Beauty | Maybelline Lip Polish 'Glam 2' Review

While an amazing ongoing giveaway from Crocs & Style File has started off your new year, next in line is a fun review of a brand new product from Maybelline India - the Lip Polish.

Packaging: The lip polish comes in a transparent plastic tube with a silver screw-on cover. The attached doe-foot applicator is soft and makes for easy application.

Price: Rs.450

Product: The product is creamy and smooth to apply on ones lips and has a glossy finish. It is quite pigmented, is opaque enough to give your lips good coverage  and contains micro shimmer in it as well. The shade is a pleasant pink with a tinge of coral which I associate as a fresh, summery colour and I didn't detect any particular fragrance from the product. 

Feel of the Product: Cute and hassle-free

The Lip Polish Range comes in 15 shades and is easily available at all Maybelline kiosks and counters.


What I liked:
  • The smoothness and creaminess of the product makes it extremely easy to apply.
  • The medium pigmentation gives good coverage to your lips.
  • The product lasts for approximately 4-5 hours on my lips (with eating and drinking ) before I need to reapply.
  • The lip polish is tiny and portable enough to easily slip into your clutch.

What I did not like:
  •  The product tends to settle into the creases after a while.

                                                                                             Photography: Dayle Pereira for Style File


My advice:
The Maybelline lip polish is a great addition to any make-up stash - It's smooth, creamy and it's available in 15 different shades to suit you best! Go for it!

*Disclaimer: The above post is sponsored but the opinions expressed are honest and of my own.



Mukta Jain said…
Very Pretty Shade :D
Such a pretty shade <3 <3 Great review!!!
June said…
That's a nice product! love the color. Unfortunately I dont use glosses as I'm a heavy smoker! I wish you and your loved ones a very happy new year Dayle :)
Unknown said…
the shade looks gorgeous!
Peet said…
It's in 15 shades?? I always wanted to try it out but my lips get so frigging dry so frigging quickly it's frigging ridiculous.:D But this shade's so pretty, I really wanna try it out...
Unknown said…
Its so cutesy dutesy. But didnt the short brush bother u while appying the gloss?
Dayle Pereira said…
It's actually pretty good, even on dry lips. Just a tip - use a lip balm before it :)
Dayle Pereira said…
It really is :D No, didn't face any problems with it :)
Dayle Pereira said…
Thank you everyone :)

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