November 15, 2014

Personal Style | Fall under your spell

Ever since I can remember, the last chunk of the year has always been my favorite. In school, it meant the wonderful period between Diwali and Christmas holidays, class picnics and a time when 'let's deal with it in January' was a feasible excuse. Growing up, it has been about the beauty of autumn setting in, the precursor to the festive month and the temperature dropping to a cuddle-worthy degree.
I mean what's not to love about autumn? The leaves are a vibrant hue and leave a delightful crackle with every step of yours, sweater weather allows for those knit cravings to finally get fulfilled, the pumpkin spice latte makes for a cozy pit stop and fall brings with it the promise of the festive season. Fun Fact: Autumn marks the transition between summer and winter and this is also time when the leaves fall from trees for new leaves to appear next spring; hence the season is also called Fall.
Just blew your mind there, didn't I? 

Zara white shirt [via street stall on Colaba Causeway] | Forever 21 burgundy skater skirt | 
Forever 21 gold link necklace [Previously seen here] | Lavie Aztec print 4D bag [Previously seen here] | Zara patent leather court shoes | Forever 21 + Aldo bracelets | 
Rimmel 'Cutting Edge' on my lips [Review here]

Photography: Leo Alemao / Style File  

I may be slightly biased since my birthday falls within the season but nevertheless, there's nothing quite like fall! It's the perfect time to break out my unruly ponytail and rich burgundy hues in all forms.  So make the most of it; slip on the plaid shirt, grab a hot chocolate to go and take that long walk with the crackling leaves.





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