How we love hot-shorts.

It is a known fact that the summer is synonymous with everything small and minimal. Bikinis and tanks are proof. And now with the scorching heat taking over Mumbai, I've crawled into a wardrobe staple of mine. Yes, my shorts.
The lovely thing about the weather here is, we have average temperatures, nothing too extreme. So shorts are something I love to pull up year round, whether it is with gum boots in the monsoons or with stockings and a cardigan on the not-so-chilly evenings. I now present to you a post on my personal favorite item of clothing:

The casual look: When your going for walk or an afternoon brunch, you need to look light, breezy but not under-dressed. Casual shorts can pull off that look for you.

Rachel Bilson is a style icon, not because shes always in the high-street brands like most actress', but because she manages to look so chic in whatever she wears, whether it is on the red-carpet or on a coffee run.
A light shirt or tee, a pair of comfortable denim shorts,a matching bag, belt, shoes and voila! and outfit with the right amount of casual, relaxed and chic.

The Formal look: When it comes to formals, everyone turns to skirts and dresses. Wearing a pair of elegant shorts will definitely make you the centre of attention.

With well-tailored shorts, a waist-coat and a chiffon shirt, Lauren Conrad and Sienna Miller are a perfect example of shorts as formal wear and how stylish they really can look.
All you need - A good fitting pair of shorts, a blouse, dressy shoes, and finally, a simple accessory like a bag to pull your entire outfit together.

The Beach look: The classic, hot, sexy beach look which everyone has come to know and love.

Adorable printed shorts like these are found in plentiful during this season. Whether it is in plait or Hawaiian flowers, grab one of them!

Pair printed or plain bright shorts with a tiny string bikini or a tank and you are ready to hit the beach. Don't forget your sun tan and beach mat!

So with you attire ready, what are you waiting for? Don those hot-shorts and go hit the town!

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Sujata said…
lovely...i love rachel bilson too!!

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