Fashion | Harsh Harsh S/S 2014

Founded in 2012 by Harsh Gupta, the label Harsh Harsh speaks of glamour coupled together with sophistication. Born in the city of Lucknow that speaks of grace, Harsh has studied on Delhi and Mumbai while receiving a number of awards including being a finalist on a design reality show.

At his recent preview of his upcoming S/S 2014 collection at a quaint little organic cafe, I was enamoured by some of his pieces from the collection. What struck me instantly was the bright use of colour - the neons, the pinks and the oranges. While brights have been in for the past few seasons, summer will probably revisit them this season too.

The structures were fitted and flowing and a maxi silhouette was the most prominent one that I noticed in his collection. In addition to the bright colours, there was the bold use of colour-blocking in a number of his garments, a trend we've gotten very acquainted to by now. Contrasting and complimentary shades were merged together in a clash.

To juxtapose his usage of neons, he used the achromatic black and white in the form of blocks of colour and stripes. The cuts and definition of the garment are clean and sharp which make for a structured and neat design.

This season's collection of Harsh Harsh is inspired by the work of a French conceptual artist Daniel Buren who is best known for his contrasting stripes and installations. In conversation with Harsh, he mentioned that he was inspired by Buren's work and strives to create a look that is sophisticated and sporty-chic at Harsh Harsh for the modern, fashion loving woman.

How did you like the collection?


Style Files | Is fashion an investment ?

It's a summer evening and I knock on the door twice to find it's already open. Pushing it, I enter in past the door, looking rather guilty. Mom catches a glimpse of my numerous packages, the look on my face and scowls at me. My brother catches sight of the bright yellow paper bags and gives me a disapproving look. *Gulp*

My account above may be partly fictitious but I certainly do know the looks I get when I arrive on the scene with more bags than necessary. Which begs the question, is the shopping we do really worth the money we spend of it? I've mentioned it before that I'm not a shopaholic. I do not drown myself in shopping at every chance I get and impulsive purchases are hardly ever my cup of tea. I prefer planning out my purchases, making a wish list of what I want and slowly striking out items, from whether I really need it in my life to whether it's not really necessary to me.

I've had this conversation with my brother, mainly to justice some silly purchases of mine. I argue that fashion is an investment so it's great to shop and he retorts that the basic concept of an investment is to garner returns on it - what returns am I getting on those new snakeskin pumps?
So maybe it is not a literal investment. But fashion does a lot more for you that just clothe you. It shows your personality without you having to say a word and it creates an image of the way you want to portray yourself to the world - whether you want to be taken seriously like an independent career woman or treated like the bubbly teen that you are. And when you get enough wear out of a piece of clothing, it becomes worth the amount you've invested in it.

So is everything you purchase an investment ? Unfortunately no. In fact, an individual tends to regularly wear only around 20% of their entire closet. I'm guilty as charged for this crime because more often than not, I find it so rewarding to just slip into my leggings and a t-shirt rather than throw on a dress. The only solution now is to shop smart. So if you're not aware of how to to do that, here's how I do it.

  • Focus on quality rather than quantity. Pour a little more into your funds than usual and spend on a quality product that will last for the ages rather than one that will tear in a few months.
  • Items that are investable are most important. I've said it before as well - pieces like trousers, jeans, shoes, and bags are those that will last you through the seasons and through all trends so even if you spend a little more on them from your favorite brand *assuming it has good quality*, it will be worth what you spend.
  • Frivolous, trendy items are not investments hence don't waste too much of your hard-earned cash on it. Go street shopping, thrifting, sale shopping or even sew it yourself for pieces that are trendy because you'll realize that in just a month or so, you won't want to take a second glance at it.
  • Splurge on pieces that have good cost per wear. Now cost per wear is the total price of the item divided by the number of times you see yourself wearing it. *Eg: If I pay Rs.2000 for a pair of jeans that I see myself wearing 3 days a week, in just a month, my cost per wear of the jeans is barely Rs.170* You see? Basically the cost per wear concept encourages you to spend on clothes that have good wearability and not something that you'll wear for a party one night and decide to donate a week later.

So I know this post was way longer than my usual ones but once I got writing, it kinda kept flowing. I really, really enjoyed writing this one and I hope you enjoyed reading it as well!
At the end of it all, I do hope that you make good fashionable investments, maybe then will the disapproving looks stop.


Get ready for Valentine's Day

It's just around the corner, dolls - you can't miss the red balloons or the oversized greeting cards. I'm talking about Valentine's day, *If you didn't already figure out by my humongous hints* the day when you can unapologetically walk around toting a large teddy bear and not be eyeballed. I've always believed that Valentines isn't just meant for your significant other but for your mom, your sibling, your grandfather, you best buddy or anyone that you treasure having in your life.

So before the day of love appears this weekend, here's how you can get prepped for it.

  •  Clothing:

This year, I'm shunning red and pink tones and am gravitating towards heart prints and motifs since I find them to be cute and appropriate for the day without being over-the-top. I've worn hearts on Style File numerous times so you can always take a page out of my book if you decide to go for it.

  • Inner wear:
If you don't love yourself, how are you supposed to love others! That being said, show yourself a little love with some pretty lingerie and inner wear from Enamor in lacy fabrics and hues of red and pink.

Enamor's Glitzies, Girlies & Trendies collections

  • Jewellery:
Your choice of jewellery can help form the rest of your look. You can keep it classy with platinum jewellery, in the form of a sweet pendant or an extravagant ring. Platinum is an amazing choice since it is pure, rare as compared to other metals and is eternals as it keeps it white colour for a lifetime and doesn't tarnish.

Platinum ring with a sapphire and diamond trail | Platinum pendant by ORRA

Or if you want to play it fun and flirty, you can do by trying out some quirky bracelets and brooches with cute love related typography designs.

Ginger 'Love' bracelet via Lifestyle | Gifted 'Hug' brooch

For your third choice, you could try a piece or two from Swarovski's Valentine collection which combines some trendy touches and classic shapes in rhodium and crystal.

Swarovski Slake bracelet | Swarovski 'Eros' pierced earrings
  • Beauty:
So neck down, you're all set to sashay out of the door. Neck up, it's time to get to work. The most obvious point is to stick to tones of red and pink in your look. And whether you're putting on a bold lip to glossy one, pink is a daytime favorite with it's light, flirty charm.

For a more glamourous touch, a striking red pout will never, ever fail. Try a deeper burgundy shade if you're feeling more adventurous.

In addition to your luscious lips, don't forget to prep your cheeks with a fresh pink and the rest of your body with a lip-smacking body butter.

Clinique blush 'Iced Lotus' | Soap and Glory's Sexy Mother Pucker lipgloss 'Punch Bowl | 
The Body Shop's Strawberry body butter | Maybelline's lip polish 'Glam 2' 

  • Accessories:
Even if you keep the rest of your look as you would on any other day, your accessories can help to spice it up just a little bit more.

Madame open-toed booties | Toteteca's Valentine's Day special collection

  • The ambiance:
While you may be gorgeous and raring to go, make sure the ambiance is as well! If you're spending your day out on the town, then you needn't be bothered but if you've got plans for a candlelit dinner with a homecooked meal, make sure you've got a comforting and cozy vibe going on with some adorable handmade paper garlands and a pretty bedspread.


Portico bedspread

Hope you enjoyed the compilations for Valentine's Day and I do hope you try some of them out!


Personal Style | My Funny Valentine

I think the days when a lady described her ideal man as tall, dark and handsome are bygone. I don't believe that ideal is perfect, it's just what's ideally best for you. After all, who needs a shiny knight riding on a white stallion when you've got one that walks you home after your classes. Who needs the long conversations about politics when you've got someone that makes you laugh. And who needs the fancy dinner together with five star treatment when you can watch a chick-flick and split a pizza.
Love can be passionate, maddening, extravagant, simple or impulsive and anything but perfect - that is the way it should be.

Photography: Raynor Pereira for Style File

Forever 21 navy blue crop top | Promod heart print skirt [Previously seen here] | Max Fashion ballet flats [Previously seen here] | Ray Ban aviators via my brother | Rimmel 'Tantrum' on my lips 

Valentine's may be just another one of those days *with a little more red and pink than usual* but there's a certain sweetness in dressing up for it like including heart prints and red lips. So this Valentine's day, even if you haven't bagged the perfect man who oozes charm and sweeps you off your feet, make sure you're grateful for the one who catches once you've been swept off!

Title Credits: My Funny Valentine by Frank Sinatra 


Style Files | India Kids Fashion Week

Recently, we attended the India Kids Fashion Week which is a one of the foremost fashion events in the country dedicated to the growing market for children. This being my first time there, I was curious as to how the event goes about with its pint-sized model and compares to it's larger scaled events like Lakme Fashion Week.

2014 was the second edition of the India Kids Fashion Week and a variety of designers including Nishka Lulla, Kanchan Bawa and Archana Kochar among many others. The fashion was shiny, sparkly, candy floss-ish and bright - just as it should be for children. And the mini models seemed  to completely revel in the shiny arc lights and runway and posed and preened for all it was worth. I was so glad to see the makeup and hair was pleasantly demure which brought out the actual innocence of the children who were behind the costumes.

My favorite collection was Sumit Das Gupta's and I found that even with rich, traditional elements that the collection had, it was suited perfectly for the little ones to showcase the playfulness and ethnicity that it contained.

There were a few celebrities like Darsheel Safary, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Sarah Jane Dias, Krystal Dsouza and Karan Tacker among others. Darsheel had now grown into a suited up little gentleman and Krystal completely dazzled as a showstopper.

Photography: Raynor Pereira for Style File

So guys, what are your thoughts on the India Kids Fashion Week ?





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