We've always been the red, white and grey.

 Hi dolls,
How was the past week? Good I hope because my vacations are going pretty damn awesome! I really didn't expect to do this post, but once this laid-back outfit was worn - I decided that it must be posted.
    There was this time where I never liked to experiment, with clothes or make-up or anything, for that matter. But the past few months since I've started blogging; the pretty posts, the unexpected combinations, the new trends (and a little push from my bestie), all kind of influenced me to think outside the box - to think beyond wearing a pair of jeans & a t-shirt to college. And I haven't lost my basic style but I've experimented and added more pizazz to it !
The old me was never too fond of grey as a colour. However, the new me has seen the beauty & versatility of the delicate and demure colour. Thats why I tried the shade in this post  and That is also why I've grown to love this t-shirt. And not to fear, you'll see a lot of more grey in my outfits from now on :)
It was my childhood friends birthday and since it was a casual affair, I made sure I dressed all easy-breezy. Take a look at what I wore :

British flag t-shirt - Zara, Denim shorts - Levis, Gladiators - Thrifted

Excuse the wide grins and about-to-laugh faces. For some weird reason, we were all very giggly. Well, thats what birthdays are about right? The people you are closest to, laughter and cake.
I've got outfits to come so dont worry, I'll be back sooner than soon.
Have a great Sunday dolls!


Raw silk and sparklers.

If there is one festival that every corner of India celebrates, it is Diwali. Sparkly fireworks, delicious mithai and glittery clothes sum up the activity of the few days. Religiously, Diwali isn't a festival I celebrate but I remember as a little girl, a few of us used to bring out a few boxes of sparklers and innocently enjoy the brightness and joy that the sparklers and the festival brings.
The other day while I was doing this outfit post, I peeped outside from the top of the building, and I saw a couple of kids carrying a box of sparklers. It felt like childhood all over again.

Gold Hairpin - I made it, Grey ganji - Forever New, Pale yellow lace midi - My grandmother made it,
Brown belt - Singapore, Sandles - Local boutique,
Yellow raw silk purse - I made it. If you like it, you can buy one too! Check out Sunkissed for more deets!

I've never tried this colour combination before. It is such an unexpected yet amazing one. I've wanted to wear this skirt for quite a while and Diwali looked like a perfect opportunity, not just for a new skirt but for new resolutions too :)
And guys, this year, try to lessen the use of fireworks; We need to do our bit for the environment!
Have a safe, happy, beautiful Diwali dolls.

The office.

The Office is a comedy TV series which revolves around a few central characters, namely a vain boss and a couple of quirky colleagues who each have their own oddities. Apart from them; hilarious meetings, alcoholic office-mates, mistaken fires and office romances are a constant source of laughter.
I followed The Office religiously for the longest time, watching around 5 of the total 8 seasons. But then with my attention finding other sources to keep it busy ( namely Dexter, House MD, Gossip Girl and a tonne of other shows ) I lost the link in the show and I never really went back to it.
With my holidays just beginning, I'm finally catching up on the past few months of TV that I have missed. It feels amazing. And apart from just lazy afternoons spent with my laptop, I've started purchasing a few things that have been on my mental checklist for a while - A pair of wedges, a go-to lipstick and somethings in tune with Fall. But don't you worry, all my buys will appear in the posts to come.
Also, I wasn't just aimlessly rambling about TV shows - My little speech about The Office IS connected to my outfit post. *And you thought I was going crazy, didn't you!* At least the name is connected.
       I've always loved Formals. I love the professionalism, the style and the chicness that Formals convey. I also love when woman takes a formal, business-like attire and pulls it off with grace and beauty. I had an interview this day and I was more than delighted to don my formals.

Dont mind my puffy slippers and colourful bag in the background :D
My adorable bag, my hair on a great hair day and my belt !

White tee - Westside, High waist gingham skirt - Ralph Lauren, Bow bag - Zara, Belt - Thrift, 
Bow ballet flats -  Local boutique

The moment I put these pictures together, I knew that this post had to be named after a much loved, hilarious TV show.
Hope October has been treating you well dolls!
So how do I look?


Zebra tote.

Hey dolls,
My exams are done and finally, holidays are here.  I am officially in *bliss* mode. Now on, I'm all yours :)
The past three days have shown some odd weather - The days started off well and in the evening there were heavy, heavy showers. Yesterday, I was at a wedding outdoors and everyone had their fingers crossed when the sky turned dark early in the evening. And would you believe it? There was not a drop of rain! In an hour or so, the dark clouds disappeared.  Now thats a miracle.
It may be fall but Mumbai does not seem to think so. I'm still dressing up as I normally would since there is not even a hint of chillier weather. Lets just cross our fingers and hope that in the weeks to come, I can bring out the knits and cardigans.
When I was smaller, on my Saturdays, I used to regularly eating a pastry called 'Zebra Tote' after picking my brother from school. The other day, when I wore this, it didn't have anything to do with the delicious chocolate pastry but the name of it seemed to fit this outfit.

Striped tee - M&S, Pink Bandeau - Triumph, Pink belt - stolen from mom, White skinnies - Topshop, Black ballet flats - local boutique.

Each piece of this outfit just seemed so apt for each other. I wonder how I haven't worn it all together before. The departure of the rains also introduces you to one of my favorite pair of jeans - My white skinnies which fit like a dream.

Anyway, in the days to come, I'll be online. So you ever wanna drop in, give my outfits a looksey, talk to me about anything in the world or just say Hi, join me at Sunkissed

 I hope you are happy to see me back here because I really missed this and I am so, so happy to be here.
Will be back soon. Very soon, like The Flash. So soon, that you wont even notice I left :D




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