it lasted on me for about 6 hours (and the day included  walking and travelling by public transport)
- The fragrance is refreshing.

- It is an imported product and based on whatever research I did, it isn't generally available in the Indian market so availability is tough.

Rating: 8.5/10

My advice: If you manage to get your hands on this product, grab it with your arms wide open!

I do hope you like the review - do you wear deodorant's/body mist's/perfume's the most ? 

Have a lovely weekend dolls!


The Piano Keys.

When I was in the 6th grade, my best friend and me had to attend a birthday party. So way in advance, we spent hours planning what we would wear, what shoes matched what skirt and the works. In the midst of the bubbling excitement of the evening to come and the confusion of what to wear, she asked me what I thought she should wear. A very wise 11 year old me told her that 'White, black and red always look good together.' And even 8 years down the line, I still agree whole-heartily with those words.
At a family lunch on a hot afternoon, I decided to play along with the weather and go light but still dress appropriately for the time of the day and occasion.

Outfit: Black and white printed dress - Thrifted (Bandra), Red Pumps - Zara
Makeup: Maybelline Gel liner, Maxfactor in 'Red Carpet Glamour', Marks and Spencer Eye-shadow Palette (London), MAC Zoom lash mascara

My entry for the InFB black and white remix

 Of late, I've grown quite accustomed to red lipstick; whether its a glossy finish for an occasion or a matt one for a day out. Even my eye-makeup that I've tried here is a different one, giving me that just-out-of-bed look. And I don't know if you noticed this or not, but I've experimented a bit with my hair too *notice the light beachy waves* Well, it's nice to get out of the routine every once in a while.

I'm having a good week and I'm feeling great about the rest of it. Hope you're having a good one too!





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