Delicate Honeysuckle

You can guess by now that the colour pink is one of my favorites. I was just checking out a couple of style sites ( - I'm a huge fan!) and fashionista's have stated that honeysuckle is going to be quite the rage in 2011!
So I've done a little research of my own.
The amazing thing about this reddish-pink shade is, it will never over-power an outfit. It blends in with the other colours and adds to the charm. If you have your doubts about whether you can pull this one off, try doing this. Wear a monotone outfit, in shades of grey, black and white. Then add an item of honeysuckle - Maybe wedges or an Alice band or bag, like this adorable Chanel sling.

On the other hand, honeysuckle is quite a gentle colour. Pulling it out of the closet is not a big risk-taking decision. That is something that makes it easy to wear. So if you're up for it, why don't you try an dress of this sort!

And apart from the usual dresses, there are other items you can experiment with in this shade: Make-up, shoes and of course, lingerie :)

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Try out this beautiful colour this spring - Go for honeysuckle.

How we love hot-shorts.

It is a known fact that the summer is synonymous with everything small and minimal. Bikinis and tanks are proof. And now with the scorching heat taking over Mumbai, I've crawled into a wardrobe staple of mine. Yes, my shorts.
The lovely thing about the weather here is, we have average temperatures, nothing too extreme. So shorts are something I love to pull up year round, whether it is with gum boots in the monsoons or with stockings and a cardigan on the not-so-chilly evenings. I now present to you a post on my personal favorite item of clothing:

The casual look: When your going for walk or an afternoon brunch, you need to look light, breezy but not under-dressed. Casual shorts can pull off that look for you.

Rachel Bilson is a style icon, not because shes always in the high-street brands like most actress', but because she manages to look so chic in whatever she wears, whether it is on the red-carpet or on a coffee run.
A light shirt or tee, a pair of comfortable denim shorts,a matching bag, belt, shoes and voila! and outfit with the right amount of casual, relaxed and chic.

The Formal look: When it comes to formals, everyone turns to skirts and dresses. Wearing a pair of elegant shorts will definitely make you the centre of attention.

With well-tailored shorts, a waist-coat and a chiffon shirt, Lauren Conrad and Sienna Miller are a perfect example of shorts as formal wear and how stylish they really can look.
All you need - A good fitting pair of shorts, a blouse, dressy shoes, and finally, a simple accessory like a bag to pull your entire outfit together.

The Beach look: The classic, hot, sexy beach look which everyone has come to know and love.

Adorable printed shorts like these are found in plentiful during this season. Whether it is in plait or Hawaiian flowers, grab one of them!

Pair printed or plain bright shorts with a tiny string bikini or a tank and you are ready to hit the beach. Don't forget your sun tan and beach mat!

So with you attire ready, what are you waiting for? Don those hot-shorts and go hit the town!

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High waist wonders.

When I was a kid, there was a Tv show on nickelodeon called 'Yakkity yak' and there used to be a character called 'Mr. High Pants' who wore his pants at his chest. And though the high waist-ed character looked ridiculous, little did I know it would eventually turn into a world-wide trend: The High Waist.
The high waist look is actually very glam and if worn correctly, can be pulled off as casuals or formals.
The history behind this is, the model took a pair of mom pants and transformed it into this chic ensemble , which I think is a major style statement. Stylish, casual and easy to wear which makes it extremely do-able.

The various fashion weeks of 2011 showcased this trend in a big way. And who said your high waist trousers have to be in dull, muted colours? You can go for bright and vibrant too!

And no one said the high-waist trend only stands for trousers. When put into practice with a skirt, it can bring about some lovely results.

The outfit above boldly states the facts; Feminine, flirty and fun-loving. It is more of a semi-formal look and could be accessorized with some pearls for a dash of girlishness. Even the bumble-bee shades match the glam look. It totally gets my seal of approval.

Mischa Barton takes the trend to another level with the bright buttoned skirt, graphic tee and ankle boots. I like the look, mainly because it shows that high-waist skirts don't always have to be girly and feminine. It brings out a more rocker chic, dark side of the trend. Well done, Mischa. It is definitely a win for you.

And the amazing side of high-waist look is, you don't just manage to look stylish but it is so very comfortable. The thing is, I'm in a high waist pair of black trousers with a summery white shirt right now. And it is very easy to pull off.
So try out this style. You might just find a new wardrobe staple :)

It might be white.

They say your basics are learned at home. Thats a truth. My mom was the first person who taught me about fashion. About vogue magazine. About electric blue 6 inch stilettos. About high waist red patent leather belts.
One basic lesson I learned - Wear Lights in summer.
And of course, the foundation itself of light coloured clothing is white. So this post pays tribute to the spotless, virginal colour that is white.White symbolised purity, beauty and freshness. Thats probably the reason its so big this summer.

The lovely thing is, it can be worn is so many different ways.

This is one of the simplest outfits I've seen but it still so well-coordinated. Everything is kept to the minimal, even the sandles.

The beauty of the colour is, it can be magically transformed into the formal clothing category with a crisp white shirt and formal shorts. Perfect for days on the job when you are required to wear formals AND you want to stay fresh, all whilst look professional.

And finally, how would life be complete without a glorious pair of shoes? When picking shoes, if you go for the white colour, stick to something strappy or else it will make you feet chunky.

Better still, opt for something in shades of silver and grey.
(Below: LAMB peep-toes)
So try it out for the week. I'm sure you'll stay fresh and stylish :)




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