Style Diaries: LACMA Art + Film Gala

When Hollywood gets together; they certainly know how to make a splash! This year, the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) Art + Film Gala was held towards the end of October, 2012. When an event of such magnitude takes place; specially that which was sponsored by design house Gucci, you can expect to see some amazing celebrities looking their fabulous best.

Let's take a look at the style quotient that night:

Cameron Diaz, looking svelte as ever in a yellow dress with exaggerated sleeves. I would preferred if  her hair was left though.

Doesn't Evan Rachel Wood look divine in that bronze paillette dress !

Salma Hayek going sparkly in navy with a top bun. Some colour on the lips would have done her great! 

Anna Wintour in a printed satin dress. I'm confused if the top is ill-fitted or those are ruffles. Bad move Anna, she looks so matronly!

Bella Heathcote looks downright angelic with that sheen of the dress, the embellished  neckline and adorable face.

Am Adams trying some spikes and studs in a yellowish - lime gown.

Love the hairdo and deep, intense colour, Florence Welsh! Now if only you were smiling.

Amber Heard in a LBD with a twist with a embellished neckline.

Beautiful Rosie Huntington Whitley looking so lovely in this green gown.

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I'm definitely picking Evan Rachel Wood as my favorite with her glamourous dress from this event, what about you?

Happy Weekend lovelies!

Dazzle me.

The weather and me have a love-hate relationship. I whine about the gloomy monsoons, I revel in the sunny summers and I crave the cozy winters. Recently, it was starting to seem like the winter had arrived and  thus, I got my winter clothing out. When I finally got down to wearing a sweater dress one morning; the sun showed up and made the day quite a cumbersome one for me. So till the weather actually stabilizes *I'm guessing in around a fortnight*, I'm going to try something else instead rather than woolens.
We all know and love how bling takes over our lives in these festive months, so incorporating a little sparkle in a day-time casual outfit of mine seemed like the right choice.

White tank with sequin neckline - Gifted [previously worn here] , Cobalt blue pants - Thrift (Bandra) [previously worn here] , Metallic flats - Inc 5, Sparkle bow belt - Zara girls, Silver braid hairband - Self made [previously worn here] , On my eyes - ColorBar Indian eye kohl, Lakme glide on eye colour in 'Peacock Green', On my lips - Maybelline watershine liquid diamonds in 'Pink Glitters'

A dash of sparkle and cobalt blue seemed like amazing winter trends to try out on a day when it really didn't seem like winter. In other news, it's the week surrounding my birthday *which is on Saturday* thus it is Birthday Week! *Weeee* 
And I must mention; Winter, I still love you. I'll just wait another week to bring out the woollies.

Dayle Pereira


We all know the Tomboy. She was the same girl that constantly wore baggy tees while the other little girls were wearing pretty dresses. She was the same one who was a late bloomer when it came to mascara and leopard print heels. The same one who would join the boy's game of throw ball while the girls played badminton.
There are certain aspects of the Tomboy that I identify with. Maybe it is the eternal love for t-shirts or the enticement that certain video games have on me; whatever the case, some of those aspects spilled into my teen years. So this year as the sporty-chic trend became a rage over the world, let's celebrate the tomboy and her sporty, bubbly appeal.

Blue t-shirt - UCLA clothing, Denim shirts - GAP via thrift, Colour-block tote and blue sneakers - Nike,
On my eyes - ColorBar liquid eyeliner, On my lips, Nivea lip balm in 'Dragonfruit'

Casual, athletic or easy; whatever it can be termed as, I'm unapologetic about the absolute love I have for the burst of vibrancy and the sporty, casual appeal that this outfit exudes. 

Agree or not? 


Surviving the winter: Clothing essentials

Winter is a beautiful season full of cosy evenings and warm beverages. And along with just a drop in the temperature, there are the winter trends and clothing which we can make note off in order to not just survive the winter; but to stay as stylish as possible while surviving. This year around with dominant trends of burgundy, the military look and so much more *check out my entire winter trend report here* making a mark, I've started organizing my closet for winter to start out my favorite season as soon as I can.

Here are the few highlights from my closet which are definitely going to be my essentials this season:
Cardigans in a few basic solid shades.

A deep burgundy shade and a sparkly festive shade.

Pants in winter hues of Burgundy, Cobalt and Olive. 

Sparkly everything! Stone encrusted sandals, A glitter purse, jeweled bracelets and loose jewels. 

Chunky knits in tan and white 

Finally, the nights are getting colder and I cannot wait for the day to follow to start layering up for daily wear and for the blog too!
PS: If you would like to know any of the above clothing details, do mention it in the comments.
So what special clothing trends have you stocked up on for this winter?



Diwali is a beautiful festival; so full of colour, vibrance and happiness. By now you probably know that ethnic outfits have never been ones I wear often. I think it has something to do with a rather tragic traditional day I celebrated in school when I was 15 where I wore a gorgeous blue and pink saree. But by the end of the day, the saree came undone with me returning home, pleats undone in one hand and my heels in the other. Nevertheless, since then, traditionalism means easier fabrics to handle, something without pleats and definitely no heels. And that is exactly what I was in this year while paying some Diwali visits.
I love the simple festivity of the entire outfit. And who knows, maybe I'll even attempt a saree somewhere down the road.

Embroidered churidar kurta - Vintage, Black leggings - Marks and Spencer, Gold hair band - DIY, Stone studded sandals - Inc 5, Bangles and cuff - Thrift (Bandra, Colaba), On my lips - Maybelline 'Luminous Beige', On my eyes - Maybelline Drama Gel Liner, On my nails - MaxFactor 'Red Carpet Glam'

It was a day started by a rushed photo-shoot and followed by a happy feasting on besan ladoos *one of my favorites!* and more sweets. All in all, it's been a good day !
Happy Diwali to each and every one of my readers, all PR and brand personnel and your families. Here's to a year full of joy, happiness and mithai! Cheers!


Roll with the changes

The only thing constant in life is change. A week back I was furiously writing my university exams. Today I'm getting a pedicure and writing a post. The past month has been fatiguing to say the least and honestly, it took a lot out of me. So during the past week, all I've been doing is pampering myself, sleeping peacefully and watching my favorite TV shows. Before you know it, this clammy breeze will turn into a chilly evening and you'll be switching into woollies and knits. The best way to deal with change? Change along with it and enjoy the ride.
This week I focused on getting my hair cut and styled, catching up over late lunch and switching into winter hues. The demure grey shorts with a mustard lace sheer shirt did wonders for me.

Mustard lace sheer shirt - Vintage, Grey shorts - Esprit, Black smoking slippers - Local store (Bandra), Black patent leather tote - Mom's, Black belt - Thrift (Colaba), Sunnies - Pieces at Vero Moda, On my nails - 'Black cherry chutney' by OPI, On my eyes - Indian Eyes Kohl and Waterproof liquid eyeliner by ColorBar, On my lips - 'G4 Petal Pink' by Shiseido

I'm so happy to try of F/W 2012's biggest trends - the smoking slipper, the mustard hue and the burgundy *or Oxblood if you'd like to call it!* on my nails. My jackets and stockings cannot wait for the temperature to drop further; I can already heae them calling out to me from my closet. 
It feels amazing to be back on the blog!

Hope you've had a lovely week my dolls - Here's to the weekend!

The age old argument

Just like the known fact that bloggers come in a variety of genres and segments; our wallets, closets and shopping styles differ too. That is where the age old argument of thrift versus brands arises; whether purchases made through thrifts or brands is better. Thrifting, by definition, is the act of shopping *usually at a store with an unestablished name like a flea market or road stall* with the intent of finding interesting items at a cheap price. Now a brand consist of a type of product(s) that manufactured by a company under a particular name.
My personal opinion which I've stated before too is that, labels honestly don't really matter to me. While brands do promise great quality and design, *which is not always true, i know that for a fact* they often come with a heavy price tag and restrictive variety. And while thrifting offers you affordability and surprises galore, you can never tell how good/bad the quality is of the piece is. I purchase clothing mainly for design and affordability so my closet is a mix of brands *for the long-term investment pieces every closet needs* and thrifts *for the more frivolous, trendy stuff I can afford to spend on*

To prove how amazing thrifting can be, these are a few wonders that I have thrifted through the years:

The purple t-shirt

The black and white floral dress

The green satchel and powder blue dress

The pastel floral skirt

I know keep saying how lovely it is to thrift; so to really enjoy the activity, here are a few tips from what I've learned through my experiences: 
- Dress comfortably or else the trip will be ruined.
- Learn the art of bargaining before you head out.
- Inspect the clothing properly to avoid being duped with tears and missing buttons.
- For sizes and proper fits, don't take anyones word for it, instead try it yourself.
- Don't spend too much for a piece you don't find worth it/don't see yourself wearing multiple times.
- Stay sensible and keep a watchful eye on your possessions.
- For the basics which are versatile and will last you for years, like jeans and black pumps *hence, long term investments* splurge on a good quality brand that you trust.
- Don't purchase lingerie from anywhere except a trusted store.
- For more trendy, impulsive buys, head for a thrifting spree.
- Finally, after you purchase your clothing from BOTH a branded store or a thrift store - Wash it properly.

So what's your take on the Thrift versus Brand argument?

It feels so great to be back here guys! Can't wait to get started with outfit shoots and posts!




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