July 17, 2012

We're locked in time so let's rewind.

I've been reminiscing of late. About the blissfully innocent school days when my world was so much smaller, about friends that I couldn't be separated from, about the endless days that you wish had never ended. I wish someone had told me to savor all that a little more, to enjoy all that while it lasted. But no, at that time, being all grown up was cool. I wonder what the hype was about because when I look back at those millions of evenings cycling, the dirty white uniforms when coming home from school, the endless conversations and the hushed gossip in class; being all grown-up isn't really that cool. 
And while it is pouring buckets outside, I'm also reminiscing about the beautiful, sunny days which we've just said buh-bye to. Where light, effortless clothes were my need of the day & where I wore white jeans without any fear.

    Outfit: Blue and white sleeveless print shirt - H&M (London), White Jeans - Topshop (London), Blue and  tan tote - Birthday gift from brother (originally from Cottonworld), Tan sandals - Catwalk
Make-up: Maybelline EyeStudio Allure eyeliner, Nivea lip balm in 'Dragonfruit', Jordana nail varnish in 'Orangesicle' 

It feels lovely to be back on the blog after a short spell. And while the juggling act that I've got going on with college and my internship still continues for 2 weeks more, I'll work through it.
I hope you've been having a great week lovelies !
Talk soon!





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