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Time and again, I find that a good winged eyeliner is a go-to look for myself, mainly for the elegance and simplicity it lends to an ensemble. And although it seems like the effortless stroke of a brush, the winged eyeliner is a shrewd mistress. When I was learning the ropes of it, I remember spending a good 20 minutes with surgeon-like precision, getting it to the exact degree of perfect which resulted in me scurrying to class. Obviously, it's all about the priorities.
So when I got the chance to play with Oriflame new launch, 'The One' range; I knew it was bound to be swell.

The Color Impact cream eyeshadow comes in transparent plastic pot with a screw on cover and contains 4 gms of product.
The Eyeliner Stylo comes in a pen like tube with a felt nib and a push down cover and contains 0.8 ml of product.

The Colour Impact cream eyeshadow costs  449 and the Eyeliner Stylo costs  499

The cream eyeshadow in 'Rose Gold' is a pleasant shade of warm gold with shimmer. While it appears creamy in consistency, on application it has a powdery texture. The color payoff  is average and for a higher intensity, you will need to layer it up. The size and texture of the product makes it easy to simply swipe it on with your fingers and blend out.
The Eyeliner stylo in 'Black' is a jet black shade with a matte finish. Once applied, it dries swiftly which makes for less hassle. The felt nib can apply every line in your geometry book with ease. The color payoff is very good and a single swipe can get the job done easily.

Feel of the product:
Effective and comfortable

What I liked:
  • The packaging of both the products are made to please. The Eyeliner Stylo is the perfect pick with its felt nib and pen style, for when you are learning the ropes of the devious winged liner or if you prefer a fuss-free liner application. The cream eyeshadow is tiny and portable enough for those touch ups on the go.
  • The powdery texture of the cream eyeshadow sets well especially on oily eyelids and 'Rose Gold' is a neutral gold that can be worn with a basic look as well as a dramatic one.
  • The Eyeliner Stylo is magnificent matte black, water resistant, can draw thick and thin lines as well as withstand a good 5 - 6 hours till it begins to fade. 
  • While previously, availability used to be an issue with Oriflame products, they can now be found online

What I didn't like:
  • The cream eyeshadow is average in the pigmentation department and begins to fade after 3 - 4 hours.

Photography: Dayle Pereira / Style File

'The One' Eyeliner Stylo in 'Black' - 9/10
'The One' Color Impact cream eyeshadow in 'Rose Gold' - 7/10

The cream eyeshadow is the perfect shade of neutral gold while the Eyeliner Stylo is a must-have in your makeup kit and makes me wish I had it when I was getting around eyeliner!


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