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As 2014 is drawing to a close, it is being termed as the year of the derrière. You sure got that right Meghan Trainor; because from magazines to hit singles,  this year certainly has been all about the bass. With the likes of Kim Kardashian covering Paper Magazine in all her glistening glory, fitness model Jen Selter inventing the belfie and Nicki Minaj showing us that she has got the buns, hun; they definitely bring home the point. Even Jenny from the bloc, who has famously insured the junk in her trunk, got on board for a bootylicious single with Iggy Azalea.

The funny thing is how the media can teeming with contradictions. While pop divas and Hollywood celebrities are embracing fuller figures, on the other end of the spectrum we still have runway aspirants encouraged to be waif thin and a size 10 being considered as a plus sized gal. It's hard to even wrap your head around such opposite statements existing in one place. So it begs the question, is the resurgence of voluptuous figures and flaunting your curves contributing to a healthy body image for us?

 I'd like to think so. Believe you me, it can get trying when thigh gaps are considered a mark of achievement or how bikini bridges even exist. The truth is, we're impressionable and soak up what's around us swiftly. So when a billboard topping single talks about 'how every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top', you can bet that I'm one happy camper. I hope that messages as positive as these ones are only the tip of the iceberg and that there are plenty more where they came from. 
If we're going to be soaking up what is in our surroundings, they might as well be body positive, empowering messages that we soak up. From the top of your head to the tip of your toes, you're perfect in every way so make sure you add that to your self perception list. It may take its time but once you and you alone have a positive perception of yourself, being confident in the way you are and holding your head high will come naturally to you. And trust me, it can give you an attitude that is ready to take on the world, every morning.

So if Kim Kardashian can go from being Paris Hilton's closet organizer to the internet breaking, birthday suit wearing, tush talking star she is today; we've got nothing to lose. If you've got the buns, hun; it is your time to embrace them.


Anonymous said…
Beautiful post and beautiful you!
Dayle Pereira said…
Thank you Tanvi, so sweet of you :)

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