DIY | Transparent Sling Bag

The Backstory:- I kid you not, I was stalking transparent bags since my vacations began in May and all I could do was sit and drool over them because no stores seemed to stock them and those that did have something like what I had in mind, were either too expensive or too tacky. Even the DIY tutorials that I was planning on attempting needed vague items which I couldn't find. Soon I quit the whole search and proceeded to convince myself that the whole transparent bag trend will blow over soon. That was the till I was at my favorite stationery store and I spotted a transparent pouch which looked completely ordinary, something you'd come across in just about any stationery store. But no, in my head, I stood in the aisle and stared at it convincing myself that 'This is it, Dayle! This is the bag'. Anyway, long story slightly shorter, I finally gathered all my items needed and got down to making it myself.
So below is the tutorial for the much-coveted transparent bag - Check it out!

Prep Time:-

Step 1 : Gather your tools

Step 2 : Stuff your pouch with crumpled newspaper for it to retain its shape throughout.

Step 3: If you've noticed, my pouch has a handle on its side which I felt made it look like a medicine pouch or a pencil box so I got down to removing it by snipping it off very close to the seam with a small sharp scissors. You could do that for any unwanted handles on your pouch.

Step 4: On either end of the pouch, decide where you want to fix your strap and make your marking on it. My circled area is my points to attach my chord.
PS: Do make sure your chord is of the right measurement according to whether you want to sling it over your shoulder or hold it in your hand.

Step 5: On the points decided, superglue the end of your chord to the bag and keep it pressed for about 5 minutes. This step is just to temporarily keep the ends in place.

Step 6: With a threaded needle, stitch the loops in the end of the chord to the felt and PVC fabric of the bag on both the right and left hand sides. Remember that the weight of your bag depends on this so the more stitches you take and thicker the thread you use will mean the more secure your bag strap will be.
I stitched both the small metal loop (just above the bow) and the larger one (above the small loop) to my bag to secure it properly. Do the same for the other side of the bag as well.

And voila! You have yourself a pretty, thrifty transparent bag which is so chic right now and perfect for the monsoons!

* Match your chord with the ends of your bag for a cleaner, minimalistic look.
* Use a chord with embellishment on the ends to cover any messiness during stitching/sticking.
* Avoid carry very heavy weights in the bag.

As you would believe, I've already started preening around with it! So what are you waiting for - make yourself a transparent bag too!

Queries, questions, feedback or just a 'hi' is always welcomed in the comments, dolls.


Dressing up with French Connection

Hi lovelies,
When I was invited to take a look at French Connection's Spring Summer '13 collection and create a few styles with them; I figured that it was a great opportunity to have some fun with a store full of clothes and my brilliant photographer partner. And post the experience, I've got three words for you - Day Well Spent.

The Spring/Summer collection *which is currently available in stores as well as on* is an absolute delight full of breezy cotton shirts, tropical prints, brightly coloured bottoms and bags, elegant dresses and flouncy skirts. The men's section too is full of crisp cotton shirts, basic jeans and awesome Superman tees *part of the new range in collaboration with 'Man of Steel'*

The exclusive 'Man of Steel' range

The collection reminded me of summertime, a cottage on the beachfront, dancing till dawn and lazy afternoons in a hammock - full of breathable, laidback clothes that look graceful and gorgeous with minimal effort.

Now to my second task at hand - creating a few looks with their collection at hand and having a blast doing it. Check ✓.

All clothing, bags and hat c/o French Connection, Black ballet flats - Local boutique, Watch - Gifted, Bracelet - Aldo

                                                                                              Photography: Leo Alemao for Style File

Honestly, there is no joy like playing dress up and with the gorgeous collection at hand, it was an added bonus! Don't wait a second longer, rush out and check French Connection's new collection right away!

PS: My favorite outfit was definitely the second one. Yours?


Review: Clinique Chubby Stick 'Chunky Cherry'

Lip balms/tints have become all the rage, haven't they? As I recall, the first brand that propelled the humble tint to its now massive popularity in the country was Clinique which was followed like the Pied Piper by a number of others with similar packaging. So you can imagine my delight when I received a chubby stick in a vibrant pink shade as part of the goodies at the Chubby Stick launch with Strut120 and Clinique which I'll be reviewing for you, just below:

Disclaimer:The thoughts and opinions expressed regarding the product below are honest and completely my own.

As the name suggests, the product is in a chubby retractable pencil form with the cover and base in a metallic silver and the body in the same shade as the balm itself.

Price: Approximately Rs. 1025

Size: 3 gms

Top swatch - After one swipe, Bottom swatch - After two swipes

- The packaging is gorgeous and neat. The retractability and the shade colour and name mentioned clearly on the outside makes it easy to pick.
- It lends a natural, healthy tint to your lips.
- It brings together the best qualities of a balm and gloss.
- It is hydrating and kept my lips moisturized.

- The lasting power is just about 3 hours.
- The colour payoff is sheer and would require to be built up if you're looking for pigmentation.
- Expensive

My advice:
It is a brilliant product in most aspects but it depends what your reasons are when you're searching for one. If you are looking for a healthy sheen and hydrated, supple lips - go for the Chubby Stick. If you're looking for colour and pigmentation - this isn't it.

So have you gotten on the lip balm/tint bandwagon yet? I'd love to know!


The Kazo Bloggers Event

It was a sunny afternoon in May when I was invited to the Kazo event exclusively for a handful of bloggers to mingle and carry out a fun little project. Prior to the event, I hadn't explored a Kazo store before so when I stepped it and checked out the latest Summer Spring Collection 2013, it was definitely a pleasant eye-opener. The collection comprises of a number of trendy pieces as well basics which together form a great range of neons, sheers, laces and coloured denims. I do want to make a special mention of how gorgeous their range of bags are which include spacious totes, slings, and stylish doctor bags as well.
Take a look for yourself.

Peterpan collars and those lust-worthy bags!

The jaw-dropping neon sling which I am the new proud owner of!
Lots seen of the black and white trend.

Stark and stylish contrasts.

The afternoon was a delight with great company, fabulous fashion, delicious eats *specially the cupcakes!*, generous goodies and transport as well as the warm hospitality, all by Kazo team.

Along with the oohing and ahhing over the collection while munching on snacks, the little project I spoke about was for all the invited bloggers to each shoot a video where they described their essential must-haves for both a day look and a night look. Being one of those fortunate souls; I am now going to share the finished video with you lovelies so that you can hear what my must-haves are from their collection as well as check out in my first ever video on the blog!

Here are a few stills of me in action while the video was being filmed.

        Outfit details: Here

I do hope you like the post, especially the video *do let me know what you think about it!* as I myself had a great time with the lovely Kazo team and my fellow bloggers.

PS: Apart from the event, Kazo and I have collaborated for a special giveaway taking place on my facebook page where you can win goodies from Kazo worth Rs.4000! Do check it out because this is one giveaway you cannot stand to miss!



I'm not sure if you know this but I'm a lover of skirts and I have been one right from my school days. The flouncy ones, the pleated ones *my favorites!*, the mini's - I've had my fun with all of them. However, my recent discovery is bodycon skirts *My first experiment with bodycon being this peplum one here* While bodycon clothing can be risky; if pulled off well, the payoff it brings can be so much greater than the risk of wearing it.
And at the end of the day, who doesn't love a sexy little skirt !

Black tank with lace trim - GAP (London), Black Belt - Street stall (Colaba), Black tote - Mom's via Zara, Aztec achromatic skirt - Zara, Black leather pumps - Charles and Keith [previously seen here], Silver bangles - Mom's custom made, Necklace - Accessorize (London), On my eyes - Lakme Eyeconic kajal  + MAC Zoom Lash Mascara, On my nails - Jordana 'Orangesicle', On my lips - MAC 'Lady Danger' [previously seen here]

I wore this outfit for the Kazo blogger event which was a lovely afternoon 'do. Since my skirt was attention-grabbing in itself, I toned it down by keeping the rest of the outfit in black. And of course, an addition to the look with a pop of colour on the lips and nails while my hair left to natural bed-head best!

So how do you like the bodycon look? 


Snapshots::Summer Edition

As the June is here, I cannot even begin to tell you how glorious the past month of summer holidays have been. I've gotten much clarity in my life, I've gotten such unconditional love from a few people that mean the world to me, I've been fortunate enough to attend a couple of amazing events *check them out here and here* and the cherry on the cake, I've recently graduated from college with a distinction!
So while my vacation continues for a while more and the summer heat turns to monsoon showers, I wanted to do this post before all these lovely moments become somewhat of a distant memory.

Here's a look at what's been going on with me this month.

The King of Fruits becoming an almost daily affair.

Foreign goodies in the form of neons and nail varnishes!
Midnight celebrations.

Summery Brunch
The massive poster of Michael Buble that made me swoon!

Being an official live tweeter at yesterday's Super Saturday sale

Creative genius striking me to create a snap button planner cover out of an old pocket of my Topshop pants.

Me-time with Sterling Archer and evening tea.

Pretty decor at a little oriental place.

A light salad of cabbage, pistachios, pepper and dressing.
Dual 'birth-aversary' celebrations.
 All images are via my instagram.

I can't believe how fast the past month has flown by but nevertheless I'm looking forward to the next few ones to come *think: rainy mornings and hot coffee*
And to each and every one my lovely readers, thanks for always sticking around. I've got a surprise planned for you soon. Happy June!





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