Surviving the monsoons: Beauty essentials

This week Bombay finally welcomed the monsoons. And while the thought of the sweet smell of wet mud wafting through your window as you stare out with a cup of elaichi tea in your hand seems amazing; the monsoons can be quite a task to deal with. There is frizzy hair and murky puddles to handle too!
In this post, I'll be talking about the beauty essentials that I find necessary to use especially during this season.

Let's take a look now, shall we?

These are a few products that I use especially in this weather *of course, I use during other seasons and so can you!* They help with my skin, hair and face during this erratic weather.

1 - Maybelline ColourSensational in 'Luminous Beige'
2 - ColorBar Waterproof Eyeliner in 'Black'
3 - Matrix Biolage Smoothening Serum
4 - Nivea Express Hydration
5 - Nike Body Mist in 'Up or Down' 
6 - The Body Shop Waterproof Mascara
7 - Palmers Lip Butter
8 - Sparkley hair tie
9 - Tic tac clips

Hair can get incredible frizzy during this season so it is a great idea to use a hydrating shampoo *Herbal Essence's Hello Hydration does wonders for me* and a serum (#3) In terms of makeup, you don't want to end up looking like a wet mess so tone it down this season. I like using my favorite nude lipstick (#1) or a simple clear lip balm (#7) and I stick to waterproof cosmetics (#6 and #2) as much as possible. It can get quite sticky with this weather so make sure you scrub-a-dub your body properly and moisturize (#4) Perspiration can also prove to be a problem so make sure you use a perfume or deodorant that smells pleasant and stays for long hours (#5) And with surprise showers raining down on you, keep your wet hair off your face by trying a stylish updo or a basic bun with a few tiny little necessities (#8 and #9)

So I do hope you liked the new post - I've got a next part of this series coming soon too! If you would like to know any details or a review of any of the products above, do tell me - I'd be happy to hear your feedback!

Happy Weekend lovelies!


Worn out places, worn out faces.

Everyone has one of those days where dressing up just seems like so much of an effort, where getting up from your bed is a pain and all you want to do is lounge in front of the TV with a bag of fried munchies..well, this was one of those days for me. With even getting dressed seeming like such a daunting task, the usual strokes of eye makeup was out of the question . So I turned to colours to save the day and of course, the plain white t-shirt, something I cannot live without.

White tshirt - Thrift (Bandra), Red ethnic print skirt and Red kolhapuri slippers - Local Boutique (Jaipur), Sunglasses - Vero Moda

So you're probably thinking; if I was so lack-luster then, why bother to blog about the outfit? It's because for one, the look turned out to be pretty cute *even though I picked it out in a sub-conscious state!* and mainly because, I want to shed some light on the fact that everyone has off-days - days when you cant barely stay awake, days when you cry for no reason, days when you snap at almost everyone. But it's ok. You don't have to let that get you down though. You can always do something to make yourself feel better *in my case, wearing the bright outfit on a sunny morning spent with le bestie* and before you know it, you'll feel all better!
Its almost mid-week and I'm already aching for the weekend - Sale season begins soon *woot!* Hope you've been having a great week so far dolls -Talk soon!


Style File: Tony Awards

There is so much of importance given to the Oscars every year, we kind of forget that there are other award ceremonies too; the Tony awards being one of them. The Tony Awards which are actually known as the Antoinette Perry Awards mainly recognizes excellence in live Broadway theater and gives out awards for the same. This year, the Tony Awards took place on the 10th of June 2012 at the Beacon Theater in NYC. And while we may not be too aware of the events of the Tony's,  the stars flock to this function because of their support for the Arts and because many of today's stars have quite a rich background in theater.
And yeah, everyone dresses really pretty too!

Lets take a look at some of the attendees:

Laura Bell Bundy

Beth Behrs

Laura Osnes

Jim Parsons

Amanda Seyfried

Ashley Spencer

Jessica Chastain

Sheryl Crowe

Cynthia Nixon

Neil Patrick Harris

Audra McDonald

My favorite outfit goes to Laura Osnes with that majestic peacock embellished bustier and well, no one carries a tuxedo quite well as Neil Patrick Harris. Plus Jim Parsons, more popularly known as everyone's favorite Sheldon Cooper, looks adorable !
What's your favorite ? And is there any awards ceremony (Oscars excluded) that you like to follow?

I'm so happy that the weekend is finally here! I'm looking forward to quiet one this weekend - with a lunch, the family and hopefully a rainy Sunday morning!

Talk soon dolls,

How to: The Little White Dress

Now ladies, we all know how iconic the little black dress is but its time to tuck it at the back of your closet. Why, you ask? Well I've got a question for you first. What suits the hot summer and the humid monsoons, looks great at any time of the day and is a fresh new take on fashion ? It is the Little White Dress. That's why.
The spring of 2012 brought along with it the Little White Dress, a fresh new addition to the fashion scene. Swiftly enough, the humble white number gained popularity by celebrities and style bloggers alike; reason being, it was such a refreshing and versatile piece. And if you were of the opinion that the Little White Dress was drab and mundane, it's time to think again. 
I am a little late in posting this but nevertheless, I'm going to show you how to reinvent one dress in order to wear it in 4 different ways at 4 different times of the day.





I myself have never tried my hand at remixing a dress in so many different ways before. It just goes to show that you don't always need new clothes for every occasion. Remixing can be so stylish and affordable! My favorite look is the evening look - I have a fondness for fuschia lipstick and the way it looks on me. Plus, black and gold are always such a great combination.  Since it is the first time I have done a post like this, I do hope you liked it and if you want the outfit details for any of the above, feel free to ask me in the comments.

So what about you, what's your favorite ?

We're midway through the week - hope everything is going great with you dolls! I do hope the weekend gets here sooner than soon !


Trend report: Chevron

The first glimpse I ever got of chevron was when the Missoni for Target collection was launched. And at that point, I didn't even know the odd pointy-stripe print was called chevron. From that point on, during the spring and summer of 2012, chevron became a big such a huge hit and was all over skirts, bags and accessories. The lovely part about the chevron print is that; it is such a whimsical take from the stripes we usually see and it has the capability of combining so many colours in that one little print and well, you can't not love colours now, can you!
So dolls, lets take a look at some amazing chevron printed beauties !












Each of these beauties are making me lust after chevron, a print I still haven't gotten hold off. My favorite is the first one - the sunny skirt and another is, the navy and white kaftan like dress. What's yours?

And finally, its Saturday ! It finally rained this morning and although I'm not the monsoons biggest fan, I'm looking forward to staying indoors and watching it rain with a mug of hot chocolate. This weekend I'm planning on catching up on some blog reading, getting some work done and hanging out in the evening!

Have a lovely weekend beautiful *yes, I'm talking to you!*


Simpler times

I've said this time and again and here I go saying it once more; I love style that is simple. Why? Because there is something about simplicity that draws me near. Have you seen how magical a wedding is when the bride wearing a white knee length dress on a secluded beach with a handful of friends? Or how a simple black dress with just a string of pearls can look so elegant? Simplicity is effortless, minimal and so crisp. Whether its a good old ham and cheese sandwich for lunch or my favorite plain white t-shirt; simplicity is sometimes the best route you can take.

Outfit: Heart print asymmetrical top - Local Boutique (Colaba), Blue Jeans - Pepe Jeans London, Black sequined mojris - Local boutique (Jaipur), Silver cuff - Custom made (London)
Makeup: Eyes - Maybelline EyeStudio Allure eyeliner, Lips - Nivea lipbalm 'Dragonfruit', Nails - Jordana 'Orangesicle'

On this particular day, Simplicity was key with the days busy agenda and sultry weather. And what better way to face the day that with a light summery blouse and easy blue jeans.

I've had the busiest week and it's going to be that way for a while. I don't say this often enough but the blog is so lucky to have such an amazing photographer who is the most talented person I know *PS: You're so brilliant - Thank you love ❤* And to all my readers; thank you for all the love and support - You guys mean the world to me.

See you soon lovelies !



Hi dolls,
I hope everything has been going great with you. My holidays are coming to a close and honestly, my life has never been this hectic. And guess what, I'm savoring each moment of this.
So for today; lets keep aside the eyeliner and the pretty skirt and focus on a few other things I've loved & snapped in the recent past, a lot of that being some delicious food.

Ready to take a peek into my life ? Well then, let's go!

A basket of sunshine with these lovely yellow flowers at the market.

Mozzarella on Garlic Bread - One of my favorite snacks ! 

Make-up being done for an amazing upcoming project !

Hash-browns, Chicken sausages and scrambled eggs. 

The new mat in my house, won as a giveaway prize :)

Grains of wheat taken by my skilled brother !

Taking a tea-break at work with a cup of Cranberry and Orange Tea.

Tangerine nails with gold splashes !

My favorite picture is the basket of flowers - It is so vibrant and happy which sums up this summer perfectly. What about you?
We've arrived at the weekend guys - I'm planning on a late morning, meeting my bestie and catching up with some Sims 3.

So how did you like this new post - did you enjoy seeing something which wasn't fashion related on the blog ? I'd love to hear your feedback !

Happy Weekend lovelies !


She's the man

There is a point of time where the ribbons, the bows and all the girl elements of the world can get to be a little too much. It is at that point of time that androgyny comes to the rescue. Androgyny refers to the intertwining of masculine and feminine characteristics. With respect to androgynous fashion; you have got to agree, every once in a while wearing that large cotton shirt or those sneakers have never felt better and more comfortable.
Since there is a fine line between adding masculinity to your look and looking manly, the tricky part about incorporating androgynous elements into your outfit is being able to balance between the two sides. 

Outfit: Checked Shirt - Stolen from my brother (Originally - Thrift), Cream Skirt - Zara, Tan Oxfords - Local Boutique (Bandra), Tan Bag - Borrowed from Mom (Originally - Selfridges, London), Silver Bracelets - Custom made, Watch - Vintage (Originally - Belonged to Grandpa)
Make-up: Eyes - Maybelline EyeStudio Allure Liner, Lips - Nivea Lip Balm 'Dragon-fruit', Nails - OPI 'Madagascar Mist'

The end of my vacations are here and just when I thought I would wave goodbye to the holidays on a lazy note; like the flick of a switch, everything changed. With an amazing internship on my plate, things have gone from sleepy to active. And with so many new changes happening, I cannot help but be excited for what is to come.
Hope the summer has been good to you dolls !





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