Trend Report: Dip-dye

The truth is, colours are everyone's best friend. Who doesn't love bright yellow lemons, deep blue denims or a crisp white shirt? Colour's speak to us. So what is better than 1 colour? Why 2 colours, of course! During this summer of 2012, a trend starting popping up, mainly with international fashionistas - The Dip-Dye trend! As the name suggests, the dip-dye effect of this particular style of clothing is created when you dye a piece of  the clothing by dipping it into a second colour of dye. In fact, after the trend popped up; there were DIY projects soon following like this amazing one. Soon enough; every hue, every texture and every fabric was getting dip-dyed into fashion!
I've not tried the project myself but I would love to give it a shot. And till then, I'm going to give you a few dip-dye beauties to gloat at.

While I would take a while to get used to it, the outfits make the trend so effortless and the gradation between colours is so balanced and pretty. And its a trend that the boyfriends/husbands/dads can try out too!  I would steal the dress from the above picture *the one on the right* in a heartbeat! 
Which is your favorite outfit?
This week has got me tired out & I'm looking forward to a relaxed weekend with the fam & my bestie. Happy weekend my dolls & have a great one!

Talk soon!


I like ombre hair..
They are pretty to look only, I wouldn't try them
Pranita said…
the hair! gaush! lovely concept!:)
Love from Bindigasm
Anonymous said…
Oh that hair is amazing. I love the dip-dyed shirts especially.
Apurva Saxena said…
Ombre is becoming hot property as far as fashion is concerned. Everywhere I go I can see few Ombre collections.

Great Post
jyoti said…
Nice post nice dresses.
ashy said…
hope u had a relaxing weekend Dayle. my fav is the dress in last pic too - somehow reminds me of color blocking :)
new post up!
I like this trend. Especially the dresses, they are gorgeous!

Vidhi Gandhi said…
Love the hair and the colours... Great post
Boomerang Plus said…
This is the coolest thing that happened to fashion! :D love it!

Thank you for your wonderful comment on my blog earlier :)

I'm new to the blogging world.. Come along and tell me your views about my blog :)
And, Would you like to follow each other? Let me know :)

New post is up: Inspirations is Handy

~Boomerang Plus
Kavita Sahu said…
Great post. Long back this was a trend and it's back. I remember wearing a dip dye denim when I was in class 5 or 6.. Nice compilation...
Dayle Pereira said…
Thanks for the great comments guys :)

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