Review: Maybelline Eyestudio line allure liquid eyeliner

Hello dolls,
I do hope the summer been treating you well! My holidays have been going on beautifully, thank you for asking. So coming up in this post is our beauty review for the month.

Maybelline Eyestudio line allure liquid eyeliner

Before I started this blog, I had always been a kohl girl & used eyeliner rarely *don't even get me started about the tediousness of applying a liquid one!* With time, lots of practice, and slowly experimenting with gel liners as well as liquid ones, I now use eyeliners more often than kohl - I just find it suits my eyes more.

This liquid eyeliner comes in a tube with a black body and silver screw-on cap. The packaging is neat and it tiny and portable enough to carry it around in your bag. Once opened, the liner has a hard felt tip.

Price: Rs 200

Results after using:

• Pros:
- It dries quickly and leaves a glossy finish.
- The black colour is rich.
- The staying power is good. It has lasted on me for 6- 8 hours.
- The hard felt tip is great to use. For a newbie, it will take some getting used to.
- Affordable price 

• Cons:
- It is not waterproof.
- When you try to apply a second coat of it, the first coat is removed which leaved empty spots in the middle of the line.
- After the first few hours, it flakes and you will find small black flicks of it on your lid. 

Rating: 6/10

My advice:
While Maybelline is one of my favorite companies and I use a lot of their products, this eyeliner was a let down. I like the glossy finish and the long staying power but the flaking and the double coat problem cancel out the rest of such a great product. When there are issues like this with a product, it is hard to focus on the good points of it. 

I do hope you like the review !  So what do you wear more frequently - Kohl or liners ? 

Happy Weekend dolls!


*The review above is not associated with any brand/company. The thoughts and opinions expressed above are completely my own.

White is right.

Summer and white go together hand-in-hand. Trends may come and go, but there are a few classic styles that last eternally. White, is one of those classic styles. You can dress the colour up or down. Whatever you wear it as - a dress, as a pair of jeans, as a skirt or a flowy blouse; you can be assured that when you wear white in summer, you cannot go wrong.
Whether it was here or here, I have always had this strange fascination for black and white. In times of doubt, this is one of my go-to combinations. And because they blend so beautifully, it would be a crime not to wear them together !

White embroidered tunic (worn as a dress) - Borrowed from mom, Black beaded flats - Thrift (Goa), Sunglasses - Reebok, Printed bag - Robin & Ruth (London)

This flowing dress was perfect for lunch with the family. The big sunglasses were my saviour during the entire holiday since it covers so much of my face. The braid kept my hair fuss-free for the afternoon. Matching flats and a bag seemed just right with the outfit.

So what is a combination you go to constantly ? 

Bombay is really heating up right now. But with french toast breakfasts, lazy afternoons, shopping sprees and my favorite company, I can't complain. Holidays, I'm so glad you came ❥


Inspiration: Emma Stone

The first word that comes to mind when I see Emma Stone is versatility. Because this Hollywood superstar proclaims that. With every single outfit she wears, she seems to have a completely new look. She, my friends, is a fashion chameleon. It is amazing to see the transformation at every single appearance of hers.

Another thing that amazes me about Emma is her age - She is just 23 and has already made it big in Hollywood! Her first taste of stardom came in 2004 with a VH1 talent show, In Search of the New Partridge Family. From then on, with appearances on TV shows like Malcolm in the Middle to being included in FHM's 100 sexiest women in the world to being one of the 20 Funniest Women in Movies; Emma Stone now has a hottie for a boyfriend and a bright career ahead of her.

After my first post in the inspiration series, I decided that the second part had to be done & beautiful, funny Emma seemed like the best person for it. My favorite outfit of hers is the one with the grey dress and red shoes as well as the first one with the smokey eyes. When Emma is concerned its hard to be decisive in terms of style, you see.
Have you ever admired Emma's style ? So which of her pictures is your favorite ? 

I'll be back with a new outfit soon! Have a lovely weekend dolls!


The doppler effect.

Closets can be surprising. There are times when you've got a big occasion coming up, so you open the door and stare into your closet, scanning it thoroughly with your eyes much like the Terminator. *It is a little odd that I'm making a terminator reference on a style blog* But no, sometimes even the terminator cannot win. In a closet full of clothes, you just cannot find even a single piece of clothing which will look perfect for that special day. It can be infuriating.
Then there are the good days, when you seem to brimming with inspiration and every piece you remove from your closet seems to be something you can revamp and restyle. Really, closets can be surprising.
I've had my depressing terminator days and the great surprising ones in plenty. On one such good day, I was packing for a holiday and found these trousers *which are like a visual representation of a physics principle called the doppler effect - look it up* I had never worn them before and it was a shame because they were great for the hot weather and were incredibly comfortable. That's when I decided that the doppler pants must be put into action.

Outfit: White shirt - Thrift (bandra), Vertical striped trousers - Topshop (london), Wedges - Ginger
Makeup: Lips - NYX lip liner '817 Hot Red', Eyes - Maxfactor kohl

Since they were striped pants, I kept it simple with a plain white shirt and black wedges. Red lips with kohl-ed eyes are a great addition and make almost any outfit look great. The location is at a beautiful church in Goa. 

Hope the summer has been treating you well ! Take care dolls & I'll see you soon!


Trend report: Colour oddities

I have heard the term 'colour-blocking' at least 1649327 times till date. And if you agree with me on this dolls, prepare for the 1649328th time.
In the summer of 2011 when I was a blogging newbie, 'colour-blocking' was the first real trend that I had heard of. I did try my hand at it a couple of times, usually pairing a bright colour which screamed for attention with a neutral which made me feel safe. I wanted to experiment with this fascinating new trend but not go overboard with it and look like I fell into a rainbow. Enter summer of 2012 and this vibrant trend is still around *bigger and badder than before, might I say* While last year was all about becoming aware of it and not going too crazy with it, the trend this year runs in the opposite direction. We usually pick just one or two colours that generally look good together when we're trying it out - like red and blue or green and blue. With a little scouring around the internet, I found a few examples of colour-blocking that not only use a tonne of different colours, but also took such odd colour combinations and made them look so vivacious.



Camilla Belle in teal, purple and orange

Who said colour-blocking was just for clothes and shoes ?

Kim Kardashian in purple, gold, orange and aquamarine

Prabal Gurung '11


So did you enjoy the burst of vibrancy ? I sure did. Bright colours have a natural way of making anyone feel happier. As colour-blocking takes charge this summer, be prepared to be smiling all summer long!
Which was your favorite picture ? Mine were the second last and last one. Purple and blue are a combination that I would have never even imagined and well the last one because *looks up at picture* they are so drool-worthy, I don't think I even need to give a reason. 
This summer, lets all get brighter and bolder and take colour-blocking to the max! I plan to, and you ?


Fluffy bunnies & Easter eggs

So how have you spent this beautiful, festive Easter day, dolls ? I spent it with family, friends, my loved ones and a tonne of chocolate. And it could not get any better !
Beyond the image of vibrantly decorated Easter eggs & fluffy white bunnies bouncing around, Easter is much more than that. Along with the resurrection of Christ, Easter is like a fresh new start. Sort-of like New Years. A time for leaving the bad things behind and for starting life anew. So as an Easter resolution *it isn't a 'thing' but just go with me*, I intend on doing just that by loving my favorite people more than ever, by leaving the past in the past, by living in the moment, by being thankful for everything I'm blessed with.

Outfit: Sheer butterfly blouse with peter pan collar & Black stilettos - Zara
Black tank top & White skinny jeans - Topshop (London)
Make-up: Eyes - Maybelline gel liner, Lips- Avon 'true rose', Nails - OPI 'Ink'

I love that this outfit heralds summer so majorly! Sheer, a trend which has been in the limelight since fall, is perfect for the heat because it is so light. When white skinny jeans and black stilettos meet sheer in the prettiest print, you can be sure that an adorable outfit will be born.  I've always had a thing for fuchsia lips - I think it is a lovely shade for the Indian skin-tone. Hope you like the outfit and had a lovely day.

So a very happy and blessed Easter to each and every one of you and your families.



So dolls,
I reached Bombay a couple of hours ago. Even though I had the best time on holiday, nothing in the world can feel like home. The darkness of the early morning, the smell of elaichi infused in chai from a tea stall and the prayers from a nearby mosque - the sights, the sounds and the smells only Bombay can offer you. I missed this.
Goa was awesome. When a holiday is filled with sunlight streaming in your bedroom, beautiful beaches, restaurants, quiet afternoons, late breakfasts on a wicker swing and peaceful, starry nights - I think you can term that as perfect.
So here goes the first outfit post on holiday.

Dress - Rare (London)

This dress which mixes polka dots, splotches and some more designs I can't find a name for, defines 'holiday'. It feels so breezy and happy to wear. And with those neon yellow and blue spots, it is a perfect fit for the Indian Fashion Bloggers Neon Remix. Today is the last day so enter in quick!
I missed you guys like tonnes and honestly it feels amazing to be back on the blog. I've got lots planned for the upcoming posts and the layout of the blog so brace yourself.
And if there is one thing I can end this up with, it is, Home is where the heart is. Really.





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