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I've previously told you about how I've had those days when I've stared hard into my closet, but found nothing to wear. So when I saw the new Flipkart Women's Lifestyle video, I related to it instantly because sometimes those jeans are too tight or that shirt is too 'jhatak'. When your closet fails you, turn to the Flipkart Women's Lifestyle store.
From personal experience, Flipkart has always been the trusted website to purchase gadgets and the latest novels because of their speedy delivery *most of the time, they reach even before the prescribed time!* and their quality packaging which made sure my gadgets reached home in mint condition. So when I dropped in to check out their new women's lifestyle store - the easy navigation around the site allowed for quick discoverability of anything under the sun, from makeup to handbags!

Today, I've picked the top ten fashion essentials that every woman has got to have in her closet, all of which are easily available at the Flipkart Women's Lifestyle store:

  • Killer red heels: Red goes with anything and hence, a pair of red heels will go with anything. Whether you throw them together for a cocktail dress or tailored trousers, they will make you stand out of the crowd.

  • The bright blouse: Sometimes, a bright and happy blouse can work wonders on your mood and can uplift you completely. For results, try this on a Monday morning. 

  • The black bag: Apart from your home, this is the second place where your whole world exists. A roomy black bag *especially like this one with tiny hardware* can store your world inside, match all your formal look and look exceptionally stylish.

  • The fun dress: Whether it's a brunch date or a walk in the park, every woman needs that dress that she can just throw on and look fantastic in. Pick one with medium or micro sized prints to amp up the fun quotient of your look.

  • Neutral heels: They are the lifesavers of the shoe world and come to your rescue when you feel like you are too short and when no footwear seems to match your outfit. Not only do are they comfortable with their kitten heels but neutral heels like these match everything that you throw on.

A black and white top: The black and white combination hasn't just been riding a wave of popularity in 2013 but is in fact, a versatile option as well. Polka dots are of course, my personal favorite but most black and white prints look fabulous with bright skirts and coloured bottoms.

A sequin top: The sequin top is the epitome of party wear and can even be dressed down for a casual look! While you can pair the town silver in a sequin number like this, throwing on a denim jacket and a pair of leggings with it are great for an afternoon lunch.

Black flats: These are the flats that you can live in. They match just about any outfit of yours, any bag, any look and have the bonus of being extremely comfortable. Plus, when they're loafers like these, they'll definitely amp up your style quotient.

The bright bag: Girls just want to have fun and this handbag says that out loud. It's a handy pick for those enjoyable evenings when all your look or your mood needs is a bright pop of colour.

The Little Black Dress: Last but not least, it's every lists favorite - the little black dress. More fondly known as the 'LBD', the dress looks good on everyone and on everything and one with a dash of embellishment on it can only to its charm. 

I hope you like my essentials - why don't you share with me what you like from the Flipkart Women's Lifestyle store!

*Disclaimer: The above post is sponsored but the opinions expressed are honest and of my own



Rupa said…
Those black flats would go nice with almost everything.

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Aditi SoSaree said…
I loved the fun dress. This is a cool list. Thnks for compiling it.

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Anonymous said…
That LBD looks just gorgeous!
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Dayle Pereira said…
Thank you so much everyone :)

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