June 4, 2012

She's the man

There is a point of time where the ribbons, the bows and all the girl elements of the world can get to be a little too much. It is at that point of time that androgyny comes to the rescue. Androgyny refers to the intertwining of masculine and feminine characteristics. With respect to androgynous fashion; you have got to agree, every once in a while wearing that large cotton shirt or those sneakers have never felt better and more comfortable.
Since there is a fine line between adding masculinity to your look and looking manly, the tricky part about incorporating androgynous elements into your outfit is being able to balance between the two sides. 

Outfit: Checked Shirt - Stolen from my brother (Originally - Thrift), Cream Skirt - Zara, Tan Oxfords - Local Boutique (Bandra), Tan Bag - Borrowed from Mom (Originally - Selfridges, London), Silver Bracelets - Custom made, Watch - Vintage (Originally - Belonged to Grandpa)
Make-up: Eyes - Maybelline EyeStudio Allure Liner, Lips - Nivea Lip Balm 'Dragon-fruit', Nails - OPI 'Madagascar Mist'

The end of my vacations are here and just when I thought I would wave goodbye to the holidays on a lazy note; like the flick of a switch, everything changed. With an amazing internship on my plate, things have gone from sleepy to active. And with so many new changes happening, I cannot help but be excited for what is to come.
Hope the summer has been good to you dolls !





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