Style File + India Circus | At home with India Circus

As someone who spends a large chunk of her time getting work done in the coziness of her home, I feel like every once in a while, it needs a change in its appearance. I'm certain we all have our favorite spots in our houses - from the breakfast nook to the work station. So when I got the chance to collaborate with India Circus for a lifestyle post, I was excited about what was to come.

India Circus is a contemporary design label by designer Krsna Mehta that offers affordable, Indo-centric and sophisticated designs in a large variety of lifestyle products from home decor to apparel to personal accessories. With vibrancy of colours, modern sensibilities and nuanced heritage of designs, the brand takes inspiration from the flora and fauna around us as well as the Mughal era and India's cityscape.

Website navigation and purchase: The India Circus website is neat and colourful. With detailed drop-down menus on the homepage, the website is easy to navigate and search for a specific product. A major feature of the website which I found extremely useful is the online messaging tab. When I was confused about sizes and styles of my cushions and mugs, an online assistant was helpful and prompt to clear any confusion I had.

Packaging: My package arrived in exactly 5 business days in perfect condition. Apart from all items being double wrapped, my fragile mugs were in sturdy boxes and all of my items arrived in mint condition, without a scratch.

Prices: The prices of the products on India Circus are expensive. However, the quality of the products as well as the variety and design of them more than make up for them.

Products: The products get full marks from me and look just as they are on the website. The quality of materials used for my laptop cover and cushions are sturdy, soft and neatly stitched.

Feel of the website and the products: Quirky, sophisticated, classy.


What I liked:

  • The amazing variety of home decor, personal accessories, lifestyle and apparel products available. 
  • The unique and quirky product designs and style which they are popularly known for.
  • The high-quality products that they retail.
  • The online messaging tab helps to clear any confusion regarding sizes, colours and availability instantly!
What I didn't like:
  • The prices of their products are expensive. However, the quality of these products and variety available are worth it.

                                                                                     Concept, Styling & Photography: Dayle Pereira

Website and product rating: 9/10

My advice: I definitely recommend India Circus to everyone, especially those who have a unique and quirky Indian taste!

Disclaimer: The above post is sponsored but the opinions expressed are honest and of my own.


Personal Style | Daylight

Some days bring out the best in you. You wake up bright and early, have a nutritious breakfast and take on the day gung-ho. 2014 has got me trying hard to make all days like that. Ever so often, I end up watching too many episodes of Girls the night before which can make the next morning an ordeal *that comes with complimentary dark circles* but when I am actually successful at it, I feel like starting the day afresh does wonders for me and peaks my productivity.

Forever 21 blue skater dress | Street stall {Colaba} tan slim belt | Crocs blue sneakers | Gifted tan tote via Zara | On my lips - Bourjois '#02 Fuchsia'  |  On my nails - L'Oreal 'Versailles Gold' 

                                                                                            Photography: Raynor Pereira for Style File

On those days when the schedule never seems to end, I give the heels a miss. While they certainly are a girls best friend, sneakers have a special place in my heart and these babies compliment my entire look brilliantly and give it a great sporty chic vibe while making it possible for me to run around.

Here's to more refreshed mornings *I hope!* and personal style outfits that combine comfy and chic!


Personal Style | Neoteric

We are 14 days into 2014 and my new year has started off on a swell note!
Along with getting the chance to collaborate with a handful of amazing brands, it is also awards season on the Hollywood horizon so a warm cuppa and the Golden Globes make for a perfect night in.The festive season also spills over into the new month which makes the parties and events all the more enticing. And on that crisp note, along with juggling my new years resolutions *nothing extraordinary really, the usual health and happiness kind of stuff*, I could not be any more thankful to each and every one of you for the brilliant year that was and hopefully, the phenomenal year to come.

Black peplum dress - Chica {London} | Black ankle-strap stilettos - Zara [previously seen here] | Satin box clutch - Local store {Bandra} | Gold and diamond necklace - Custom made | On my lips - Maybelline 'Luminous Beige' + Lakme Starshine lipgloss '27' | On my nails - Barry M '289'

                                                                                     Photography: Raynor Pereira for Style File

I have this affinity for a little black dress during the festive season, with an added touch of lace or, in this case, peplum to add an edge to it. Pairing the dress with gold accents through the accessories added a royal touch to the entire ensemble. I finished off the look with a gold smokey eye, beachy curls and a nude lip.
I think it's the perfect look to start the year off - royalty with a modern touch.
Hope you like it!

PS: Just a few hours before the Style File + Crocs contest ends! Make sure you join in!


Style File + Flipkart | My top ten essentials from the Flipkart Women's Lifestyle store

I've previously told you about how I've had those days when I've stared hard into my closet, but found nothing to wear. So when I saw the new Flipkart Women's Lifestyle video, I related to it instantly because sometimes those jeans are too tight or that shirt is too 'jhatak'. When your closet fails you, turn to the Flipkart Women's Lifestyle store.
From personal experience, Flipkart has always been the trusted website to purchase gadgets and the latest novels because of their speedy delivery *most of the time, they reach even before the prescribed time!* and their quality packaging which made sure my gadgets reached home in mint condition. So when I dropped in to check out their new women's lifestyle store - the easy navigation around the site allowed for quick discoverability of anything under the sun, from makeup to handbags!

Today, I've picked the top ten fashion essentials that every woman has got to have in her closet, all of which are easily available at the Flipkart Women's Lifestyle store:

  • Killer red heels: Red goes with anything and hence, a pair of red heels will go with anything. Whether you throw them together for a cocktail dress or tailored trousers, they will make you stand out of the crowd.

  • The bright blouse: Sometimes, a bright and happy blouse can work wonders on your mood and can uplift you completely. For results, try this on a Monday morning. 

  • The black bag: Apart from your home, this is the second place where your whole world exists. A roomy black bag *especially like this one with tiny hardware* can store your world inside, match all your formal look and look exceptionally stylish.

  • The fun dress: Whether it's a brunch date or a walk in the park, every woman needs that dress that she can just throw on and look fantastic in. Pick one with medium or micro sized prints to amp up the fun quotient of your look.

  • Neutral heels: They are the lifesavers of the shoe world and come to your rescue when you feel like you are too short and when no footwear seems to match your outfit. Not only do are they comfortable with their kitten heels but neutral heels like these match everything that you throw on.

A black and white top: The black and white combination hasn't just been riding a wave of popularity in 2013 but is in fact, a versatile option as well. Polka dots are of course, my personal favorite but most black and white prints look fabulous with bright skirts and coloured bottoms.

A sequin top: The sequin top is the epitome of party wear and can even be dressed down for a casual look! While you can pair the town silver in a sequin number like this, throwing on a denim jacket and a pair of leggings with it are great for an afternoon lunch.

Black flats: These are the flats that you can live in. They match just about any outfit of yours, any bag, any look and have the bonus of being extremely comfortable. Plus, when they're loafers like these, they'll definitely amp up your style quotient.

The bright bag: Girls just want to have fun and this handbag says that out loud. It's a handy pick for those enjoyable evenings when all your look or your mood needs is a bright pop of colour.

The Little Black Dress: Last but not least, it's every lists favorite - the little black dress. More fondly known as the 'LBD', the dress looks good on everyone and on everything and one with a dash of embellishment on it can only to its charm. 

I hope you like my essentials - why don't you share with me what you like from the Flipkart Women's Lifestyle store!

*Disclaimer: The above post is sponsored but the opinions expressed are honest and of my own


Beauty | Maybelline Lip Polish 'Glam 2' Review

While an amazing ongoing giveaway from Crocs & Style File has started off your new year, next in line is a fun review of a brand new product from Maybelline India - the Lip Polish.

Packaging: The lip polish comes in a transparent plastic tube with a silver screw-on cover. The attached doe-foot applicator is soft and makes for easy application.

Price: Rs.450

Product: The product is creamy and smooth to apply on ones lips and has a glossy finish. It is quite pigmented, is opaque enough to give your lips good coverage  and contains micro shimmer in it as well. The shade is a pleasant pink with a tinge of coral which I associate as a fresh, summery colour and I didn't detect any particular fragrance from the product. 

Feel of the Product: Cute and hassle-free

The Lip Polish Range comes in 15 shades and is easily available at all Maybelline kiosks and counters.


What I liked:
  • The smoothness and creaminess of the product makes it extremely easy to apply.
  • The medium pigmentation gives good coverage to your lips.
  • The product lasts for approximately 4-5 hours on my lips (with eating and drinking ) before I need to reapply.
  • The lip polish is tiny and portable enough to easily slip into your clutch.

What I did not like:
  •  The product tends to settle into the creases after a while.

                                                                                             Photography: Dayle Pereira for Style File


My advice:
The Maybelline lip polish is a great addition to any make-up stash - It's smooth, creamy and it's available in 15 different shades to suit you best! Go for it!

*Disclaimer: The above post is sponsored but the opinions expressed are honest and of my own.


Style File + Crocs New Year Giveaway [Closed]

Happy 2014, beautiful people! It is just the second day of the year and already, I have a surprise that will make you happy! Since all of us want to start the year ahead on the right foot, there is no better way to begin than with a wonderful giveaway brought to you by Crocs for Style File.

Crocs began its operations in 2007 and is now available in more than 15 Indian cities from over 300 multi-brand outlets! All Croc shoes feature the material Croslite which make their shoes soft, lightweight, comfortable and odor-resistant. While they are known for their popular clog pattern, they have a variety of sneakers, sandals and boots in over 300 distinct shoe styles.

So the rules are simple as ever:

  • Follow Style File on Facebook HERE
  • Follow Style File on Twitter HERE

Once you complete these 2 simple rules, to enter the giveaway all you have to do is:

Comment on THIS PICTURE and 

  • Tell me what is your favorite pair of shoes and why. 
  • Tag 3 friends in the comment.

The best part of the giveaway is Multiple Entries are Allowed! So you can comment with as many entries as you like as long as you tag 3 friends of yours in each comment. PS: Crocs is a unisex brand with great shoes for males as well so make your boyfriends, husbands and male friends join in the happiness of the giveaway and tag them too!

The contest is valid to residents of India only and will close on the 15th of January, 2014 at 12 noon. The most interesting answer will be picked as the winning entry and the chosen winner will receive a surprise pair of shoes from Crocs.
So don't wait a second longer and join in now!





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