Style Files | Bass, buns & body image

As 2014 is drawing to a close, it is being termed as the year of the derrière. You sure got that right Meghan Trainor; because from magazines to hit singles,  this year certainly has been all about the bass. With the likes of Kim Kardashian covering Paper Magazine in all her glistening glory, fitness model Jen Selter inventing the belfie and Nicki Minaj showing us that she has got the buns, hun; they definitely bring home the point. Even Jenny from the bloc, who has famously insured the junk in her trunk, got on board for a bootylicious single with Iggy Azalea.

The funny thing is how the media can teeming with contradictions. While pop divas and Hollywood celebrities are embracing fuller figures, on the other end of the spectrum we still have runway aspirants encouraged to be waif thin and a size 10 being considered as a plus sized gal. It's hard to even wrap your head around such opposite statements existing in one place. So it begs the question, is the resurgence of voluptuous figures and flaunting your curves contributing to a healthy body image for us?

 I'd like to think so. Believe you me, it can get trying when thigh gaps are considered a mark of achievement or how bikini bridges even exist. The truth is, we're impressionable and soak up what's around us swiftly. So when a billboard topping single talks about 'how every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top', you can bet that I'm one happy camper. I hope that messages as positive as these ones are only the tip of the iceberg and that there are plenty more where they came from. 
If we're going to be soaking up what is in our surroundings, they might as well be body positive, empowering messages that we soak up. From the top of your head to the tip of your toes, you're perfect in every way so make sure you add that to your self perception list. It may take its time but once you and you alone have a positive perception of yourself, being confident in the way you are and holding your head high will come naturally to you. And trust me, it can give you an attitude that is ready to take on the world, every morning.

So if Kim Kardashian can go from being Paris Hilton's closet organizer to the internet breaking, birthday suit wearing, tush talking star she is today; we've got nothing to lose. If you've got the buns, hun; it is your time to embrace them.

Beauty | Style File + Oriflame : 'The one' cream eyeshadow + eyeliner stylo review

Time and again, I find that a good winged eyeliner is a go-to look for myself, mainly for the elegance and simplicity it lends to an ensemble. And although it seems like the effortless stroke of a brush, the winged eyeliner is a shrewd mistress. When I was learning the ropes of it, I remember spending a good 20 minutes with surgeon-like precision, getting it to the exact degree of perfect which resulted in me scurrying to class. Obviously, it's all about the priorities.
So when I got the chance to play with Oriflame new launch, 'The One' range; I knew it was bound to be swell.

The Color Impact cream eyeshadow comes in transparent plastic pot with a screw on cover and contains 4 gms of product.
The Eyeliner Stylo comes in a pen like tube with a felt nib and a push down cover and contains 0.8 ml of product.

The Colour Impact cream eyeshadow costs  449 and the Eyeliner Stylo costs  499

The cream eyeshadow in 'Rose Gold' is a pleasant shade of warm gold with shimmer. While it appears creamy in consistency, on application it has a powdery texture. The color payoff  is average and for a higher intensity, you will need to layer it up. The size and texture of the product makes it easy to simply swipe it on with your fingers and blend out.
The Eyeliner stylo in 'Black' is a jet black shade with a matte finish. Once applied, it dries swiftly which makes for less hassle. The felt nib can apply every line in your geometry book with ease. The color payoff is very good and a single swipe can get the job done easily.

Feel of the product:
Effective and comfortable

What I liked:
  • The packaging of both the products are made to please. The Eyeliner Stylo is the perfect pick with its felt nib and pen style, for when you are learning the ropes of the devious winged liner or if you prefer a fuss-free liner application. The cream eyeshadow is tiny and portable enough for those touch ups on the go.
  • The powdery texture of the cream eyeshadow sets well especially on oily eyelids and 'Rose Gold' is a neutral gold that can be worn with a basic look as well as a dramatic one.
  • The Eyeliner Stylo is magnificent matte black, water resistant, can draw thick and thin lines as well as withstand a good 5 - 6 hours till it begins to fade. 
  • While previously, availability used to be an issue with Oriflame products, they can now be found online

What I didn't like:
  • The cream eyeshadow is average in the pigmentation department and begins to fade after 3 - 4 hours.

Photography: Dayle Pereira / Style File

'The One' Eyeliner Stylo in 'Black' - 9/10
'The One' Color Impact cream eyeshadow in 'Rose Gold' - 7/10

The cream eyeshadow is the perfect shade of neutral gold while the Eyeliner Stylo is a must-have in your makeup kit and makes me wish I had it when I was getting around eyeliner!


Disclaimer: Sponsored story with honest, genuine opinions always

Personal Style | Fall under your spell

Ever since I can remember, the last chunk of the year has always been my favorite. In school, it meant the wonderful period between Diwali and Christmas holidays, class picnics and a time when 'let's deal with it in January' was a feasible excuse. Growing up, it has been about the beauty of autumn setting in, the precursor to the festive month and the temperature dropping to a cuddle-worthy degree.
I mean what's not to love about autumn? The leaves are a vibrant hue and leave a delightful crackle with every step of yours, sweater weather allows for those knit cravings to finally get fulfilled, the pumpkin spice latte makes for a cozy pit stop and fall brings with it the promise of the festive season. Fun Fact: Autumn marks the transition between summer and winter and this is also time when the leaves fall from trees for new leaves to appear next spring; hence the season is also called Fall.
Just blew your mind there, didn't I? 

Zara white shirt [via street stall on Colaba Causeway] | Forever 21 burgundy skater skirt | 
Forever 21 gold link necklace [Previously seen here] | Lavie Aztec print 4D bag [Previously seen here] | Zara patent leather court shoes | Forever 21 + Aldo bracelets | 
Rimmel 'Cutting Edge' on my lips [Review here]

Photography: Leo Alemao / Style File  

I may be slightly biased since my birthday falls within the season but nevertheless, there's nothing quite like fall! It's the perfect time to break out my unruly ponytail and rich burgundy hues in all forms.  So make the most of it; slip on the plaid shirt, grab a hot chocolate to go and take that long walk with the crackling leaves.


DIY | Sequin wrist wrap

I find that one of the greatest benefits of the festive season is sparkle. That's right, sparkle. Even if you bathed in a glitter filled bathtub and showed up somewhere; no one will ever ask why you're wearing too much of it because well, festivities.
Today, after dusting off the DIY section on the website; I'll be demonstrating a ridiculously simply tutorial to add some sparkle to your look with a wrist wrap. Another benefit is that it can be layered with more sparkle for the festive season if you like to go ba-bling-bling or even just worked with a simple ensemble for more pizzazz.

Let's go!

You'll find most of what you need around the house and your time required will be just 10 minutes. The sequin trim can be purchased at most fabric shops and in some specialty stationary shops. Half a meter of the trim was more than enough to be wrapped around my wrist a few times but I'd suggest you wrap it around yourself a few loops and then decide the length you'd like to go with. Make sure your thread shade is similar to your trim shade so that your sewing looks like a ninja did it.

On one end of the trim, use your needle and thread to create a tiny hoop through which the eyelet hook can catch on. You can do so by sewing a small circle and reinforcing it by stitching over it a few times. No pressure and all but remember, this is the hoop that your wrap hinges on so make sure its sewn securely and your knots are tight.

On the other end of the sequin trim, you have to sew the eyelet hook in place. Stitching such a teeny-tiny little items can be daunting so now's the time to put those polished nails to good use. Steady the hook in place while sewing so that it is firmly secured.

Last step: try out the eyelet hook with the loop and reinforce the stitching if you find it necessary. Now all that's left is to wrap it around your wrist and preen in front of the mirror. Of course, that's optional but I know you'll do it anyway.

Photography: Raynor Pereira / Style File

This is an incredibly easy tutorial which will be ready in a jiffy. Your handmade wrist wrap will add a sparkly pop to all your arm parties *and regular parties, as well* this season!

Do hope you lovelies liked it & would love to see you try it!


Giveaway | Win a Daniel Wellington watch [Closed]

So dolls, the new season has come harking and there is no better feeling than stocking up on some fresh fashion. Along with all things trendy, it is wonderful to have classic piece or two in the closet. To add some classic to your closet; Style File along by Daniel Wellington brings to you a wonderful giveaway for your new season to start on the right note!

As a standard rule with all Style File giveaways, it is as easy as apple pie so make you spread the word! Take a look around the Daniel Wellington website and you will see that they have a wide collection of watches for both men and women. Since the giveaway is unisex, all you dads, boyfriends, brothers and friends are more than welcome to join in and participate.

The following are the 5 steps that you need to carry out to participate in the giveaway. The first 4 steps are mandatory and the last step is most important so make sure to fill in all the steps!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms & Conditions:
* The giveaway is open internationally so wherever you are on the globe, you can participate!
* The giveaway is open to both men and women
* A single entry is valid for each individual
* All 5 steps of the giveaway are mandatory, especially the last one
* The winner shall be randomly selected from the entries
* Entries close on 12th November 2014 at 12:00 am

My Daniel Wellington watch is the 'Classy York' in 'Rose Gold'

Photography: Dayle Pereira / Raynor Pereira / Style File

So don't waste another moment longer! Join in the Style File giveaway by Daniel Wellington and you might just get lucky enough to add a little classic to your closet.

Good Luck!





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