April 17, 2012

The doppler effect.

Closets can be surprising. There are times when you've got a big occasion coming up, so you open the door and stare into your closet, scanning it thoroughly with your eyes much like the Terminator. *It is a little odd that I'm making a terminator reference on a style blog* But no, sometimes even the terminator cannot win. In a closet full of clothes, you just cannot find even a single piece of clothing which will look perfect for that special day. It can be infuriating.
Then there are the good days, when you seem to brimming with inspiration and every piece you remove from your closet seems to be something you can revamp and restyle. Really, closets can be surprising.
I've had my depressing terminator days and the great surprising ones in plenty. On one such good day, I was packing for a holiday and found these trousers *which are like a visual representation of a physics principle called the doppler effect - look it up* I had never worn them before and it was a shame because they were great for the hot weather and were incredibly comfortable. That's when I decided that the doppler pants must be put into action.

Outfit: White shirt - Thrift (bandra), Vertical striped trousers - Topshop (london), Wedges - Ginger
Makeup: Lips - NYX lip liner '817 Hot Red', Eyes - Maxfactor kohl

Since they were striped pants, I kept it simple with a plain white shirt and black wedges. Red lips with kohl-ed eyes are a great addition and make almost any outfit look great. The location is at a beautiful church in Goa. 

Hope the summer has been treating you well ! Take care dolls & I'll see you soon!





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