Snapshots::Summer Edition

As the June is here, I cannot even begin to tell you how glorious the past month of summer holidays have been. I've gotten much clarity in my life, I've gotten such unconditional love from a few people that mean the world to me, I've been fortunate enough to attend a couple of amazing events *check them out here and here* and the cherry on the cake, I've recently graduated from college with a distinction!
So while my vacation continues for a while more and the summer heat turns to monsoon showers, I wanted to do this post before all these lovely moments become somewhat of a distant memory.

Here's a look at what's been going on with me this month.

The King of Fruits becoming an almost daily affair.

Foreign goodies in the form of neons and nail varnishes!
Midnight celebrations.

Summery Brunch
The massive poster of Michael Buble that made me swoon!

Being an official live tweeter at yesterday's Super Saturday sale

Creative genius striking me to create a snap button planner cover out of an old pocket of my Topshop pants.

Me-time with Sterling Archer and evening tea.

Pretty decor at a little oriental place.

A light salad of cabbage, pistachios, pepper and dressing.
Dual 'birth-aversary' celebrations.
 All images are via my instagram.

I can't believe how fast the past month has flown by but nevertheless I'm looking forward to the next few ones to come *think: rainy mornings and hot coffee*
And to each and every one my lovely readers, thanks for always sticking around. I've got a surprise planned for you soon. Happy June!



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