The office.

The Office is a comedy TV series which revolves around a few central characters, namely a vain boss and a couple of quirky colleagues who each have their own oddities. Apart from them; hilarious meetings, alcoholic office-mates, mistaken fires and office romances are a constant source of laughter.
I followed The Office religiously for the longest time, watching around 5 of the total 8 seasons. But then with my attention finding other sources to keep it busy ( namely Dexter, House MD, Gossip Girl and a tonne of other shows ) I lost the link in the show and I never really went back to it.
With my holidays just beginning, I'm finally catching up on the past few months of TV that I have missed. It feels amazing. And apart from just lazy afternoons spent with my laptop, I've started purchasing a few things that have been on my mental checklist for a while - A pair of wedges, a go-to lipstick and somethings in tune with Fall. But don't you worry, all my buys will appear in the posts to come.
Also, I wasn't just aimlessly rambling about TV shows - My little speech about The Office IS connected to my outfit post. *And you thought I was going crazy, didn't you!* At least the name is connected.
       I've always loved Formals. I love the professionalism, the style and the chicness that Formals convey. I also love when woman takes a formal, business-like attire and pulls it off with grace and beauty. I had an interview this day and I was more than delighted to don my formals.

Dont mind my puffy slippers and colourful bag in the background :D
My adorable bag, my hair on a great hair day and my belt !

White tee - Westside, High waist gingham skirt - Ralph Lauren, Bow bag - Zara, Belt - Thrift, 
Bow ballet flats -  Local boutique

The moment I put these pictures together, I knew that this post had to be named after a much loved, hilarious TV show.
Hope October has been treating you well dolls!
So how do I look?



So stylish ! Loving the look :) :D
FashionPhD said…
thats such a cute skirt!

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