Classic stuff.

If you ever ask a woman; in terms of style what outfit would you term as 'classic' , 96.6 % of those women would reply, "the little black dress." Now I may have made up my own statistics but it is the truth. I love a good ol' LBD and the elegance and versatility it brings to the table. But truth be told, I'm a little tired of hearing about it over & over again. If anyone asked me that very same question, I would definitely reply "An outfit with the white and blue combination." Because crisp white and calm blue are what classic means to me.

 And I'm not the only one who believes in the power of blue and white. From celebrities to street style to the sister of a princess, you can tell that this is one very loved combination!

I have posted an outfit with this very same combination a long, long time back but this one is more suited for the beautiful cold weather we're facing. Speaking about the weather, winter has always been my favorite season & I'm trying to make the best of the last few weeks of it. So many outfits, so little time!
 Now back to the outfit. I wore it when I went out one evening & I think apart from being warm & cuddly, it turned out pretty darn cute !

Oversized patterned jumper - Vintage, London; Skinny Jeans - Pepe Jeans London, Wedges - Ginger

Till date, I think I've always posted pictures with my hair open. Now, the side braid what you see above is sort-of my go-to hairstyle. And if you take a closer look at picture 2, notice the eyeliner. I've been hooked onto the winged eyeliner for a week or two now. It does require a steady hand and a bit of time ( that is the reason I've been getting late in the morning! ) but damn, does it look good! 
And whether its winter or the monsoons; white on blue doesn't ever go out of style. 
I shall be off to Jaipur this weekend so I shall catch up on my blogging when I get back!
Till then my dolls, I shall miss you but I'll be back soon.
Have a great week ahead!

Winter wonderland.

Its been a whirlwind of a week! Firstly there were upsides like spending a lazy day watching Bridesmaids *Its hilarious you guys! You've got to see this!* and eating koka noodles. Then towards the end of the week came the volcanic eruption - Project submission dates. A tonne of them! Ugh. But even when its raining assignments and things are looking glum, I like to take an effort & dress up all prettily.
A very important lesson I've learned is; when you dress up every morning, do it not just to look good for everyone around you, but most importantly to feel good about yourself.

 Snowflake sweater - Vintage, Grey tee (worn underneath) - Gifted, Black jeans - Topshop London, Shoes - All-star converse

This sweater, apart from being warm and cuddly, has the most adorable snowflake print. The pictures you see are taken at 7am -  Yes, that is how I look early in the morning. It feels amazing to be bundled up like this on a cold wintery morning.
PS: I have an announcement to make. In 10 days, I will be heading off to Rajasthan for the Jaipur Film Festival ! *happy dance* Before I leave, the tonne of projects need to be completed, printed and submitted. That's why the extra pressure during the next 2 weeks. However, during the entire time I will do what it takes to publish my weekly post.
Hope you've been having a great week - A few days to the weekend!

I'm blue (dab a dee, dab a da)

Hello dolls,
Do you remember this song I'm blue by a band named Eiffel 65? While I was growing up, I think this was one of the earliest techno songs I've had ever heard. And even today, I may not be a fan of techno; but you've got to admit, it was a really catchy song and even if you didn't know the words, you would know the 'I'm blue (dab a dee, dab a da)' part *You're singing it right now, aren't you?*
My little story about music from the 90's has nothing to do with anything; except for the fact that it is the first thing that popped into my mind when I was coming up with this post. Enjoy these pictures.

It was towards the end of the day so you've gotta forgive the few crumples.

Posing is hard, smiling is easy :)
Pastel blue ruffled sleeve tunic & White racer-back tank - Thrifted, Black stockings - Marks & Spencers, Hot pink nail varnish - ColorBar Exclusive, Ballet Flats - Boutique in Bandra, Bag - a Birthday gift !

The other day when I found out that pastels were a major trend for Spring 2012, I decided to post this right away. I've always been hopelessly attracted to brights and neons so every once in a while, it does feel nice to take a step back and pick out something you normally wouldn't. The gorgeous navy and tan tote was a birthday present from my brother. It is such a pretty colour that can be worn on practically anything!
Hope the week has been good for you! Just a couple more days till the weekend. Except that, with my assignments & photography practicals to be completed, my weekend is non-existent. *weeps* But, I'm doing what I love and you need to work hard for everything, so I think I'll be fine :)

And for those of you who had no clue about the I'm blue part I was talking about earlier, this song is just for you!
Have a wonderful rest of the week !

Little white dress.

Hey there guys !
How has the first week of 2012 treated you ? I've gotten back to the grind. Early morning lectures,  assignments, tests - the works. But a silver lining of sorts is that I'm finding myself more inspired after this break. With a college dress-code, it may not be possible to wear skirts and other pretty little things but, I will do the best I can with what I have in hand. Hey, that rhymed!
 Now this outfit has been pending since forever. With the month of festivities behind us, (and their respective outfits being posted) I can get back to the outfit picture piling up on my laptop.
After a string of college fests and the usual drama that college brings around, I celebrated my 19th only later in December with an amazing dinner with a couple of my favorite people.
These are a few of the pictures:

You've fallen in love, haven't you ?

(L-R) Ankita, Ruchita, Shraddha, Aditya, Mallika, me & Leo

By now, I'm pretty sure you've figured out that I'm tiny.

My outfit: White hakoba embroidered high-waist dress - Custom made, Red pumps - Zara.

I had an amazing night with these amazing people. The outfit is a simple mix of red and white. And since Christmas was on the way, it just seemed like the best combination. Also, did you notice my hair is in this curls-ringlets kinda style ? I did my hair in a hurry & the result turned out awesome! And because it ended up looking this pretty, I repeated it once again on another occasion. Fluke shots, I tell you.
So anyway, I hope you liked the post.
Have a lovely weekend guys!

See you next week dolls,

New beginnings.

Hey guys,
Happy 2012! I do hope that everyone enjoyed NYE to the fullest and started off the new year with a bang!
I brought in 2012 on a happy note, with a Thanksgiving mass at midnight and a few family and friends over later. Woke up at 11am the next morning but despite the late wake-up, I spent the rest of day out with the bestie! What a great way to bring in 2012!
I actually couldn't decide what to wear till that day itself. That's when I chanced upon this dress in my closet. Simple and effortless. Check out these pictures:

Burgundy trench coat & strapped dress with grey embroidery - KIT London, Black stilettos - Zara, Nail varnish - ColorBar Plum Wine

The trench coat (which was a part of a set with the dress) has a lovely fit and the rich burgundy hue, which is trending this winter, was enough to win me over. Plus, the 31st was pretty chilly and it seemed apt to wear another layer. That's the outfit I wore to welcome in 2012.
I'm feeling positive and happy about the start of the new year. Why you ask ? Because, no matter how amazing your life is, bad stuff is bound to happen. This year, I'm going to leave all the bad stuff and negative energy behind and restart with a fresh, new perspective. And that's a promise.
I've also got lots of great plans for my blog and it just wouldn't be possible without the support from you dolls. Thank you :)
With the start of college, I do get busier, but I've got tonnes of outfits ready to post, just for you guys.
Have a great week ahead !
See you soon,




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