January 18, 2012

Winter wonderland.

Its been a whirlwind of a week! Firstly there were upsides like spending a lazy day watching Bridesmaids *Its hilarious you guys! You've got to see this!* and eating koka noodles. Then towards the end of the week came the volcanic eruption - Project submission dates. A tonne of them! Ugh. But even when its raining assignments and things are looking glum, I like to take an effort & dress up all prettily.
A very important lesson I've learned is; when you dress up every morning, do it not just to look good for everyone around you, but most importantly to feel good about yourself.

 Snowflake sweater - Vintage, Grey tee (worn underneath) - Gifted, Black jeans - Topshop London, Shoes - All-star converse

This sweater, apart from being warm and cuddly, has the most adorable snowflake print. The pictures you see are taken at 7am -  Yes, that is how I look early in the morning. It feels amazing to be bundled up like this on a cold wintery morning.
PS: I have an announcement to make. In 10 days, I will be heading off to Rajasthan for the Jaipur Film Festival ! *happy dance* Before I leave, the tonne of projects need to be completed, printed and submitted. That's why the extra pressure during the next 2 weeks. However, during the entire time I will do what it takes to publish my weekly post.
Hope you've been having a great week - A few days to the weekend!




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