January 21, 2014

Personal Style | Daylight

Some days bring out the best in you. You wake up bright and early, have a nutritious breakfast and take on the day gung-ho. 2014 has got me trying hard to make all days like that. Ever so often, I end up watching too many episodes of Girls the night before which can make the next morning an ordeal *that comes with complimentary dark circles* but when I am actually successful at it, I feel like starting the day afresh does wonders for me and peaks my productivity.

Forever 21 blue skater dress | Street stall {Colaba} tan slim belt | Crocs blue sneakers | Gifted tan tote via Zara | On my lips - Bourjois '#02 Fuchsia'  |  On my nails - L'Oreal 'Versailles Gold' 

                                                                                            Photography: Raynor Pereira for Style File

On those days when the schedule never seems to end, I give the heels a miss. While they certainly are a girls best friend, sneakers have a special place in my heart and these babies compliment my entire look brilliantly and give it a great sporty chic vibe while making it possible for me to run around.

Here's to more refreshed mornings *I hope!* and personal style outfits that combine comfy and chic!





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