November 6, 2012

The age old argument

Just like the known fact that bloggers come in a variety of genres and segments; our wallets, closets and shopping styles differ too. That is where the age old argument of thrift versus brands arises; whether purchases made through thrifts or brands is better. Thrifting, by definition, is the act of shopping *usually at a store with an unestablished name like a flea market or road stall* with the intent of finding interesting items at a cheap price. Now a brand consist of a type of product(s) that manufactured by a company under a particular name.
My personal opinion which I've stated before too is that, labels honestly don't really matter to me. While brands do promise great quality and design, *which is not always true, i know that for a fact* they often come with a heavy price tag and restrictive variety. And while thrifting offers you affordability and surprises galore, you can never tell how good/bad the quality is of the piece is. I purchase clothing mainly for design and affordability so my closet is a mix of brands *for the long-term investment pieces every closet needs* and thrifts *for the more frivolous, trendy stuff I can afford to spend on*

To prove how amazing thrifting can be, these are a few wonders that I have thrifted through the years:

The purple t-shirt

The black and white floral dress

The green satchel and powder blue dress

The pastel floral skirt

I know keep saying how lovely it is to thrift; so to really enjoy the activity, here are a few tips from what I've learned through my experiences: 
- Dress comfortably or else the trip will be ruined.
- Learn the art of bargaining before you head out.
- Inspect the clothing properly to avoid being duped with tears and missing buttons.
- For sizes and proper fits, don't take anyones word for it, instead try it yourself.
- Don't spend too much for a piece you don't find worth it/don't see yourself wearing multiple times.
- Stay sensible and keep a watchful eye on your possessions.
- For the basics which are versatile and will last you for years, like jeans and black pumps *hence, long term investments* splurge on a good quality brand that you trust.
- Don't purchase lingerie from anywhere except a trusted store.
- For more trendy, impulsive buys, head for a thrifting spree.
- Finally, after you purchase your clothing from BOTH a branded store or a thrift store - Wash it properly.

So what's your take on the Thrift versus Brand argument?

It feels so great to be back here guys! Can't wait to get started with outfit shoots and posts!




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