Beauty | Style File + L'Oreal: Lucent Magique 'Sunset Glow' blush review

The festive season is about to peak and all you need *apart from a new set of clothes and enough mithai to feed an army* is a festival ready face to put forth! My personal beauty philosophy has always been to highlight one of your features, whether it's your intense eyes with a sultry smokey eye or your pout, with a red lip that Rihanna would approve of. When I tried the the Lucent Magique blush by L'Oreal in Sunset Glow, I instantly knew that I was going to be focusing on my cheeks this season.

The blush comes in a flip open plastic pan with a sleek rose gold reflective top and contains 4.5 gms of product. Inside the container is a mirror and a tiny angular flat brush alongside the product.


The blush comes packaged in 3 separate shades, placed as strips in a brick like fashion and are all from the same colour palette. The texture of the product is smooth and finely milled, while having a distinct satin finish to each shade. The purpose of the packaging is for each shade to be possibly used individually as well as together in one go.

Feel of the product:
Sleek and Stylish

1 - All shades mixed together, 2 - The darkest shade, 3 - The medium shade, 4 - The lightest shade

What I liked:

  • The angular brush. Not only does it make application on the move easy but, it is also flat enough to individually pick up the separate shades of the blush.
  • The 3 individual shades can multipurpose as a highlighter and when used together, the blush adds a radiant flair to your face.
  • The shimmer and pigmentation of the blush gives you a glow from inside that can give an hours workout a run for its money.
  • The blush is compact enough to carry around in even the tiniest clutch.

What I didn't like:
  • The wear time of the blush limits itself to 3 - 4 hours on oily skin like mine before it needs re-application

Photography: Dayle Pereira / Style File

Rating: 9 / 10

Whether you want a delicate touch of blush or cherubic cheeks; a radiant glow will never go out of style and L'Oreal's Lucent Magique will not disappoint !


*Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored story with honest, genuine opinions.

Personal Style | Redemption

Every thing in the universe has its time. It can seem intimidating how tiny saplings grow into tall strapping trees but even they shed their foliage every autumn. Just like that, we've each got our own autumn where we have to let it all go - let go of baggage, of insecurities that signals us its time to move on.
But that's the beauty of autumn. Once the leaves shed and the snow falls, little buds come springing through. Because even after every leaf has fallen; there is always a chance at a new leaf peeking through; at redemption. You will have that shot to take a gravity defying leap and win it all. It is always that one final crack of the bat at the end of the match or that penalty goal that can change the game completely. Autumn doesn't last forever and when your season of spring does come, make sure you nail that penalty kick.

Topshop black crochet tank top {London} | Bossini tropical print pants {via Lifestyle Stores} | Ayesha Accessories Studded Wrist Wrap | Michael Kors Monogram tote [Previously seen here] | Charles & Keith Braided Wedges | NYX Lip Cream 'Milan' | Hair styled by Tigi

Photography: Leo Alemao / Style File

And while autumn is just a crisp breeze away; there is nothing like the appearance of fresh tropical prints to remind us that it won't last forever. While my pants stole the show; the little details like crochet neckline detail, my cool wrist wrap and relaxed curls by Tigi added all the charm.

With a start to the season like this, I think Autumn might just be my favorite season.


Fashion | Style File + Idiot theory: From Cities to Chaiwallas

Every day of our lives, we come across a wide variety of characters - from our local chaiwalla whose cutting we cannot go a day without or the rickshawallah who makes it a point to grumble about rising fuel prices. So when I recently chanced upon the new online brand on the block, Idiot Theory; I was delighted to find their brand concept was a celebration of these everyday loons we meet!  Founded by the Mother-Son duo, Arrnavb Mitra and Meenakshy Mitra, the Idiot Theory believes that it isn't necessity but instead Idiocy that is the mother of all invention! Newton might have looked pretty darn silly sitting under that tree but then again, whose the one who discovered that life-changing concept called gravity? 

Idiot Theory has recently debuted their new collection at the Lil Flea Market in Mumbai and that is just the beginning. From intricate doodles all over blazers, tshirts and mugs to bright pops of colour on Ipad covers and diaries, you can expect to see quirky portraits and whimsy sketches *which may or may not resemble your friendly neighborhood neta!* 

Being a tech geek myself, their debut collection Caught in a web resounds greatly with me. Created with Indian hand-loom fabrics, simple cuts and well fitted styles; the highlight of the collection is that it inculcates web and social media graphics into the actual print of the clothing! So even when you are offline, you are still online. My personal favorite pick of the lot is the perfectly fitted blazer which can bedazzle any boardroom or cocktail party in sight! And even though you will find yourself riveted to the collection, don't forget to give their Chaiwala collection a looksy which includes tiny chai glass prints *Adorable much?*

Make sure you to Idiot Theory and shop their cool new collection to your hearts content!

*Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored story with honest, genuine thoughts.


Style Files | The first ever edition of Myntra Fashion Weekend

This weekend was a special one. Not only because of the summery weather but also because Mumbai and Style File got a chance to experience the first ever edition of Myntra Fashion Weekend. A unique concept, the Myntra Fashion Weekend was a 3 day fashion extravaganza of runway shows, designer pop-ups, DIY corners, street style and limitless shopping.

Pria Kataria Puri
Mandira Bedi
Marquee by Karan Johar for Vero Moda
One of the highlights for me was definitely the Vans shoes corner where we got a chance to play designer and sketch our very own pair of classic Vans ! As the DIY section on Style File suggests, I'm a big believer in getting down and dirty with colour, glitter and the works so not only was the entire process a blast but man, was I pleased with my designed pair of Vans or what!

(L) Shivan & Narresh for Stylista / (R) Monica Dogra for Stylista
Marquee by Karan Johar for Vero Moda
Paper Dolls, Girls on Film, Little Mistress
 The showcase of collections set the tone for the new season to come, just like the recent Lakme Fashion Week. From high-street to designer brands, celebrities came in full force in all aspects. Karan Johar debuted as designer for his Marquee collection at Vero Moda, Lisa Haydon curated pieces for Girls on Film, Little Mistress and Paper Dolls and Hrithik Roshan sizzled the ramp for his fitness range, HRX. The Shivan & Narresh collection for Stylista had me craving for summer while Masaba Gupta and Monica Dogra showcased their collections for Stylista, with comfortable silhouettes and pretty prints. Pria Kataria Puri saw a slew of bloggers playing showstoppers while being reminiscent of her previous collection. Mandira Bedi's line of sarees came as a pleasant surprise; contemporary while still staying true to their six yards of glory and playing showstopper was none other than television's Sunil Grover aka Gutthi !

(L) Shivan Narresh for Stylista / (R) Masaba Gupta for Stylista
Sunil Grover aka Gutthi and Mandira Bedi
Lisa Haydon for Paper Dolls, Girls on Film, Little Mistress
 Just a walk around the pop-up stores was an experience with so many pieces by niche brands and designer labels curated by Vogue, all under one roof. And if the shopping and browsing tires you out, there was always the express pedicure or the quickie hair styling that you could avail of to lift your spirits up.

Pria Kataria Puri
Miss Malini, Rhea Gupte, Karishma Rajani, Aanam Chashmawalla & Sherry Shroff for Pria Kataria Puri
Lisa Haydon for Paper Dolls, Girls on Film, Little Mistress
The idea of fashion being democratized appeals to me greatly and beyond just being one of the leading e-commerce websites of the nation, I'm thrilled to see Myntra take this step with MFWknd and do just that. I've always believed of fashion to be accessible and affordable while staying stylish which is exactly what Myntra Fashion Week has done.

So there's just one question on my mind; when's the next edition?





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