October 26, 2011

Raw silk and sparklers.

If there is one festival that every corner of India celebrates, it is Diwali. Sparkly fireworks, delicious mithai and glittery clothes sum up the activity of the few days. Religiously, Diwali isn't a festival I celebrate but I remember as a little girl, a few of us used to bring out a few boxes of sparklers and innocently enjoy the brightness and joy that the sparklers and the festival brings.
The other day while I was doing this outfit post, I peeped outside from the top of the building, and I saw a couple of kids carrying a box of sparklers. It felt like childhood all over again.

Gold Hairpin - I made it, Grey ganji - Forever New, Pale yellow lace midi - My grandmother made it,
Brown belt - Singapore, Sandles - Local boutique,
Yellow raw silk purse - I made it. If you like it, you can buy one too! Check out Sunkissed for more deets!

I've never tried this colour combination before. It is such an unexpected yet amazing one. I've wanted to wear this skirt for quite a while and Diwali looked like a perfect opportunity, not just for a new skirt but for new resolutions too :)
And guys, this year, try to lessen the use of fireworks; We need to do our bit for the environment!
Have a safe, happy, beautiful Diwali dolls.




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