Zebra tote.

Hey dolls,
My exams are done and finally, holidays are here.  I am officially in *bliss* mode. Now on, I'm all yours :)
The past three days have shown some odd weather - The days started off well and in the evening there were heavy, heavy showers. Yesterday, I was at a wedding outdoors and everyone had their fingers crossed when the sky turned dark early in the evening. And would you believe it? There was not a drop of rain! In an hour or so, the dark clouds disappeared.  Now thats a miracle.
It may be fall but Mumbai does not seem to think so. I'm still dressing up as I normally would since there is not even a hint of chillier weather. Lets just cross our fingers and hope that in the weeks to come, I can bring out the knits and cardigans.
When I was smaller, on my Saturdays, I used to regularly eating a pastry called 'Zebra Tote' after picking my brother from school. The other day, when I wore this, it didn't have anything to do with the delicious chocolate pastry but the name of it seemed to fit this outfit.

Striped tee - M&S, Pink Bandeau - Triumph, Pink belt - stolen from mom, White skinnies - Topshop, Black ballet flats - local boutique.

Each piece of this outfit just seemed so apt for each other. I wonder how I haven't worn it all together before. The departure of the rains also introduces you to one of my favorite pair of jeans - My white skinnies which fit like a dream.

Anyway, in the days to come, I'll be online. So you ever wanna drop in, give my outfits a looksey, talk to me about anything in the world or just say Hi, join me at Sunkissed

 I hope you are happy to see me back here because I really missed this and I am so, so happy to be here.
Will be back soon. Very soon, like The Flash. So soon, that you wont even notice I left :D


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