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Every thing in the universe has its time. It can seem intimidating how tiny saplings grow into tall strapping trees but even they shed their foliage every autumn. Just like that, we've each got our own autumn where we have to let it all go - let go of baggage, of insecurities that signals us its time to move on.
But that's the beauty of autumn. Once the leaves shed and the snow falls, little buds come springing through. Because even after every leaf has fallen; there is always a chance at a new leaf peeking through; at redemption. You will have that shot to take a gravity defying leap and win it all. It is always that one final crack of the bat at the end of the match or that penalty goal that can change the game completely. Autumn doesn't last forever and when your season of spring does come, make sure you nail that penalty kick.

Topshop black crochet tank top {London} | Bossini tropical print pants {via Lifestyle Stores} | Ayesha Accessories Studded Wrist Wrap | Michael Kors Monogram tote [Previously seen here] | Charles & Keith Braided Wedges | NYX Lip Cream 'Milan' | Hair styled by Tigi

Photography: Leo Alemao / Style File

And while autumn is just a crisp breeze away; there is nothing like the appearance of fresh tropical prints to remind us that it won't last forever. While my pants stole the show; the little details like crochet neckline detail, my cool wrist wrap and relaxed curls by Tigi added all the charm.

With a start to the season like this, I think Autumn might just be my favorite season.



SS said…
Dayle! You pants are drool worthy! Love it so much. Im surprised you got it at Lifestyle store. Its funny how we find some really good stuff once in a while at such stores. Looking pretty as always :D
Roxanne Dsouza said…
Looking pretty Dayle, I would have spoiled this outfit with a belt, but this looks so carefree and cute.

Unknown said…
Great pants. I love the print
Tanya said…
Hey Dayle!!!
You look stunning as always.Loving your MK tote !
Dayle Pereira said…
Thanks Shanaya, Lifestyle is a fave of mine.
Thanks Rox, yeah, I keep it as minimal as I can.
Thank you Mea, Jodi & Tanya!

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